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Full text of "Aesculapian : the 2009 yearbook of the Drexel University College of Medicine"

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0H1 I J : 

je of Medicine 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


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.»» Codes 

Drexel University College of Medicine 


Table of Contents 

■ \ 


History of PUCOM 4 

Clinical Sitae 1 

Faculty 1 4 

Class of 2009 Graduates ...46 

Future MPs 252 

Candids and Class Events .... 255 

Senior Events 232 

Underclassmen 304 

Final Farewell 3 1 2 

Advertisements 3 1 4 

Where it all began 



Office of Admissions 

Pear Applicant, 

The' Medical Student Admissions Committee of Drexel University College of Medicine is pleased to offer 
you a position in the first year class entering in August 2 005. We congratulate you for this 
outstanding achievement; 

We ^iv confident that you will perform well .iiul develop to your full potential in the medical school 
environment. ) our medical education will be a partnership between you and the institution. We share in 
the satisfaction you must feel at this time and leek forward to your future successes. 

Your matriculation is contingent upon the successful completion of the academic work outlined in your 
application. ) oil must inform us immediately of any changes in your academic program and obtain approval 
for such changes. Required courses cannot he waived. 

information regarding financial aid, orientation, and ether services will he sent in the spring. FTease note 
that you can only receive financial aid if you are found to qualify; we do net guarantee financial aid. If yeu 
have any questions about the availability of financial aid, call (2 1 5) 99 1-32 1 0. If you have any other 
questions or concerns, please call the Office of Admissions at (2 1 5) 99 1-3202. "i our phone call will be 
directed to the appropriate office. 

Again, the committee aiul I extend our congratulations to you on this accomplishment and wish you the 
best in your future endeavors. 


Cheryl A. Hanau, M.P. 
Associate Pean for Admissions 

2900 Queen Lane • Philadelphia, PA 19129-1096 • Phone 215-991-8202 • Email 
In the tradition of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann Medical College 1 

Philadelphia Health 6- Education Corporation dlbla Drexel University College of Medicine is a separate not-for-profit subsidiary of Drexel University. 


1/11 llll>lilKS.- 

Founders of 
Hahnemann Medical Collage: 

L>iit-t^iitiiic?H(?riii ( j 

Jac-ck Jeanee 


October 1, 1 545 : the Homeopathic Medical College opens its 

doore for the firet time. Tuition is $ 1 40 par student for a 2 
year program. There were a total of 7 faculty and attendance 
wae mandatory. Also, each student was required to complete a 
thesis to graduate. Hie Medical College was located at the rear 
of 2 29 Arch Street in Philadelphia. 

1 365: The faculty votes to allow women to sit outside lecture 
halls and listen, but women were not permitted to enroll as 


1 569 \ The Homeopathic Medical College is re-named m honor of 
Samuel Hahnemann, a pioneer in Homeopathic Medicine. 

1 593 : Dr. Rufus Weaver received the gold medal at the Columbia 
World Fair Exhibition in Chicago for his dissection of the human nervous 
system, affectionately named "Harriet". 

1900'e : 5porteCry\ 

Succus, entericus, gastric, bile: 

Auricles, ventricles, sigmoid, chyle: 


Hahnemann, Hahnemann: 

Rah Rah Reel 


192,3 : Greater Hahnemann Hoepltal a 73$ bedi-20 story hospital currently the South 
Tower, wae built for 2.5 million dollars. It wae the flret hitjh rise teaching hospital in the USA. 

1940 : Dr. George Geckler 1191 9 Alumnus^ 
produced the flret phonographic recording of 
human heart sounds. He a\eo later designed the 
"walk through heart" at The Franklin Institute. 

1941: Women medical students were 

admitted to Hahnemann Medical College. 


"Lvly MD.'e of 44 - Hahnemann's First" 

1 943 : Dr. Charlee &alley ( 1 932 Alumnus), Chief of Thoracic Surgery, 
performed the world's flret successful valvular surgery within the 
human heart, a mitral valve commisurotomy. 

1959 : The laet homeopathic elective wae dropped from the 
curriculum at Hahnemann. Hahnemann Medical College wae the laet 
homeopathic echool In the country. 

Pr. Charlee r3ailey 

1 969 : Hahnemann Hoepltal wae the flret hoepltal In the US to install a completely automated 
Emergency Command System {Code 99 - Cardiac Arrest) 

Auaust 11,1 95 1 : Hahnemann Medical College 
gained University status ae Hahnemann University 
with 4 fully accredited Schools: 

* School of Medicine * 
School of Allied Health 
School of Continuing Education 
The Graduate School 

Hahnemann University Hospital 

1993 : Hahnemann celebrated its seqsquicentennial, 1 50 years of medical education. 

Medical College 

October 12, 1 350 : The Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, established by Philadelphia 
Quakers, opened its Jeers becoming the first schcel in the werU te effer the medical degree 
to women. Tuition was $<30 per student fer a 2 year program. Classes started fer the 3 
candidates at the rear ef 2 29 Arch Street in Philadelphia, Hahnemann 's eld Medical 

1 365 : Pr. Ann Presteu, Alumnus ef first class, was named 
Dean ef the Female Medical Cellege after serving as a 
Prefesser ef Physielcgy and Hygiene fer 1 2 years. 5he was 
the first wemau te become a prefesser in a medical echool and 
to become a dean ef a medical college in the United States. 

1 567 : Hie Female Medical College ef Pennsylvania is renamed 
the Wemau's Medical College ef Pennsylvania in accordance 
with the popular notion that "female" is an undignified 

Dr. Ann Freeton 

Anatomy Lab 

' ~-f>^ 


^-'t #.••*#*«« /- • 


Clinical Lab in Woman'6 Hospital 

1 55 1 : 30 year anniversary 


>607o cembined general & Ob/c?yu Practices 


4% abandoned medicine fer family reasens 

Z>3% accepted in medical secieties 

Qaeeroom, 1 POO 

of Pennsylvania 

1929 : The Woman's Medical College Hospital wae built in East Falls. 

I 925 Construction at MOP 

Medical College of Pennsylvania 

1 953 : Pr. Catherine MacFarlane ( 1 393 Alumnus), Professor of Gynecology, initiates 
prospective study aimed at determining whether yearly exams of asymptomatic women 
could detect early cervical cancer. She received considerable acclaim and wae published in 
JAMA and The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

1 969- 1 970 : The &oard of Corporator approves the admission of men after a heated 
debate. The Woman's Medical College wae subsequently renamed Medical College of 

197 1 : The nation's first postgraduate training program in Emergency Medicine is 
initiated under David \Nagner, MP at MCP. 

1 992 : MCP offers a new problem-based 
curriculum, the Trogram for Integrated Learning". 
At the time, it is the only such curriculum among 
the Philadelphia Medical Schoole. 

2000 : The Medical College of Pennsylvania 

■elebrates its eeec\uicentennial. 
First year students in a PIL session 

guided by Pr. Puglia 

"The Woman Physician" 

The Honored History of 
Drexel University College of Medicine 

Tli<? Female Medical College 

Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania 

Medical College of Pennsylvania 


Hahnemann Medical College 

Medical College of Pennsylvania 





Hahnemann University 




MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine 


Drexel University College of Medicine 

In the tradition of Woman'? Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann Medical College 

Aescutapian: What Does It Mean?? 

So, you've pet opened the first payee of your beautiful new 2 OOP 
yearbook, and you must be wondering, "What kind of name is The 
Aesculapian? how do I pronounce it? An J what in the world doee it 

Aesculapius as-klee'-pee-uhs 

Actually, the origin of the title is both fascinating and very 
appropriate for a yearbook that commemorates the many wonderful 
medical school memories of Prexel University College of Medicine 2009 

The word "Aesculapian" refers to a very Important demigod in (rreek mythology, Aesculapius. 
According to a legend, Aesculapius was the son of the god Apollo and the nymph Coronle. Apollo eaw 
that his child was educated by the centaur Chiron, who taught Aesculapius to become a skillful 
Greek healer. In fact, Aesculapius became so adept in surgery and in the use of medical plants, that 
he was frequently referred to as "the god of medicine and healing." 5hrines and temples, at which 
the sick would worship and seek cures for their ailments, were erected throughout Greece. 

Aesculapius had two daughters who helped tend the ill at the temples; Hygeia and Fanacea. Hygeia 
whose name meant "health" is reflected in our modern word "hygiene". Panacea's name meant "all- 

It was reported that Aesculapius believed enakee to be eacred and powerful symbols of healing, and 
kept the serpents at his temples. The wooden staff of Aesculapius, always bearing a coiled 
serpent, soon became the traditional symbol of medicine, health, and wisdom stilt used today. The 
symbol today is referred to as the caduceus. 

What became of Aesculapius? Unfortunately, some feared Aesculapius' healing power. Most 
notably, Hades, the god of the Underworld, feared that Aesculapius could restore the dead to life 
with his powerful healing arte. After Hades shared his concern with Zeus, who also feared the 
possibility that Aesculapius could transform humane into god-like immortals, Aesculapius was 
struck with a mighty thunderbolt which ended his life. 

Although Aesculapius met an unfortunate end, have no fear: his legend will endure. As we graduate 
from medical school we will continue to foster the tradition of Aesculapius, learning and practicing 
the healing arte of medicine. 







College of 


» -*> ' / l/\ 



/** ^^B^B 


im I 1 

4 ^1 




» 1 




The C\aee of 2009 would like to take XHe 
opportunity to thank you for your 
dedication and support the laet four yeare. 


Drexel University College of Medicine 


Richard Woman, MP 

Annenberg Dean 
Senior Vice Freeldent of Health Sclencee 

Samuel Parrfeh, MP 
Aeeodate Dean of Student- Affaire 

3arbara Scn\nd\er, MP 

Vice Dean for Educational and 

Academic Affaire 


Drexel University College of Medicine 

Associate Deans 

y ^^^i 

ves *> 






Anthony Rodriguez, MP Cheryl Hanau, MP 

Associate Dean for Student 
Affaire and Piversity 

Associate Pean for Admissions 

5ue Coffey Zern, MP 

V-Aviate Pean for Program 
for Integrated Learning 

Ponna rlueeo, PhP 

Associate Pean for 

Interdisciplinary Foundation of 


burton landau, PhP 

Associate Pean for 
Assessment and Evaluation 

Howard Miller, MP 

Senior Associate Pean of 
Clinical Affairs 

Paniel Eenckart, MP 

Associate Pean for Academic 

Affair? at Allegheny General 


Mary Moran, MP 

■\~wiate Pean for Faculty 

Pennb Uovack, MP 

•\tvwiate Pean for Medical 

Education Physician anJ 

Patient Program 

Arnold 5molen, PhP E3arry Waterhouee, MP Vincent Zarro, MP 

Associate Pean for Information 

Associate Pean for biomedical 

Associate Pean for Community 
Outreach Programs 



Drexel University College of 
Medicine Faculty 

Nabil Aba/a. DMI). PhD 


Mark Abdclmalek. MD Mohammad Abedin, PhD 

Assistant Professor 

Slit .'■ 

Assot Kiic Professor 

/iauddin Ahmed, MD 
internal Medicine 
Associate Professor 

Mohammad Al-Balainch. MD 
Internal Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Mark E. Alden, MD 

Radiation On. 


Herbert B. Allen. MD 


Professor, Chair 

Gregg D. Alleyne. MD 

Obstetrics A Gynecology 
Asst Professor, Section Chief 


Vincent James Aloyo, PhD 
Pharmacology & Physiolog) 
Research Associate Professor 

Daniel F. Alvarez. MD 

Internal Medit me 

Adjum i Assistant Prof tsor 

George Amrom. MD 

Assoc Professor, Vice Chair 

Carol E. Anderson, MD 

Asm '■lam Pr\ 

Jahan Ara. MD 


Research Assistant Professor 

Carol Anlett, PhD 

Microbiology <& Immunology 

Assistant Professor 

Lenore M. Asbel, MD 
Internal Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Aristotelis Asreinidis, PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
Research Assistant Professor 

Peter \V. Baas, PhD 
Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Hcatherlee Bailey-Cooncr. MD 

Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

James I Barrett, PhD 

Pharmacology A Physiology 


Maureen Basha, PhD 

Pharmacology A Physiology 
Issistant Profi isor 

(Catherine Behan. MD 

Internal Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

William i III. MD 



Kenneth J. Blank, PhD 

Pathology .< laboralon Medicine 

Elizabeth Blankenhorn, PhD 

v/i. mbiology <t Immunology 


Timothy M. Block. PhD 
Microbiology S: Immunotogy 

Percy Boaieng, MD 
Cardiothorat fc Surgery 


Stephen J. Bosacco, MD 
Orthopedic Surgery 

Joseph M. Bosclli, MD Michael J. Bouchard, PhD Melissa A. Brodsky, MD 

Internal Medicine Biochemistry & Moleculai Biology Anesthesiology 

ate Professor, Section I Assistant Prof Issis tant Professo i 

An I). Brooks, MD 

Surgt i * 

Assot iate Professor 

~i i ,m 

Christopher J. Bruno. MD William P, Bwdick. MD 
/nit rnal Vfedh in, i m \ ^/« <//< ine 

Assistant Professor t link ai Prof* 

James M. Burns, PhD Andres E. Casiellanos. MD 
Microbiology A Immunology Surge, s 

. iate Professor Assistant Professoi 

Irwin Chaikcn. PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecuka Biology 


R. Bryan Chambliss. MD 


Assistant Professoi 



Jinhong Chang. MD, PhD Harbhajan S. Chawla. MBBS 

Mi, robiolog) A Immunology Pediatrit \ 

Research Assistant Prof ssoi Kssociau Prqi 


Xiaoli Chen. MD 

Penology A Laboratory Medicine 

Clinical Professor 

Geeta Chhibber, MD 

Obstetrics t% Gynecology 

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Edgar Chou, MD 

Interna! Med'n tin 
Assi Prof. Clm Informatics ChieJ 

Mashitil Chowdhury, MD 

Internal Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Christina Chung, MD 



Brian D. Clark. PhD 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Research Assistant Professor 

John R. Clarke. MD 


Jane Clifford. PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

Prof, nor, Chu 

Jack B. Cohen, MD 

Assistant Profs 

Damien J. Croft. MD 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Timothy Cunningham. PhD Paul Curcillo II. MD, FACS 
Neurobiology <£ Anatomy Surgery 

Professoi Associate Professor, Viet Chtiir 

1 / 

Carrie Ann Cusack. MD 


Assistant Professor 

Christof Daetwyler, MD 
Family, Comm .^ PrevMedicine 
Associate Professor, SOM-fl 

Kelli E. Daniels. MD 

obstetrics & Gynecology 


Anahita F. Deboo. MD 

Assistant Profefssor 

Maria Delivorht-Papadopoulo 
Pediatrit s 

Carl R. DellaBadia. DO 
Obstetrics <$ Gynecology 
Associate /'"■ 


esk T 

ancesco DeLuca. MD 


Dipak P Delavadia, MD 
obstetrics <t Gynecology 

Assistant Professor 

Abhay J Dhond. MD 

G John DiGregorio, MD, PhD 

Yelena Doych. MD 

Pamela M Duke. MD 

Internal Metlii iih 

Pharmacology & Physiology 


Internal Medicine 

Assistant Professoi 



Assistant Professor 


I Nomas 1) Edlind, PhD 

\fh robiology & Immunology 

Howard J. Eisen, Ml) 

Internal Medh "></( 'ardlology 

Protestor Section Chit I 

Graham C.R. Ellis-Davies, PhD 

Pharmacology <£ Physiology 

Assot ialt Professoi 

Jacqueline (J. Emrich, PhD lama M. England, MD. PhD J»hn w.c. Entwudc in. MD, PhD 
Radiation <>m otogy Pathology <t laboratory Medicine Cardiomoradc Surgery 

Profi Pun. 


Bernard A. Eskin, MD 

Obstetru * A Gynecology 


Eric N. Faerber, MD 


Alessandro Fatatis, MD, PhD 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

Associate Professoi 

Denise Fcrrier. PhD Jane M. Fitzpatrick, MD Janet H. Fu/patriek. MD 

Hun hemlstry A Molecular Biology haemal Medicine/Cardiology Internal Medh ine 

Assistant Proles 

Clinical Associate Prt 

Stephanie D. Flugg. MD. PhD Jeremy J. Flood. MD 

Internal Medicine haemal Medicine/Endocrinology 

\sststant Professor Assistant Professoi 

John P. Fojtik. MD 

Emergency Medicine 

As nstant Professor 

John M. Fontaine. MD 

Imenial Medicine/Cardiology 

Jill A. Foster, MD 


Assot iatc Professor 

Jorge E. Freire. MD 

Radiation On 
Assistant Profi s$or 

Amy Fuchs-Chernoff. MD 

Internal Main me/IP 
Assoc Professor/Vice Chair 

Lorenzo Galindo-Perc/. MD 
Pathology & Laboratory \fedicine 


Fernando U. Garcia. MD 

Pathology A Laboratory Medicine 


Florence Gelo. D.Min 

Family. Coinm & Prev Media itn 
Associate Professor 

Joanne E. Getsy. MD 

Interna! Medicine 
Associate Professor 

Simon F. Giszter. PhD 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 
Associate Professor 

Roberi L. Goldenberg, MD Haviva M. Goldman. PhD 
Ohstetrii s A Gynecology Neurobiology A Anatomy 

Assistant Professor 

Jan M. Goplerub. MD 


Assot late Proft tsor 

Edward Gracely, PhD 

Family, Comm & Pie\ Medicine 
Associate Professor 

Michael I. Greenberg. MD 

Emergency Medicine 


John R. Grothusen. PhD 

Neurol og\ 
Assistant Professor 

Grunewald MD 


Daniel S. Guifoil. MD 


■ "■ 

Haitao Guo. PhD 
\fh robiotogy tfc Immunology 

Kc\ian h Instructor 

Ju-Tao Guo. MD 
Microbiology £ tmmwuftogy 

Kt scare h Assistant Pro 

Daniel J. G/esh. MD 
,\( urology 

Clinical Associate Profi SSOT 

Marian M. Haber. MD 

Pathology A Laboratory Medu M 


Anas Hadeh. MD Michael L. Hallowcll. Ml) Jennifer L. Hamilton, Ml). PhD Richard J. Hamilton. Ml) 

Internal Medicine Rodin Family, CommA Prev Medicine Emergency Medicine 

\ssisumt Professor issodate Professor, (hair Assistant Professoi Kssoclate Prof 

Shelley K. Hankins, MD 
Internal Medit ine/CardL 
Assistant Prpfessoi 

Susan I' Harding, MD 

Orthopedit '■■ 
i linkalAssociati Pn 

Rosemary Harris, MD 

Family, Comm A Prev Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

John A. Harvey. PhD 

Pharmacology <Sc Physiology 
Professor, Chair 

Syed F. Hasni, MD 

Internal Medicine 

Michael Heifets, MD 

Internal Alain trie 
Clinical Associate Professor 

Jonathan D. Heilic/er. MD Polly A. Henderson. MD 

Pediatrics Ophthalmology 

Clinical Professoi 

Assistant Prole 

Keith Herzog. MD 

Assistant Professor 

Barry Timothy Himes, PhD Jeffrey B. Hoag. MD 

Neurobiology <&. Anatomy 
Inst rue to > 

Internal Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Teresa L. Hoang, MD 

Family, Comm & Prev Medicine 

Eugene Hong, MD 

Family. Comm & Prev Medcine 
Associate Professor. Chair 

Jay C. Horrow, MD 

Professor, Chair 

Joel Horwitz, PhD 

Pharmacology & Physiology 
Associate Professor 

John D. Houle. PhD 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Yueqiao Huang, PhD 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 
Assistant Profes sor 

Richard B. Huncke, DVM. MPH 

Microbiology & Immunology 
Asst Professor/Director UIAR 

Laird G. Jackson, MD 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 
Research Professor 

Diwakar Jain, MD 

Internal Medicine 

Bradford A. Jameson. PhD Stephen R. Jennings, PhD Sigmund Jenssen, MD Norman A. Johanson. MD Marilyn S. Jorns. PhD Monika M. Jost. PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Microbiology & Immunology Neurology Orthopedic Surgery Biochemistry d Molecular Biology Family, Comm A Prev Medicine 

Professor Professor Assistant Professor Professor, Chair Professor Assistant Professor 

Susan G. Kaplan. MD Joseph Karam, MD. FACS Richard E. Kardon, DO Santosh K. Katiyar, PhD Christos Katsetos. MD Peter Katsikis. MD 


Clinical Associate Profei 

Assistant Professor 


Assistant Professor 

Microbiology & Immunology 
Research Instructor 

Research Professor 

Microbiology & Immunology 


Hans B. Kerstcn, MD 


issot iatt Professor 


Zafar K. Khan. PhD 

Micmbiolog) A Immunology 


Kwan E. Kim, MD 
Internal Medit m< 

Stephanie A. King, MD Fredric A. Kleinbart. MD 

Obstetru i A Gynecology 
Assot iate Profet tot 

Orthopedu. Surgery 
CUnical Assot Prof, Director 

Fred Krebs. PhD 

Microbiology A Immunology 
Assot uUe Professot 

J. Yasha Krcsh. PhD 

( 'ardiothorat U Surgery 


Joyann A. Kroser, MD 

Internal Medicine 
Clinit ul \ssot iau Professor 

Anil Mysore Kumar. MD. MBBS M.L. Ray KuretU, MD 
Sl " vt -i v Cardiothorack Surgery 

Pro Assistant Professot 

Peter Kurnik, MD Swalomir L. Kusmirek. MD 

Internal Medciine/Cardi* Internal Medicine 

Professor Assistant Prof 

Steven P. Kutalek. MD 
Internal Medicine 
Assot niit Professot 

Michelle Kutzler. PhD 

Internal Medit me 
Assistant Professor 

Mary Ann Ku/ma-Thompson, MD Roberta L. Laguerre. MD 

Internal Medicine Pediatm s 

Associate Professor Associate Professor 

Kirsten Larson. PhD 
Microbiology & Immunology 
Assot rate Pn 

Ernest H. Leber. MD 

Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Proft 

Gary Ledley. MD 
nai Medicine 


Michel A. Lemay, PhD 
Neurobiology & \natomy 

Assistant Profess* 

Lawrence J. Leventhal. MD Leonard J. Levine. MD 

Internal Medicine 

Pediatrii -. 
Assistant Prpfessoi 

Sandra P. Levison. MD 

Internal Medicine 

Jerry D. Levitt, MD 
Associate Professor 

Nagaraj Lingaraju, MD 

Pn ft tsoi 

Carol F. Lippa. MD 

Professor, Set tion ( 'hief 

Sarah S. Long. MD 

Pediattn * 

MarkE. Lund, MD 

Internal Medn me 
Assisanl Professor 

Julio Martin-Garcia. 
Microbiology & Immuno 
Assistant /'■ 

PhD Michael W. Mather. PhD 

MicrobuMog} A Immunology 
Research Assistant Professor 

Russell Maulitz, MD, I'M) 

Nathalies. May, MD 

Internal M> <li, inc 

Andrea M McCurry, Ml AS 

Pharmacology iS Physiology 

Robert S. McGregor. MD 

f'cdiatrn «, 

Professor, Residency Director 

Susan V. McLeer. MD 



Anand S. Mehta. PhD 

Microbiology & Immunology 
Associate Prx ■ 

ShoshanaT. Melman, MD Joseph J. Mclvin. DO, JD Olimpia Meucci, Ml), PhD Willi;im C. Meyers. Ml) Nancy Minugh-Purvis, PhD Oni Prakash Mishra, PhD 

Pediatrics Pediatrics Pharmacology & Physicology Surgery Pathology A Laboratory Medicine Pediai 

Assoi iate Professor \sststanl Professor Assot late Prqfessoi Professor, Chan .Im* tale Professor, Pro) Studies "■ tearch Professoi 

Owen ('. Montgomery. MD Paige S. Morahan. PhD 

Of,,,, Microbiology A immunology 

, ;,,,,, Associate Professor 

Robert S. Moreland. PhD Diana M. Morgenstern, MD Ricardo Morgenstern, MD 
Pharmacology & Physiology Internal Medium- Internal Medu ine 

Professor Clinical Assistant Professor Associate Professor 

Daniel K. Mullin. MD 

I in. i :T>t: . \t< dh "I. 

Itwiiui rot 


E. Ha/el Murph>.MD 
Neurobiology & \natom\ 

Shailaja Nair, MD 

Interna! Medicine 
I i tistant Professor 

Sonia Navas-Martin, PhD Robert A. Nichols. PhD 

Microbiology <fi Immunology Phamacology & Physiology 

Assistant Professor Associate Professor 

Eishi Noguchi. PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
Assistant Professor 

Ana E. Nunez. MD 

Internal Medicine 
Associate Professor, Admin 

Paul Nyirjesy, MD 

Obstetrics it Gynecology 


Wilbur Oaks, MD 

Internal Medu inc 
\SSOl Kite Professor 

Carolyn R. O'Connor. MD Vincent U. Odenigbo, MD 

Internal Medicine/Rheumatology Anesthesiology 

Associate Professor, Section Chief Assistant Prqfessoi 

Gary S. Okum, MD 

Associate Proft vsor 

Donna Ott, DO 

Fanuh, Comm A Pre. Medicine 
Assistant Professor 


Robert T. Ownbey, MD Brandon J. Palermo. MD. MPH Richard G. Paluzzi. MD 
Pathology •& laboratory Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Medicine 

Clinical Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Profe 


Ramesh Pappu. MD 

Internal Medicine 

Associate Professor 


Prabha H. Patel. MD 

Pathology <& Laboratory Medu ine 

Assistant Professor 

Herbert Patrick. MD 

Internal Medicine 
Ote Professor 

Steven J. Pelt/man. MD 

Internal Medicine 

Joseph H. Piatt Jr. MD 


Joyti A. Pillai.MD 

Assistant Professor 

Peter D. Pizzutillo. MD 

/VJ/df/vV.v/Orthopedic Surgery 

Boris Polyak. PhD 

\ssis rant Professor 

Nikolay Popnikolov, MD. PhD 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Assistant Professor 


Wielaw I'mkop. MD 

(nstrut ii>i 

Eileen C Quintana, MD 

/ mergem \ Medu ine 
Assistant Prof 


Dilip Ramchandani. MD Karihik M. Ranganna. MD Paul E. Rapp. PhD 

Psychiatry Internal Medicine Pharmacology *t Physiology 


,-\unf«im Profest 


Charles R. Reed, MD 

I'cdlallU | 


Mauricio Reginato, PhD 

Biochemistry A Moteculai B\ 
Assistant Professot 

Jay E. Reiff, PhD 

Radiation Oncology 
Clinicai Professot 

Richard F. Rest. PhD 

A7« robiotogy A immunology 
Profei tor 

James C. Reynolds. MD 

Internal Medu ine 
Professor, {'hair 

Anthony G. Romano, PhD Steven Rosenzweig, MD 
Pharmacology A Physiology tncy Medicate 

Hint Professor Clrtical Assot Professor, Clm Skill 


Andrea L. Rosso. MPH 

Research Instructor 

Kathleen F. Ryan, MD 
Internal Medicine 
\ i to> iate Prpfessoi 

Ilya A. Rybak. PhD 

Neurobiology A Anatomy 


Mark A. Saks, MD 

Emergency Medicine 

Assistant Professor 

Leonard E. Samuels. MD 
Emergency Medicine 

Assistant Pi q . 

David A. Sass. MD 

Infernal Medu int 
. ■ P 

Robert T. Salaloff. MD 

Professor, Chair 

Daniel V. Schidlow. MD 

Pediatru s 
Professor, Chair 

Hans P. Sehleeht. MD 

Internal Medu me 

Assistant Professor 

Edward S. Schulman. MD 

Internal Medicine/Pulmonology 

Professor, Section Chief 

Nadine Schwartz. MD 


Allan B. Schwartz, MD 

Internal Medu m< 

Robert J. Schwarizman. MD Christian Sell. PhD 

Neurx Pathology & Laboratory Medu me 

PrafeSSOr, Chair AsSOCiah Professor 

Francis Scssler. PhD 

\, urobhlOg) A \uatom\ 

Kssot iate Professot 

Mahesb C. Sharma, PhD 

.\m>< nut' Professor 

Katherine D. Sherif. MD 

Internal Medicine 
Associate Professor, Set Hon Chief 

Henry H. Sheik. MD 

Orthopedic Surgery 

Michael S. Sherman. MD 

Internal \talu ine 

Jed S. Shumsky, PhD 


\ U Assistant Pn ■ 

Robert L. Siegle, MD. MPA 

PediatrU i 

Profi tSOl 

Kenn) J. Simansky. PhD 
Pharmoi otogy a Pit} i 
Professor, \ h e Dean 

Barbara Simon. MD 

Internal Mednine/T.ndo, rinotogy 
Assistant Professor, Section Chic} 

Peter A. Sklar. MD 

Internal Medu me 
Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Laura E. Smals, MD 
Assistant Professor, /'< 


Stuart Snyder, MD 

Internal Medit ine 

Clinical Associate Professot 

Martha C. Sola-Visner, MD 

Associate Professor 

Young-Jin Sou, PhD 

ibiotog) a Knatont) 
Assistant Professt 

Christine Soutendijk, MD 

Interna! \h<ht uu 

Asst Professor Depi f>ir 

Nancy D. Spector, MD 
Pediatrit i 

Prog Dh 

O^ r» 

Michael D. Strong III, MD 

( ardiothoracic Surgery 
Assa Professor, Vice Chair, Chief 

Donna M. Sudak. MD 

Gail T. Sullivan, MD 

Obstetru •> a Gynecology 
Assistant Professot 

John W. Sweet, PhD 

Radiation Oncology 
ls\.<< iate Pr\ ; 

DavidS. Tabby, DO 
Assoicate Professor. Put/max Dir 

Raymond C. Talucci, MD 


Reem Tarazi, PhD 

Assistant Professor 

Daniel R. Taylor, DO 


E. Douglas Thompson Jr, MD 

Assistant Professor 

James A. Tom. MD 

Orthopedic Surgery 

Donald P. Underwood. DO Akhil B. Vaidya. PhD 

Radiologic Science 
Assistant Professor 

Microbiology <&. Imnuutologys 


Nielufar Varjavand. MD 

Infernal Medicine 
Assistant Prof, 

EricW. Vogel,MD 

Internal Medii ine 
A ssoctute Professor 

David K. Wagner. MD 

Emergency Medicine 

William Warranter. MD. PC Andrew S. Wechsler, MD Michael S. Weingarten. MD. MBA John P. Welsh. PhD 

Family, Comm A Pre\ Medicine 


Cardiothoracic Surgery 

Professor, Chair 

Professor. Pathway Director 

Pharmacology <£ Physiology 


Michael M. White. PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 


Brian Wigdahl. PhD 

Microbiology A immunology 
Professor. Choir 

Thad E. Wilson. PhD A. Charles Winkelman. MD 

Pharmacology <& Physiology Neurology 

'Jam Professor Professor 

James Witek. MD 

Internal Medicine 

Adjunct Associate Professor 

Sandra Wolf. MD. FACOG Mark B. Woodland. MD 
Obstetrics <t Gynecology Obstetru s a. Gynecology 

Clinical Assoicate Prt tfes A i T Clink al Pr, >te s s, > r, A s j ot Dean 

Gary S. Xiao, MD 

Assistant Professnr 


Julie Yeh, MD Deborah J. Ziring, MD Alexander Zonshayn, MD Alan B. Zubrow. MD 

Family, Comma) Pm Medicine Internal Medicine Anesthesiology Pediatric* 

iMSitant f'r>" Clinical Aist Professor, Clin Skills Clinical Kssot iate Professor Professor 


William Keough, MD 


Assoc Professor/Clerkship Site Dir 

Regina Murcko. MD 

Obstetrics <£ Gynecology 

Assoc Professor/Clerkship Site Dir 

Swami Nathan. MD 


Assoc Professor/Clerskship Site Din 

1 %; 

Naheed Abedin,MP 

Faculty Not Pictured 

Pedial ri< e 
Research Associate I Vol 

Chen A. Black, MA 

Inst inctor 

Janet S.Chen, MP 
t ant Pro! 

Rima F. Abraham, MP 



Carol J. Auerlwh, MA 

Luis PUvo, MP 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 


i M. Chialastri, DMP 
Assistai it Professor 

Elena Alaiuov, MP 

Ac-aiotant Prof 

•VJeniyi Babalola, MP 

Ac-oiot ai it Professor 

Alina C Boesteanu, PliP 

Microbiology c\ Immunology 

Research Assistant Professor 

■\li.ju-. Tine J. Chialastri, PPS 
Pediati i 
Assistant Professor 

Mi. in -\hi ilk IMP 


tant Frci, Ahmed, MP 

Assistai it Professor 


Radiation Oncology 

Assistant Professor 

Patricia P. Baocash, MP 

Emergency Medicine 

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Robert L Bonner, Jr., MP 


Assistant Professor 

Christine M. Boselli, MS 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 


Anthony J. Chief ari, PharmD 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

\A jut ict Assistant Professor 

Akhil Chopra MP 


Assistant Professor 

Safwan Mboiny, MP 


•V-oiotai it Professor 

\ eronica 0, Bowlan, MSW 

Aruii Chopra, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

(ruillermo M. Alexander, PhP 

Laura P Bamford, MP 

Assistai it Professor 

Susan H. Bray, MP 


Clinical Associate Professor 

Farhad R. Chowdhury, PO 



Bryan T. Ami to, MP 



Margaret M. |3aroody, MM 



Nadege Brutus, PO 

Clinical Instructor 

Judy R. Churchill, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Assistant Professor 

Paul J. Ambrosini, MP 

Adam P. Barouh, MP 

Emergency Medicine 


Brooke A. Turkey, MP 



Harris R. Clearfield, MP 

Renee E. Amori, MP 

■Vv-ioTant Professor 

Biju Basil, MP 


Assistant Professor 

Sharon F. Cabman, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Sin ion Cocklin, PhP 

biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

Research Assistant Professor 

Endla K Anday, MP 

Eileen A. Bazelon, MP 


Clinical Assistant Professor 

Veronica P. Carey, MHS 

Robyn T.Cohen, MP, MPH 


Assistant Professor 

Taylor P. Anderson, MSW 

Katherine (5. Pock, MP 

Family, Comm & Prov Medicine 

Assistant Professor 

Manuel A. Castro, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 


Laniece Coleman, PNP, CNM 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 


John H. Archer, MP 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Jeffrey P. Bedrick, MP 

Assistai it Professor 

Robert P. Catdano, FliarmP 


Associate Professor 

Robert L Comb, MP 



Sabreena Arif, MP 

Assistai it Professor 

Margaret Benner. PhP, RN 


Assistant Professor 

Bryan P. Chambers, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Mary Aim Comunale, MS 

Microbiology & Immunology 

Research Instructor 




Pavid S.Bennett, PhP 

Associate Professor 

Swapna S. Chandran, MP 



Susan P. Conley, MP 

Lindsay O. Arthur, III, MP 


Assistant Professor 

Karen M. Perkowitz, MP 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Assistai it Professor 

Kathy P. Chen, MP, FAAP 


Assistai it Professor 

Joanne E Connell, MP, MPH 


Assist at it Professor 


Tliere-.-a M. Conwore, MS 
Neurobiology S Anatomy 
Instru t 

.-•I HContvay, MP 
; , rofessor 

ITwdore J. Cerbin, MP 
Emergency Medicine 

V-.-k-t.ii it Professor 

Faculty Not Pictured 



Assistai it frofeeeor 


Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Associate frofeeeor 

Robert V. PeSilverio, MP 


Clinical Prof essor 

Lara K. Ferri, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
Clinical Assistant Profe 

Itzhak Fischer, PhP 
Neurobiology & Anatomy 


Aepasia RsskoudL MP 


Clinical Instructor 

PonaU P. Goldsmith, MP 


Yuesong Gong, PhP 

Assistant Profossor 

Mario Gonzaloz, MP 


Pamela A. uilloy, PP 


Sunfl K Phar, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

Janet Fleetwood, PhP 

Family, Comm & Frev Modicino 


Diane Got tliob, MP 

Associate? frofeeeor 

t\ilent CuhacLMP 

•V isoclate Professor 

Venu Pivi, MP 

Assistant Frofeeeor 

Arthur L Frank, MP, PliP 



Jane M. Gould, MP 


Assistant Prof essor 

Curtis E Cummings, MP MPH 


Associate Prof essor 

Karim PjekideLMP 

Assistant Professor 

Heather M. French, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Mitzle L Grant, PhP 

Assistant Prof* 

RoseM. Cummings, PO 

Assistant frofeeeor 

Huynh T. Poan. MP 

Kadiobgb Sciences 

Assistant Professor 

Karen I. Fritz, MP 


Associate Frofeeeor 

Parmis Crreen, PO 


Assistant Profossor 

Timothy J. Cunningham, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 


James M. PomeseK- MP 

Radiologic Sciences 

Assistant Frofeeeor 

Gianhca GaWo, PliP 

Neurobiology J^ Anatomy 

Associate Professor 

Michael S. Green, PO 

Assistant Frofeeeor 

John A Curtis, Jr., MP 
Emergency Medicine 

A-. v-istai it Professor 

Mark A. Povey, MP 

Associate Professor 

Wen-Jun c?ao, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Assistant Professor 

Navneet K Grewal, MP 



Thomas M. Paly, SA 

Microbiology & Immunology 

Research Instructor 

Robert J. Powhy, MS 



Pavid F. Gardiner, MP 


Clinical Assistant Professor 

Sharon K. Gristvold-Theodrson, MP 
Emergency Medicine 

Associate Professor 

Khoi C. Pang, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

Lamar E Ekbladh, MP 

Obstetrics & (gynecology 


Jan 10? Gasperino, MP, PhP 


Associate Frofeeeor 

Reena Gupta. MP 



Irini Paskalaki, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

Christopher L Emery, MP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Evan Geller, MP 


Assistant Professor 

iinLGutt, MP 
Assistant Professor 

Jo.inTicTtv deChadarevian, MP 

April E Fallon, PhP 


Associate Prof essor 

Manely Ghaffari, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Christopher J. Haines, PO 
Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Jeffrey S. Pettch, PhP 


Research Assistant Professor 

Pana C Farabaugh, MP 
Obstetrics & Gynecology 


Sherin R. <3hali, MP 


Clinical Associate Professor 


Clinical Frofeeeor 

Mary Ann Pelaney, MP 

r\i,--il M. Fathalla, MP 

Assist a i it Professor 

Kevin A. Gingrich, MP 
Orthopedic Surgery 
Assistai it Professor 

Gregory E Hallijan, MP 


Associate* Professor 

Nicole HPeLarato, MP 
t Profe ©or 

Maureen A Fee, MP, JP 


Associate Prof essor 

Paul M. Oat, MP 


Associate Prof essor 

Sarah J. Haiviley, MP 


Clinical Instructor 

Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Prof & >sor 

Faculty Not Pictured 

Humaira Hussain, MD 

Assistai it Professor 

FJlie Kelepouris, MP, FAHA 

Suraiya A. Kureshi, MP 

H. Huntley Hardison,MD 


Assistant Professor 

Mark E Hysell, DO 

Radiologic Sciences 


ShareenF, Kelly, MP 

Assistai it Professor 

Donald J. Kushon, MD 


Clinical Associate Professor 

David M. Harris, PhD 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

V-sistant Professor 

Randy A Inkles, MD 

Clinical Instructor 

Muhammad Z Khan, PliP 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

Research Assistant Professor 

Steven P. Kutalek, MP 

Associate Professor 

Mary Hawkshaw, RN, EH?N 
irch Associate Professor 

Jeffrey M. Jacobson, MP 


Divya 5. Khurana, MP 

Associate Professor 

Michele Kutzler, PhD 

Assistant Professor 

( Curt J. Heese, MP 
Radiation Oncology 

Assistant Professor 

Pooja Jain, PhP 
Microbiology & Immunology 

Assistant Professor 

Evelyn Kilareski, PhP 

Microbiology & Immunology 


Eric Lager, MD 


Clinical Frofeeeor 

terry P. Heiman-Patterson, MP 

Yolanda P. Heman-Ackah, MD 


Associate Professor 

Pavid P. Ja&pan, PharmD 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

Adjunct Instructor 

Shruti 6. Joglekar, MP 


Paulina C-. Kiliddar, MP 

Assistai it Professor 

Anita L. Kinsley, MA 

Assistant Instructor 

Jannet J. Lee-Jayaram, MP 

Clinical Instructor 

Agustin Legido, MP, PhP 

Martin J. Herman, MP 

Associate Professor 

(?regg Johannes, PhP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Assist a i it Professor 

Natasha Kipperman, MS 


Joseph J. Levinsky, MP 

Emergency Medicine 

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Dina L Herrington, MS, EMT-P 

Emergency Medicine 

Clinical Instructor 

Jennifer L Johnson, MS 



Robert A. Koenigsberg, PO 

Radiologic Sciences 


Weiye Li, MP, PhP 



Julie Anne Hlavac-Sruno, MP 

Family, Comm & Fvev Medicine 

Assistant Professor 

Andrew L Kanter, DMD 


Clinical Assistant Professor 

Lydia T. Komarnicky-Kocher, MP 

Radiation Oncology 


Pavid J. Libon, PhP 


Associate Frofeeecr 

Alisa H. Hoffman, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Purvi J. Kapadia-Jethva, MP 


Clinical Instructor 

S&hya Kortagere, PhP 

Microbiology &. Immunology 
Assistant Professor 

Victor Lidz, PhP 


Associate Professor 

Michelle Herman, MM 



Susan S Kaplan, MP, MHS 

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Francis A Kralick, PO 

Assistant Prof essor 

Cathy Litty.MP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Assistant Frofee^cr 

Kristie Homick, PO 

Clinical Instructor 

Zach Kassutto, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
Associate Professor 

Anatoly I. Kremer, MP 


Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Patrick J. Loll, PhP 

biochemistry & Molecular Siology 


J Steve Hou, MP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 


Svetlana Katsev, MP 

Assistant Frcieeeor 

Robert EKrisoh, MP, PhP 
Radiation Oncology 
Associate Professor 

Xuanyoung Lu, PhP 

Microbiology & Immunology 

Assistant Professor 

Wei T. Hsu, MP, PhP 


Clinical Assistant Professor 

Fredrick J. Kayne, PhP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Adjunct Associate Professor 

Sriya Krishnamoorthy, PhP 



Lori R. Lick, MP 

Assistant Froiec<-cv 

Lewis L Hsu, MP, PhP 

Associate Professor 

Folasade I, Kehinde, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Rita A. Kubicky, MP 

Clinical Instructor 

John M. Luckhurst, MS 




■ 1 . Luckritz, DO 

\ .nit Prot 

Faculty Not Pictured 

Robert f.mcaui, riiP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 
Clinical Assistant Profe 

Judy Mae C. fasca&o, MP 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Emily Quiros, MP 

T.bujuitz, riiP 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

-V.-.VCiatePlVte-..-. VI 

Thomas M. McAndrew, MP 


Assistant Professor 

Shendra R Passic, MS 

Microbiology 5c Immunology 

Research Instructor 

Tina L Kader, MHS 

Family, Comm & Prev Medicine 

Assistant Professor 

karenM. Lyons, MP 


Clinical Associate Professor 

Maria D, McColgan, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
■V -. astai it Professor 

Vishal Patel, MP 



Kamesh Raghupafthj, PhP 
Neurobiology & Anatomy 

ALWi-utf Professor 

N£im Madan.Me0S.MD 


Assistant Professor 

Jane E. Mc(3owan, MP 


ChavisA Patterson, PhP 


Research Assistant Professor 

Edivard A Ramoska, MP 

Emergency Medicine 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Diane Magrane, MD 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 


Todd M. McGVath, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
Assistai it Professor 


Karthik M. Kanganna, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

Gregory E Malat. PharmD, PCFS 


Assistant Professor 

Jahangir Maleki, MP 

Assistai it Professor 

Andrew P. Mclnnes, MP 

Robert J. McKenzie, PhP 

biochemistry & Molecular Siology 

Assistant Professor 

Amir Pelleg, PhP 

Adjunct Professor 

GHenn J. Pelletier, MD 

Cardiothoracic Surgery 

Assistant Professor 

Juan A. Realyvasifljez, MP 
Orthopedic Surgery 
Assistant Professor 

Charles K. Reed, MP 


Christine Malloy, MP 

Susan V. McLeer, MP 

SLee Peterlin,PO 


Assistant Professor 



Richard P. Malone.MD 


Donna McNelis.PhD 


Wiliam R Petricone, Jr., MP 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Xiang-Dong Ren, MP, PliP 

Microbiology & Immunology 

Research Associate Professor 

Manjula Mandduluru, MP 


Francis X. McNesby, MP 

Inst motor 

Ralph J. Petrucci, EdD 


Clinical Professor 

Iraj Rezvani, MP 

Adjunct Frofe^ror 

Sergey N. Markiu, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Research Assistant Professor 

Tracy M. MoSweeney, MA 



Martin P. Plutzer, MP 

Associate Professor 

Rosalyn C. Richman, MA 

Family, Comm & Fre\ Medicine 
Inst motor 

Joshua E Maiiowitz, MP 

Emergency Medicine 


C. Igor Mesia, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

Michael L Fodotsky. MP, PhP 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Rose Ries, MP 


Clinical Assistant Professor 

Harold G. Maiis, MP 


Clinical Professor 

Julian £ Mesina, DVM, PhD 

Pharmacology & Physiology 
Assistai it Professor 

Brandon S. Poterjoy, PO 

Clinical Inst met or 

Patricia Riley, MP 

Clinical lust met or 

Timothy P. Maroney, MP 
Radiologic Sciences 
Assistant Professor 

Christopher M Owens, MA 


Research Instructor 

Surckhardt Ringe,MD 



E3iochemistry c^ Molecular Ecology 

Associ; ite Professor 

My Padmalingam, MP 


Hope H. Punnet t, PhP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Clinical Professor 

Lise Rioux, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Research Assistant Frofeeeor 

Nkechi I. Mba, MP, MSA 
IV. • I 

: ' I issor 


Fvth Parrish, MP 


Assistant Professor 

Joseph V. Queenan, MD 

Assistant Professor 

James R. Roberts, MP 

Emergency Medicine 


Faculty Not Pictured 

Noreen M. Robertson, DMD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

Research Assistant Professor 

Christine Schlichting, MP 


Associate Professor 

Daniel J. Simon, PhD, MBA 

Microbiology & Immunology 

Assistant Professor 

Michael J. Styler,MD 

t jilt Fret 

M. Renee Robinson, PhP 
irch Assistant Professor 

Roy E Schwartz, MP 

Ai -. jociat e Prof « '-. lor 

Sabina B. Singh, MD 
Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Prof 

\1ng-rteiu Su, PItP 
Microbiology & Immunology 
irch Associate Professor 

Robert F. Rogers, PhD 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Associate Professor 

Nadine Schwartz, MD 

Assist ai it Professor 

Krupa M. Sivamurthy, MP 

Elizabeth A. Suarez,MD 


Assistant Professor 

Luisa Rojas, MP 


^ssistai it Professor 

Marshall Z Schwartz, MD 



Eleanor M. Smergel MP 

Radiologic Sciences 

Associate Professor 

MlchaelJ. Suchar, DDS 

Assistant Professor 

Kenneth D Rot hstein, MD 


Associ. ite Professor 

Richard B. Sensening, MS 


Research Instructor 

Janet P. Smith, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 


Vanilla K. Swami, MP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 


David Rubenstein, PsyD 


l"1iiil-jI Associate Professor 

Francis M. Sessler, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Associate Professor 

C&c&a J. Sokolow, MA, CCC-A 



John B. Swaney, PhD 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 


Monique 3. Ruberu, MP 

Obstetrics & Crynecology 


Frank E Shafer, MP 

Associate Professor 

Fao\a R Solari, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Udele J. Tagoe, MP 

Obstetrics & c?yneoolo(iy 

Clinical Instructor 

Jonathan P. Rubin, MD 

Radiologic Sciences 

Assistant Professor 

Rajeev R. Shah, MP 


Clinical Assistant Professor 

David Sorrentino, MD 

Assistant Professor 


Pharmacology & Physiology 

Assistant Professor 

Steven R Russell, MD 

Assistant Professor 

Sherry S. Shang, MP 

Radiologic Sciences 

Assistant Professor 

Gerald Soslau, PhP 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

Ignacio E Tapia, MD 

Clinical Instructor 

Christopher J. Russo, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Venkat R Shankar, MP, MBA 


Associate Professor 

Suganthi Soundararajan, MP 
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Clinical Associate Professor 

Reem Tarazi, PhP 


Assistant Pi-ofessor 

|i lale J. Russoniello, MA 

Rita A. Shaughnessy, MP, PhP 


Associate Professor 

Karen Souza-Carvalho, MP 


Assistant Professor 

Danna Tauber. MD, MPH 


Assistant Professor 

Shannon P. Safier, MP 
Orthopedic Surgery 
Assistant Professor 

Yuri Shevchenko, MP 

Assistant Professor- 

Eric P. Stander, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Bryce Templeton, MP, ME-I 

Madelame R. SaUivar, MP, MPH 

cluneal Associate Frofeeeor 

Natalia A. Shevtsova, PhP 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Research Assistant Professor 

Mark E Stearns, PhP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Robert W. Tolan, Jr., MP 


Clinical Associate Professor 

Christy A. Salvaggio, MP 
Emergency Medicine 
Assistant Professor 

Paul M. Shore, MP 

Assistant Frofeeeor 

DuncanS Steams, MD 

Assistant Professor 

David L Topoteky, MP 

Associate Professor 

Marta E Santos, MP 

Assistant Professor 


Associate Prof essor 

Robert E Steckler, MD 

-Assistant Professor 

Ciaudio A. Torres, PhP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Research Assistant Professor 

SMIpa Saroop, PhP 

Assistai it Professor 

Paul P. Siegel, MP 

Clinical Professor 

Jonathan Stemfeld, MP 

Assistant Professor 

Suzanne M. Touch, MP 

\ssociate Prof essor 


Faculty Not Pictured 

- lerETrebelev,MP 
liologic Sciena 
• nit Profes 

FVyonF. Tsang, PO 

Emergency Medicine 


John A. Tucker, MP 


AJ|iiiit-t Professor 


\. -.v-t ji it Professor 

Mchil P. \ aidya, HiP 
Microbiology & Immunology 


Ignacio Valencia, MP 

\ssistant Professor 

Scott T.Vanduzer, MP 

Vv-k-t ai it Professor 

Laurie \ arlotta, MP 

VvVVUtc' FlvfeYVVr 

Y. t3w^ny Venkatesh, MD 


Associate Prof essor 

fuml Verma, MP 


V-Avut s Professor 

Pragos Vesbianu, MP 



0I<= \ ic'hiic'yc'i-, MP 

A-.-.-i^tjiit Professor 


Family, Comm & Prc^ Medicine 


R. Lee V ogel, MD 

V. •vYUtc' FtV-fovV-r 

Keith Vosseller, PhP 

Roehemistry & Molecular Oology 

A isistant Professor 

\ve-.-lu Waheed,MP 
' ii it Profet • 

Min Wang, PhP 

Pathology & Lilvrjtory Medicine 

Research Associate Professor 


■V. -. sist . ii it Professor 

Cynthia P. I/Varren, MP 

\v+jt ai it Professor 

William F. Warm lJcT, MP, PC 

Family, Comm &. Prev Mc\1k-nic> 


Cynthia E Watson, KN,I5SN 



PrenJa J. Wejs/er, MA 


Clinical Instructor 

Plair P. Weikert-, MP 


As<?i<?taiit Professor 

Evan J, Weiii^r, MP 
Enic'i-cjc'iic-y Medicine 
Assistant Professor 




Judith E Wolf, MP 


Adjunct Associate Professor 

Robert J. Wolf son, MP 


5he\\a J. Wood. PUP 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Assistant Professor 

Myron Yanoff, MP 


Jay M. Yanoff, EdP 



LyiniH. YeakeLMSM 

Family, Comm & Pre\ Medicine 


Wenajan Yu, MP 

Neurobiology & Viatomy 

Research Instructor 

Sabrina Yum, MP 

A-.---i-atant Professor 

Marcus J I^ItowcT, MP 


Assistai it Professor 

truohua Zhao, PhP 
biochemistry & Molecular Piolojy 
Research Assistant Profess 

Steven L In 11 1, MP 

Family, Comm & Prev Medicine 

Assistant Professor 

Seth Zwillenberg, MP 


Qinical Associate Professor 

Pavid A. Zwillenberg, MP 
Clinical Professor 

Faculty Quotes 

"We love you and we wish you we\\." 
-Dr. 3arnee, in the last clinical correlate lecture of first year 

"It has no partner to play it plays with itself." 
— Pr. Akliil Vaidya, on the* Y chromosome 

<*^7 > (*ZSzS ,^^> (*££>> t ^^> ,*<^> (<ZSr> ,<^>> l^S>> 1^^> . -^S , '^Sy't^S^ 

"There are only so many words I can remember in a given time. You can't use that excuse." 

-Pr. Hirsch 

<- < =5>' r^ir' r<5^ <-<fer' ,-=5s^ .-^5^ r^Sr" r^^ <- c 5ir' /-^ir' <^5^r<^< j; =^i^^V^^<^ST'<-<^r* ; ^<^^r-'=^< < =^ 

"Understanding anatomy: you think you do, but then, you dent." 

-Pr. Deface 

l^ZS i^^> <^>> r^5>» r 4 ?^ <^Sr> <-<^5-> <-<5S^ <-^ir' <^>> <^=^r> r^br" ^Sy.^S^^?' 

"I'm not trying to teach you the material so much as inspire you to know it." 

— Pr. Pamela Puke 
^^^.^^^^^^^,^.^^^.^ » Ae yaj .|, 0e6i my w<gy . 6 perfect." 

-Pr. Robert Moreland 
"<3et wine and get down with these graphs." <-^>^=^r<^<^^^^^^.-=^^=^ 

-Pr, Gordon Lutz, in reference to his action potential graphs 

"Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside." 
— Pr. 5waney 

"It is pathologic to be single.Jf you are an epithelial cell." 

— Pr. Hanau 

"The brain, obviously, is contained inside the head bone." 
— Pr. PePace 


'Discovery is seeing something everybody else has seen, but thinking something no one else is thinking." 

— Pr. I3arnes 


"The Med Student Code of Honor: Never admit you've been taught anything. 

— Pr. Hanau 

"The Intern Syndrome: You're so used to being tired, you don't know what it's like to be normal." 

— Pr. Joanne e?etsy 

<- s =Sy'<-«=i->, 

"Men are carriers of all things bad.' 
— Pr. Jonathan Anolik 

"If you would be so kind as to donate one of your kidneys to me, I would reject it." 

— Pr. Larson 

'r^^.^^r^^^.^^*- 4 ^.^^^^ 33 

Golden Apple Award for Excellence in 

FM - Pr. Janet Smith, Department of 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

PIL - Dr. Jed Shumdcy, Department of 

Neurobiology & Anatomy 

Golden Apple Awards 

<^^> ^^> <-^> <^^> <g> ® lg> 



Golden Apple Award for Excellence in 


FM - Dr. Cheryl Hanau, Department of 


PIL - Pr. Charlee Puglia, Department of 

Pharmacology & Physiology 

^=^ <-<^ 



r Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching 
Attending Physician 
Dr. Daniel 3enckart - Surgery, Ae?H 
Dr. Gregory Greco - Surgery, Monmouth 
Dr. Stacey Smith - Medicine, Lehigh Valley 
Pr. Sunil Verma - Psychiatry, HUH 
Golden Stethoscope Award for Excellence in Teaching 

Resident Physician 

Pr. Christopher Cielo - Pediatrics, St. Christopher's Hospital 

Pr. Mark Hen no n - Surgery, A(3H 

Pr. Yusef Morant-Wade - OB/e?YN, HUH 

Pr. Elie Soussan - OBA?YN, HUH 



Golden Apple Award for Excellence \n Teaching 

Attending Physician 

Pr. Amy Fuchs - Medicine, HUH 

r. Laura Smals - Pediatrics, St. Christopher's Hospital 

Pr. Christopher Bennett - Medicine, Ac?H 
Pr. Rosemary Harris - Family Medicine, Warminster 

Hospital ^^— 

Golden Stethoscope Award for Excellence in Teaching 

Resident Physician 

Pr. Leejoe Pallickal - Medicine, HUH 

Pr. Alex Poor - Surgery, HUH 

Pr. Anuj Khandhar - Emergency Medicine, A(3H 

Pr. David Dupree - Surgery, Monmouth 





- - .-r-y 



Office of "Educations 
(L to K) Prfechindler, Jean Pi: 

Admissions Office 
R) Kelli Kennedy, Sheila Joshua, Kareem Johnson, Dr. 
anau, Matt Prigge, 5hawn Gibson, Wanda Trotti 






■ LTfl pj mmjm . fCl 





Information Techi 
IL to K) <?eortje Zeiset-, Pr. Am. 
6molden, Pr. Christ of Paetwyler 

Medical Education 

I M ■"•//J I ■ 9> LT/ca i IllPSUi^li mFi\t\ <%9i 

*rly Towns, Linda Freer, Debbie Wasco, Cynthia Rabuck, 
Plane Cohen, Lauren Pwornik 

Queen Lane Staff 

XhOffbe ■ 
im Kahng, Dr. Alia N 
!Fite Jones, Victoria Car da, S 




Mail Room 
John CarueL 


«*s f§ 


Office of Student Affairs 








'/e 1 - 


^ 1 •. ^1 -, <fc 


k-^^ m'~ « At flfl 

.M$&W ''/W W* 



White Coat 










Orientation 2005 





> I 





Welcome Back 2005 


5 *H! 

Class of 2009 



^ ¥*r 

Lubna Qazi Abdullah, M.D. 

University of Chicago, BA 
University of Southern California, MS 
University of Louisville School of Medicine 
Chicago, II 

Thank you to my wonderful husband and family for all the support 

they have given me over the years. I absolutely could not have 

done it without you. Thank you to airports, Priceline, and Amtrak, 

and my Jetta - we've spent a lot of time together! And thank you 

to my family in Philadelphia as well, who made me feel welcome and 

helped me so much, from apartment security issues, to good 

food, and a place to sleep when I needed one. 


Ade T. Adedeji y M.D. 

Catonsville Community College, AS 
Nursing University of Maryland, Baltimore County, BS 

Chelsea Park, London 

Sir Isaac Newton is attributed with saying, "If I have seen further it 
is by standing on the shoulders of giants," in a letter to one of his 
colleagues, sometime around 1676. All that I have achieved in 
completing medical school has been accomplished by standing on 
the shoulders of my giants, my family. They have given me constant 
nspiration to go as far as I can to realize my dream. When I could 
not see the end, they have held me up and said, "look - its on the 
horizon." And here I am. And so I thank you all. 

Thank you to my mother, my brother Abdul and his family, my sister 
Abim and brother Abbey, to my mother-in-law, and to my wife and 
kids. You have all pitched in and shouldered more than a fair share 
so that I could become the man I am today. I love you, and I did it! 


Marjorie Affel, M.D. 

Tufts University, B.S. 

Drexel University School of Public Health, MPH 

Cranbury, NJ 

It's amazing how fast time has flown by! In the past five years I 

have lost many loved ones, made many new friends and welcomed 

many new souls. Thank you to everyone who has supported me 

and who will be there in the years to come. I only hope I can do 

the same. 

Lakshmi C. Aggarwal, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Philadelphia, PA 

Good Luck Class of 2009! 



1 r 

Damon A. Alavekios, M.D. 

Arizona State University, B.S. 
Seattle, WA 

Thanks to Mom, Michael, Dad, Corlnne, Skoal Mint, Jimmie Dean, & 
Mr. Coffee. I could not have done it without you. 

Scott Allen, M.D. 

Dartmouth College, B.A. 
Potomac, MD 

I would like to thank all of my friends, my family, and my beautiful 
wife Nika for all of your love and support. I couldn't have done it 
with out you. 


Abigail Alt, M.D. 

Yale University, B.A. 

Bryn Mawr College, Post-baccalaureate Premedical Certificate 

New York, NY 

Good luck Class of 2009! 

Rashid Altafi, M.D. 

University of California, Davis, B.S. 
Drexel University College of Medicine, MMS. 

Saratoga, CA 

Good luck Class of 20091 

Megha Ambati, M.D. 

University of Rochester, B.A. 
Ocean Township, NJ 

If the only prayer you said in your life was 'thank you,' that would 
suffice." ~ Johannes Eckhart 

To Mom and Nana - There is no word that can express the gravity of 
how grateful I am for all your support and guidance. 

To Shravan - Through the best and the worst of times, you have 
always been my beacon. Thank you for always pushing me to the next 
step and never letting me settle. 

To my fellow classmates - What an incredible journey it has been. 
Here's to many more years of success and adventures ahead. 


Hardik Prashant Amin, M.D. 

University of New Hampshire, B.S. 
Nashua, NH 

Thanks to my family and friends for all your support and 



Raja Anne, M.D. 

University of California, Los Angeles, B.S. 
Bradbury, CA 

I can't believe it's finally ending after all these years, medical school that is. 

The ride was fun albeit filled with many nerve-wrecking sleepless nights. I'm 

not sure if I would have made it through without the help of my family and 

many friends, and to them I am forever indebted. Mom- what can I say to 

you that you don't already know? You are my best friend and I would not be 

half the man that I am without your continued love and support. Dad- I owe 

everything In my life to you as well, as you have continued to support and 

believe in all of my endeavors unconditionally. Sudheer and Anil- The best 

brothers I could ever have hoped for. We have fought and argued more than 

can remember, but there isn't a thing I wouldn't do for either of you. 

Grandpa- The smartest and humblest man I know. You are a model of what 

all should aspire to be, humble, selfless, and wise beyond your years, and I an 

honored to be your grand-eon. To everyone else, you all know who you are, tc 

list each and every one of your names and why I cherish your friendship wou\c 

exceed the word limit of this blurb. Rather, I wish you all success and 

happiness in whatever you do In life. Thanks! 

Larissa Apple gate, M.D. 

New York University, B.A. 
Wallingford, PA 

Congratulations Drexel Med 2009! 

o my fellow PILers: 

hanks for always pushing me and expecting nothing but the best. I will never 
orget the dream team with Wags, DDP parties, hot pots, and Sunday 
lorning Step I study group. 

o my family and friends: 

bu are the best! 

1om & Dad, I made it! Thanks for supporting me and always being proud of 


on &. Eric, HalfFlips forever! 

1att, I couldn't have done it without you. Your patience, understanding, and 

ncouragement are endless. 

hank you for always believing in me and being the best ever standardized 

atient! I love you. 

Danielle Beth Barrocas, M.D. 

Binghamton University, SUNY, B.A. 
Eastchester, NY 

To Mom, Dad, Rachel, Stacl, Dean, Zoe, Alex, den, Grandma, and Nanny 
{and my puppy Kayla RIP)- Thank you for your unconditional support 
and encouragement, I wouldn't be here without you. 

To my Drexel crew- I never Imagined that med school would end up 
being the best 4 years of my life. From countless delirious hours in the 
library to the many nights out on the town, I have tons of great 
memories. I am so lucky to have met such an amazing group of friends. 

To Patti, the best roommate in the world- I don't know what I'll do 
without you next year. Thank you for always being there. 
Anne- there are so many things I wish I could tell you.. You are always 
In my thoughts, I will miss you forever. 

Congratulations Drexel Med 2009! 

Johanna Vida Basa, M.D. 

University of California , Irvine, B.S. 
North Hollvwood, CA 

slushy sentiments aside, I would like to thank my parents, sister, 
rother and other family members too numerous to name individually 
or sake of the character limit for believing in me not only because you 
ave to but, because you actually do. I am fortunate to have you all in 
iy life. 

A. M.S.- I hope you remember who is in this dorky moniker now, arid in 
few years. You have been my east coast family, thank you for making 
ie laugh all these years. I hope to keep or\ laughing. 


Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that 
ounts can be counted."- Albert Einstein 

Alyce Belonis, M.D. 

University of Southern California, B.A. 
Los Angeles, CA 

You can take me out of DUCOM, but you can't take DUCOM out of me< 

Medical school was a time of tremendous personal and professional 
growth. I will take with me all of the experiences, friendships, and 
memories that made the past four years some of the most 
remarkable years of my life. 

Thanks to my family and friends for standing by me throughout this 
time as I have begun to discover my potential and realize my goals. 

Megan Christine Blair, M.D. 

Dickinson College, U.S. 
Medford. N.J 

Thank you to my friends and family for all their encouragement 
and support. Congratulations and best wishes to the Drexel Med 

Class of 2009! 

. # 



■^MP^. i 

SB * 


Nina Joelle Breakstone, M.D. 

University of Chicago, A.B. 
Oceanside, NY, & Sandy Springs, GA 

To my friends, family, and more or less every cheesemonger in the 
city of Philadelphia: 

"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature 
heals the disease." - Voltaire 

Thanks for the amusement. Whatever little sanity I have left is 
because of y'al 

Sebastian M. A. Brooke, M.D. 

Duqucsnc University, U.S. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

o Dad, Sandy, Rob, Nicky, Julie, and the rest of my family: Words cannot 
egin to describe the sense of gratitude I have for getting me through 
nedical school. My accomplishments and successes are a reflection of your 
ove, support, encouragement, and understanding over these past years 
ould not have done it without you. I will strive to use the gift of this 
ducatlon to live up to the tremendous standard you have set for me on how 
.0 belong to something much greater than myself. 

o Mom: The set of values you instilled in me have continued to inspire and 
Challenge me to be, not only the best physician I can be, but the best possible 
>erson I can be. It is your ever present love and support that has helped me 
through some of the longest nights and hardest tests. I hope I make you 
>roud. I miss you and love you with all my heart. 

o My Friends and the Class of 2.00b: For the toughest but greatest 
ears of my life so far, I couldn't thank you more. From late night studying, 
iushi rolling parties, guys' nights, changing spark plugs, microbio quizzing, 
ipring break golfing, early morning cycling, traveling South Africa, the long 
laul, and many more it was a blast I'll never forget. 


Melissa A. Burgess, M.D. 

Dickinson College, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

As the end of my journey through medical school nears, I would like to 1 
thank the people who mean so much to me: 

To my husband, Tony - Thank you for your love, support, and 
encouragement. I love that you make me laugh especially during the 
stressful times. I couldn't have done it without you! Love you! 

To my family - Thank you for being there for me through the years. Yoi 
love keeps me going everyday. Love you all! 

To my Drexel friends - Thanks for the great memories! Good luck durin 
internship ar\d keep in touch! 

Congrats to the Class of 2009! We did it! 


Lie si Brooke Carey \ M.D. 

McGill University H.S. 
Hebron, NH 

o Mom and Dad: Thanks for all your love, support, and food 
■hrouqhout these four years. 

hanks Doug, for being the best little brother a girl could have, sorry 
jsed to torture you so much! 

"o my Indian posse: Thanks for making me official. Bubbly for life. 

\s for all my Canuck friends— I love you all. J'aime McGill! 

5e who you are and eay what you feel, because those who mind don't 
natter and those who matter don't mind. 
Dr. Seuss 


Michael A. Chang, M.D. 

University of California Los Angeles, B.S. 
Studio City, CA 

Thank you to my wife, my parents, my sister, and my friends for 
being so very supportive throughout my life and medical school. 
Without your support and love I would not be where I am today. 

Shin- Bey Chang, M.D. 

Univeristy of Pennsylvania, IJ.A. 
Brooklyn, NY 

For perhaps the first time in my life, I'm struggling to find the right words to say. 
Vlth only an hour before the submission deadline, I've conceded that virtually no 
/ords can capture the extraordinary emotions I've experienced so here goes 

This is truly an amazing moment! I never would have imagined, as a little girl 
rowing up in the Brooklyn ghetto, that my aspirations could be realized someday, 
uckily for me, dreams do indeed come true. It has certainly been a long and 
ometimes painful process, but fortunately also one filled with fun and excitement. 

Thanks to my wonderfully unique friends (my crew) for keeping me sane! I will 
orever cherish the laughs, meals, and various beer themed games we've shared. 
\bove all, thanks for the constant support, encouragement and unyielding faith 
ou've placed in me, especially during those times when I didn't necessarily believe in 

The greatest thank you undoubtedly belongs to my mom and dad\ Thanks for 
ringing me to America, from Taiwan, so that I could have opportunities in life, the 
ind of choices in education and career that were sadly unavailable to you. I owe my 
uccess to your selfless lifelong sacrifices. There will always be a part of me that is 
idebted to you and I promise to work tirelessly to ensure that your efforts were 

Brian H. Chen, M.D. 

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 
Georgetown University, M.S. 
Diamond Bar, CA 

Discharge planning: 26 yo M s/p 4 years of medical school discharged 
in stable condition thanks to support from friends and family. Follow- 
up with residency director within the next year. Call 911 or proceed to 
the nearest ER if symptoms worsen. 

Elbert T. Chen, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 
Fort Wayne, IN 

To everyone who has shared this incredible journey of intellectual and 

pergonal growth with me over the last few years: Thank you for 

believing in me and standing by me through it all. Your love and 

support helped amplify the joys, divide the sorrows, and turn the 

daunting into the doable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

To the Class of 2009: Congratulations and best of luck in all your 
: uture endeavors. Remain true to yourself. Do what you love and love 
what you do, no matter what life throws at you. 

emember: Following the crowd leads to a life of mediocrity. Following 
/our heart leads to a life of endless possibilities. Following the yellow 
brick road leads you to a man who lives with little people. 

Catherine Helen Choi-McBride, M.D. 

Swarthmore College, B.S. 
Ridley Park, PA 

Thank you 

to my beautiful husband whose love unveils the light, 

to my loving parents who have made my dreams their dreams, 

to my generous brother who stands as our unwavering beacon, 

to Dr. Parrish ar\d Dr. Allen who counseled with great wisdom; 

to my in-laws whom I endearingly call family, 

to my friends and family who held on tight, 

to all those who remembered me in their prayers, 

and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gave me life. 

Best wishes to all of my classmates who go forth to help 




Elizabeth Mary Clabby, M.D. 

Duke University, B.A. 

Columbia University, M.S. 

Fair Haven, NJ 

To my family - Mom, Dad, Joey, Courtney & Meg: Thank you for 
believing in me. Your support, encouragement, love, and jokes have 
always been a blessing and source of strength. I am proud to be a 
part of our family. Never forget me! 

To the Colonel's Angels (Blair, Shireen, Steph), Scott & Jesse: Med 
school wouldn't have been the same without you. I will always look 
back on our four years together fondly ("Talk about ar\ anomaly!"), 
and will never forget that in work, life, and the Gross Anatomy lab, 
Death Before Dishonor is the only way to play it. 

To \Nhee\er: I can safely say that I wouldn't have made it through 
these four years without you, nor would I have wanted to. Here's to 
many more years of laughs, love, happiness, and knowing that no 
matter what comes, we'll be in it together. 


Nadya Andrea Lorraine Clarke, M.D. 

Vanderbilt University, B.S. 
Potomac, MD 

It has been a long journey since I decided to be a doctor back in' 

kindergarten. But my family and friends have supported and 

encouraged me through all the ups and downe. I owe everything to my 

parents and my brother, who refused to let me believe my dreams 

were unattainable. This would not have been possible without you 

guys and you Inspire me to be a better person every day. I hope I have 

made you proud. 

Love always, 

Chanelle Antoinette Coble, M.D. 

Rutgers University, H.S. 
Washington, DC 

'o my family: 

'hank you for your undying love and support, prayers, encouragement, and believing in me 
vhen this dream seemed so intangible. I hope to continue making you all very proud and I am 
wnored to be the first Dr. Coble in our family. I love you all! 

To my DUCOM friends: 

Thank you for the laughs, tears, long study sessions, Impromptu shopping trips, coffee 
^ates, and all those long talks. I know that I could not have made it without you all, 
especially my DPMS family. You made these last four years some of the best years of my 
fe. I wish you all the best with your future careers! 

To my love: 

'hanks for loving me through life's ups and downs. Meeting you marked a change in my life for 
;he better. Thank you for walking with me during these last four years. I look forward to 
'Inlshlng the rest of my journey with you at my side. I love you babycakes! 

'o my savior: 

know that I am nothing without you, but with you all things are possible. Thank you for 
;hoosing me. 

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work In you will perform 

t until the day of Jesus Christ" Philippians 1:6 

Lauren Croker O'Brien, M.D. 

Allegheny College, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, FA 

Andrew - Thank you for being my rock and my comic relief. You're always there for me when I 
need you the most- thank you for standing by my side for the past nine years, supporting 
me and encouraging me to succeed. We've experienced so much together during my medical 
school career- from moving to Philly and then back home to Pittsburgh, adopting Cody and : 
Moose, our unforgettable engagement and finally our beautiful wedding and amazing 
honeymoon; I'm so happy to have shared it all with you. I love you so much, and I can't wait 
to see what life has in store for us. 

Mom and Dad - Thank you so very much for everything that you've done for me. I couldn't 
have asked for more supportive and loving parents; you mean the world to me. You have 
always challenged me to do my best, and you've shaped me into the woman I am today. 
Thank you for calming my fears, listening to me when I needed to vent, and giving me a swift 
kick in the rear when I needed it the most. I love you both. 

Aunt Margie and Uncle Roger - Thank you for all of your support and love- it has meant 
more to me than you'll ever know. 

To the rest of my family and friends - Thank you for all of the love and laughter. You are all 

Emilia Anntionette Cuneo, M.D. 

University of Minnesota, B.A. 
Minneapolis, \I\ 

Thank You! 

A warm thank you to my family and my friends in MN who never 

stopped believing in me and my dream of becoming a physician. I 

also want to thank An/in, my SO who made me coffee before 

exams and was there to provide a high-five or a shoulder when I 

needed it. Last but not least, thanks to my friends that I made 

at DUCOM. Between the study groups, the get-togethers and the 

shared pots of coffee, you guys rock. 

To the faculty and administration, my deepest gratitude for 

providing a stellar education in a caring and supportive 

environment. That made all the difference between a great 

education and an outstanding one. 

Finally, good luck to the class of 2009. We've started on an 

amazing journey and I am proud to be considered your peer. 

Drexel University 

•College of Medicine 

Queen Lane Medical Campus 


£x ^^ ■"•*>■ 

Christine Marie D'Alleinne, M.D. 

Wake Forest University, B.S. 
Annandale, NJ 

>vwCCoQ_jXu — 


Looking back, the ability to attend medical school was a privilege. 
I know we all had our share of days where we were tired, 
frustrated, or angry. But as we continued to advance through 
the years, each day became easier, each patient encounter more 
real. In the end, we are really lucky to have had such an amazing 
class of people, and I am fortunate to call many of you my friends. 
These four years were a long road, and would not have been nearly 
as fun without our class. A lot will be changing over the next few 
months, as we all will branch out and begin the rest of our lives. 
But we will all always share this crazy medical school experience. 


Lauren Davis, M.D. 

Rutgers University, B.S. 
Rich bora, PA 

"It's not what happens to you in your life; it's what you do with it!" 

Q)oJ- ,Mb 

Ryan C. DeBlis, M.D. 

University of Massachusetts - Amherst, B.S. 
Montclair, NJ 


I am grateful and humbled by the opportunities I have been blessed 

with in this life. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my family who hasi 

been so supportive of my goals over the years. To my father - my 

biggest fan and advocate 1 . To my mother - always warm, caring and I 

nurturing. I could have never accomplished so much without your 

unwavering support. To my brother - Michael kind, humble and 

compassionate. To my sister - Courtney loyal, lively, partner In crime 

To my grandparents - for setting the example. To all of my friends - 

Thanks for the laughs, I've needed them! I thank God for the privilege t 

one day use what I have learned to help those who have the least. 

To all of my classmates - I wish you the very best in your medical 



Meera Desai, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 

Plymouth, MI 

I am forever thankful for my parents, who have supported everything 

I do in life and have learned to deal with my indecisiveness for the 

past 25 years. To my bro, thank you for answering all the odd 

questions and dealing with my lack of (in your words, not mine) 

"street smarts". My two wonderful roomies who've become pseudo- 

sisters-always in the mood for chocolate, gossip, and shopping. 

From late nights in the library to 24 nights to holiday parties to 

happy hours the people I've met here will always hold a special place 

in my heart. Finally, to the one who taught me all about toasting to 

new experiences and taking a moment to relax- I couldn't have done 

this without you 

'What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is 
to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." T. 5 Eliot 

Mis ha Dew an, M.D. 

MIT, B.S. 

Yale University, MBA 

Rochester, MN 


They hold your hand and a place in your heart. 
They keep you from feeling lonely. 
They know your deepest darkest secrets and keep them under lock ar\ 


They laugh with you and sometime at you. 

They cry with you. 

They do anything to make you laugh. 

They love what you love and hate what you hate. 

They understand you no matter how strange you get. 

They accept what they don't understand. 

They stand by you always. 

%^o>^ M. 

Blair Dickinson, M.D. 

Dartmouth College, B.A. 

Georgetown University, M.S. 

Chesterfield, NJ 

Thank you to 

om and Dad, for always pushing me to be my (good, better) beet. I wouldn't be here without 
your support, or your trips by the reservoir! I love you. 

rent, for helping me with life when I have absolutely no clue, and for being a little brother to 
look up to. It has been nice being only a short drive away from you for the last four years. 
One of these days we will drive across America (in the family truckster) and say Grace in 
every state along the way. Roll 'em up! Love you, brotter. 

ie Colonel Crew, for Jungle F3oogie 2005, the anatomy top 40, Bumblefest 2006, business 

time, concerts at the Troc, secret santa, study breaks, restaurant weeks. Cranium, the 

sarcastic clapping family of Killington, best PAF3C ever, inside jokes, and, of course, death 

before dishonor. I couldn't imagine the past four years without you guys... Let's start 

planning our first reunion! 

Ryan, for making me laugh and smile every single day. I am the luckiest. I heart you. 

Amanda Marie DiNofia, M.D. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Drexel Hill, PA 

Mom, Dad, MeWeea, Laura, and Rob, thank you for all your 
unwavering support and encouragement during this journey. You 
have kept me happy, grounded, and well-fed! Peter, Sophia, and 
Frankie, you bring great joy to my life. To all the wonderful friends I 
have met throughout these four years: You have made this process 
so memorable. May all your personal and professional endeavors be 

"Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." 
David McCullough 

Larissa N. Dobransky, M.D. 

Wilkes University, U.S. 

Thank you to... 

My parents for always teaching me to follow my heart, for never allowing myself to abandon 

my dreams and for always providing me with the support to overcome any obstacle that 

was placed in my path. Daddy, you are everything I want to be as doctor and as a person. 

Mama, you are the strength that holds me together and I dream to be for my children, the 

mother you were for us. 

Roxy, you are the most amazing person I know. You've taught me how to be a stronger 
person and to stand up for what I believe in. Mark, you're so bright, humble and good- 
hearted. I couldn't be more proud of either of you. 

Mike, not a memory of med school exists in my mind without you. From the moment we 

started, we have achieved everything hand in hand. I will always love you and without you, 

I'm not sure I would have the understanding that I have of myself today. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sasso and Adam for taking me under your wing and loving me as if I was your 
own. You will all forever hold a special place in my heart 

All my other friends and family for believing in me without question and loving me without 
doubt. I am truly blessed and I love you all! 


Kim Richards Driftmier, M.D. 

University of Southern California, B.S. 
Bellevue, WA 

It doesn't matter what one revea\e or what one keeps to oneself. 
Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our pereonal power. 
If we don't have enough pereonal power, the most magnificent 
piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and it won't make a damn 
bit of difference. 

Timothy 7. Ewald, M.D. 

University of North Carolina, B.S. 
White Bear Lake, MN 

First, thank you to my parents for all the support you gave on my 
journey to and through medical school. 

Thanks to my PIL study group - Kim, Taylor, Rick, & Raj it you guys 

rock! Studying + cake = happy Tim. I couldn't have asked for 

better guys to have by my side. 

Most of all, thank you Tara! You have been my confidant when I 

felt burdened, my inspiration when weary, my anchor when 

unsteady, a true friend and a loving wife. I have been lucky to have 

you by my side during these four years and I continue to count 

myself lucky as we go forward together. I love you! 


** ' H&M 


I ' 4 1 

M '1 vH 

**^^ftf^jt« r r*F»v 

Keri Nakao Fugarolas, M.D. 

University of North Carolina, B.S., B.A. 
Newtown, PA 

It is an accomplishment to have made it this far and to look forward 
to a promising future, but I know that all of this could not be possible 
without the love and support of my family. Thank you to my parents, 
Robert and Marjorie, for their wisdom and guidance; to Steven, Lara 
and Lindsey for their friendship and company; and to my loving 
husband Jordi who has been by my side every step of the way. To all o\ 
you I dedicate this achievement. 

No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in 
the history of the world. And normally he doesn't know it. 
-Paulo Coelho 

Good luck to all of us. No matter where we will be or what we will be 
doing, we will be making our Impact on this world, one patient at a tirrk, 

Michele Akemi Fujimoto, M.D. 

Brown University, B.A. 
San Francisco, CA 

Thank you family and friends for all your love and support, can't 
believe this day is finally here! 

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we 
>,\onq to each other. Mother Teresa 


Lm • 

1 . - ' 

1 F 



H It 

Alexandra Gangi, M.D. 

University of California, Irvine B.S. 
Van Nuys, CA 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my Mom and Wana. They hzy\ 
struggled and stood beside me when I didn't think I could take anym^ 
and they have celebrated every one of my tiny successes with 
tremendous joy. They are a constant source of inspiration and lovi 
and I cannot imagine a life without them. Mom and Nana, this M.P.I j 
just as much yours as it is mine. I love you so much! 
Thank you also to the rest of my family for all of their love and I 


To the girls, I hope we share many other journeys together, becaus| 
without you by my side, this would have been a gruesome and muc\\\ 
less memorable journey. Thank you for becoming family! To many met 
salsa nights, wig nights, ugly sweater parties, dinners at momma D',\ 

... and many many more memories 
To the class of 2009, congratulations and to many future success II 

to you all! 

Shi re en Ghorbani, M.D. 

University of California, San Diego, H.S. 

Georgetown University, M.S. 

Alamo, CA 

. had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat 
ck and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." - 
onardo da Vinci 

gree wholeheartedly, however, I also believe that most of those people could not 
ve made their accomplishments without some sort of a support system. 
rsonally, I have many people to be grateful for as I advance upon my formidable 
a\ of completing medical school. I am blessed with wonderful parents, Fariba and 
>uri, whom I admire Incredibly, and whom I can't thank enough for their unconditional 
e and support throughout my life. I have a caring, kind-hearted brother, Ariyan, 
o is dear to my heart and who has helped me become the person I am today. I've 
en lucky enough to have amazing friends who have seen me through good times and 
d, and educators and mentors who saw the potential In me and Invested their time 
help build my foundation of knowledge. 

ter four years at Drexel I have not only learned about medicine, but also about 
/self, and it has been an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish. Now, I 
i ready to move on to the next phase of my life with confidence and excitement. 
st of luck to each member of Drexel Med's Class of 20091 

Eric S. Ginsberg, M.D. 

SUNY Binghamton University, B.S. 
Drexel University College of Medicine, M.S. 
Merrick, NY 

To all my family and friends: 

Thank you for all your love and support in helping my dream come true 

I also want to especially thank Mom and Dad for your constant beliel 

in me and for always being there when I needed you. I would also liket 

thank my brothers and sister for always keeping my spirits up! 

Shauna Leigh Guthrie, M.D, 

University of Kansas, B.S. 
Wichita, KS 

To my friends and family: 
You have all had a hand in who I have become and what I have 
accomplished. Thank you. 

I especially want to thank two people who have been excellent role 

models in my life. Meme and ?apa, thank you for being beautiful, 

selfless, caring people. Your love and unconditional support has 

influenced me as a person as well as a physician. I am truly 

blessed to have you in my life. 

Some have been concerned that all I do is study and I've done my 
: air share - but I've also gotten to fill some other roles these last 

four years! 

Student Doctor 


d* ^CilP 


Paul J. Han, M.D. 

Johns Hopkins University, B.A./M.S. 
I. os Alamitos, CA 

'hanks mom and dad for your constant support and prayers during thee! 
last four years, and sacrificing so much of your lives for me to even havflT 
the opportunity to receive so much in this country. 

Thanks Esther, for your love and patience, even when I was so far away 
from you, both in time and space. I love you so much and I can't wait to] 

spend my life with you. 

am not what I want to be 

am not what I ought to be 

am not what one day I will be 

am not what I was 

But by the grace of God I am what I am 

- John Newton 

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. 

- Jesus Christ 

Jennifer Catherine Hanson, M.D. 

University of California Berkeley, B.A. 
Martinez, CA 

• did it!!! 

aise God for his abundant blessings! I am so thankful for the loving 
pport of my family who have stood by and supported me these past few 
ars. My parents never faltered in their encouragement and my sister came 
my aid in a great time of need. Thank you. I love you all. 

my loving and devoted husband who was there by my side as my rock - I 
ier would have made it without you. Thank you for never giving up on me, for 
ing my shoulder to lean on, for being my strength when I was weak, for 
iking me laugh when my heart was breaking, and for being my best friend. I 
eyou mucho mucho, with my whole heart. 

it those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on 
igs like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be 
it." Isaiah 40:31 
-em ipsum dolor est 



7 JH 



John Paul Henao, M.D. 

Sacramento, CA 

"I don't know where this path will end, but I do know where it 


As I go forward not quite sure what the future will bring but 
excited nonetheless to see what may be, I know that the real joy I 

in my life will be from the moments shared with family, friends, 

and loved ones. I feel very blessed and I wish to thank everyone for 

their endless love and support, without which I could never have 

accomplished the dreams that I have realized thus far. 

Rick Alan Hildebrant, M.D. 

Boston University, B.A. 

Boston University, M.A. 

Smithtown, NY 


to the 
C\aee> of 2009! 

Matthew Biros Hirsch, M.D. 

Franklin and Marshall College, B.A. 
Phoenixville, PA 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Dan for being the most wonderful peopl' 
in the world. Without your love, support, and encouragement, I 
would be nowhere. Thank you to f3aba, Fapa, and the whole family! 
for supporting me and alwaye being interested in my career. 
Thank you to all the professors, attendings, and residents who 
taught me. Thank you to my classmates for being great people 
and great friends. I will miss you. Best wishes to everyone. 


Jonathan Ho, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
Boston University School of Medicine, (iMS, MA 

San Kanion, CA 

COM PILTT: The Sub-Culture of the Bottom of the Rankings (Commentary by Marshall Lee) 

I Ho vs. #19 Betty Tsang 

II annoint this as "The Dirtiest Game Ever Played." Notice, Jon does not have a ranking next 
his name. Pre-game, Jon hides all the paddles on Centre Court save two: a decent paddle, 

4 one of those wood blocks. Pre-game2, during lunch, Jon slips some pills into Betty's H20. 

pre-game, Jon realizes Betty is sportin' her trendy clothes with heels. Game-time, Jon 
is Betty into a challenge. Betty assuming they are just playing for fun. Betty is feeling a 
;le woozy from her H20, Betty is wearing heels, Betty is playing with the wood block. J Ho 
s in his inaugural game of DUCOMPILTT. All the while, Garrett is watching realizing what is 
opening to his friend, Betty Wu-Tsang Clan leader. "The Lifeguard", name is so much more 
sropriate now, came to the rescue to come to the aid of the victimized. 

The Lifeguard vs. #19 The Dirty-Doer 

! Lifeguard handed it to the Dirty-Doer in a 11-4, 11-2 trouncer. Ho counter-challenged only 
suffer an equally humiliating 11-4, 11-3 loss at the hands of The lifeguard. Post-game, The 
;guard: "Betty, are you ok?" Betty: "Thank you for coming to my rescue, Garrett." (lights 
(e, curtains close...) 


College of Medicine 

DragonCard 5TS" 


>Pi"u Fi il i a 




)N.", T !!ANTWiG 



I agga? <*~ f ■sir r ! 


Cynthia Hsu, M.D, 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
North Wales, PA 

thank God for the privilege to study medicine, for my parents, 
sister, fiancee and friends who supported me through it all and 
believed 5 years ago that I would arrive at this point. 

Jo 14:1. 

Natalie C. Huang, M.D. 

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 

Riverside, CA 

To my family, thank you for all the support and encouragement 
definitely would not have made it this far without you all! 

To my friends and classmates, thanks for all the memories! 
These four years flew by and I would not have changed a thing 

Good luck and take care\ 

Andrea K. Ruber \ M.D. 

Tustin, CA 

We did it!! 

Congratulations to the class of 2009! 

To my family, thank you for all of your constant support, 
encouragement and love. I couldn't have done this without 

To my friends, from Cali to Philly to the 'Burgh and elsewhere 
thank you for being your awesome selves. You have made the 
past 4 years fly by and I look forward to many more yeare of 
friendship. I love you guys! 

Go Steelers. Go Pens. 

^F - -^^« 




Peter J. Hurh, M.D. 

University of Virginia, B.S. 
Drexel University College of Medicine, MMS 
Pittsburgh, PA 


yo male with no significant past doctoring history, seen today for graduation. Patient complains of 

■years of generalized pain, 10/10, non-radiating, worse at exam time and relieved with rest; fatigue, 

3e during the week; and increased stress. Symptoms have improved since end of school year. 



sral: awake, alert, disoriented 

:NT: (+) conjunctival injections 

iiac: (+) palpitation 

n: CTAB 

soft, NT/ND, girth has varied over past several years 
>es6ment/ Plan: 

atient has recently completed medical school, symptoms as expected 
ducation: residency training, prepare for lifetime of responsibility and hard work 
)VT prophylaxis: encourage out of library 
)iet: regular; advised to stop caffeine binges 
insults: psych 
)ispo: die after graduation 

»/C instructions: take time off and recharge for internship 

it wanted to give a special thanks to all my friends and family for all of their support. Good luck to 
yone in whatever you do. My hope is that you find your inspiration and continue to have the same 
sion frr being a doctor that you had when you started medical school. 

Lucy H. Huynh, M.D. 

University of California, Davis, B.S. 
San Francisco, CA 


I am so, so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have done. Your love, trust and support h* 

always been there for me. I could never have achieved my goals without you I 

Thanks Richard for putting up with me. I have the best brother In the whol 


Thanks Phil for standing by my side all these years, we have grown and 

learned so much together. Thank you for always pushing me, I am a better 

person because of you. 
Thanks to my girls back home. Always there for me, always ready to pick uil 

where we left off, just like the annoying, loud sisters I never had. 

To my friends here, my family away from home, we have been through so muc 

together In the last four years. The dinners, the laughs, the pictures. Than 

you for all the great memories and for making medical school a wonderful 


Thank you all! 

Mehraneh Dorna Jafari, M.D. 

University of California, Irvine B.S. 
Orange County, CA 

n the memory of my grandmother without whom I would not have 

been able to achieve my dreams. Thank you to my dad, mom, 

Fariba, uncles, aunts and cousins whose support have always 

gotten me through the hard times. Thank you to my friends who 

became my surrogate family. To the memory of late nights in the 

study lounge, 'the slap test', napoleon dynamite, snow fights, 

Mama D's Mediterranean cuisine and our new friend dunkin' 

donutscrack! Without you guys life would be sooo mundanel 

Always and forever your friend- -Dornlta Lopez, aka lupe, aka D, 

aka the Jaff (& whatever else nickname you chose to call me 

throughout my stay at DUCOM). It's been anything but dull! 

Lisa H. Jambusaria, M.D. 

University of California Los Angeles, B.S. 
Sherman Oaks, CA 

s if all your life you had been led by the hand like a small child and suddenly you were on your own, you had to - 
alk by yourself. There was no one around, neither family nor people whose judgment you respected. At such a time , 
rlt- the need of committing yourself to something absolute life or truth or beauty-of being ruled by it in place of man-' 
I made rules that had been discarded. You needed to surrender to some such ultimate purpose more fully, more 

unreservedly than you had ever done in the old familiar, peaceful days, in the old life that was now abolished and gone 

good. " Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago 

Adam Franklin Jester, M.D. 

University of Richmond, U.S. 
Mooirstown, NJ 

Thank you Ian for challenging me to succeed. I would like to thank 
ny family and friends for their support and encouragement during 
Vne last four years*. 

'A box of rain will ease the pain, and love will see you through." 
jrateful Dead 

Brent Michael Jewett, M.D. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Frederick, MD 

Mom - Thanks for always being so involved. Your critical 
attention to detail will forever inspire me as a physician. I hope 
that someday I will have enough medical experience to actually 
make you listen to my advice. 

Dad - Thanks for always being supportive. Your Influences were 
half the reason I got into this mess in the first place. Thanks to 
you, I will forever show up ridiculously early to everything. I hope I 
make you proud. 

Scott and Richard - Thanks for putting up with a brother who 
thinks he knows everything. Both of you will undoubtedly be 
extremely successful in whatever you choose to do. I will always 
be there for each of you. 

Melissa John, M.D. 

Rusemont College, B.A. 
Yardley, PA 

It has been a long road and I still can't believe we are at the end. 
Thank you to my family, my friends, and the Class of 2009. Good 
luck with all of your future endeavors! 

"When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. 
Then, you grow up and \earr\ to be cautious. You could break a 
bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don't 
leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch 
you. And in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun 
and start being scary?" 
~Carr\e, 5ATC 

Radha Juneja, M.D. 

University of California, Riverside B.S. 
Columbia University, M.S. 
Concord, CA 

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and sufferf 
can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved. || 

Helen K.e|| 

I would like to thank my mother for teaching me valuable lessons both through her life and wjj 
her death. She has given me the inspiration and strength to reach my lifelong dreaml 

become a physici 

I want to thank my husband, Sanj, for giving me courage to leave my job and take the MC/J 
You have always believed in me and for that I am forever qratek 

I would like to thank my family for always being there for me. Pad, thank you for teaching mel 

be Independent. And yes, I do expect a hug on graduation day! Vina, I admire your 5 years] 

hard work in Africa, but Dad is getting mad so please come back home! Sara, finish school I 

that you can manaqe my practice. Finally, I advise my little brother Anil to follow in j 

footsteps... dont let Sara or Vina change your mill 

Finally, I would like to thank my friends for all of the good times. You have made the sayi 
work hard, play hard a reality for me! These four years will never be forgott* 

Paulomi N. Kadakia, M.D. 

Pennsylvania State University, M.S. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

Dear Mom, Dad, Paayal, and Ajay, 

Thank, you for your love and support throughout medical school. 

Dad, your thoughtful words have provided guidance and 

motivation. Mom, your optimism has provided perspective and 

enjoyment of life's pleasures. Paayal and Ajay - your stability 

has provided me strength, but I am most grateful for Rani and 



"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems 
the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest 

form of living." 

Joon Yi Kang y M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Seoul, Korea 

Thank you mom and dad\ Mommy- you have always been my hero and \do\, 
thank you for having faith in me when I did not. KRK &HRK.- ! love you both! J 
Jonathan- I adore you, my little evil duckie! Words can't express how I feel ] 
about u. Medical school would not have been possible without my friends-M 
for listening to my daily chats, No for never losing the ability to make me 
laugh, AD my best friend from day 1, CI my shopping and study buddy, CK 1r 
keeping me on my toes, ML the sister I never had, K & random get togetheij 
and the rest- you know who you are\ 

"Make it a practice to be true to a higher dream, bound by a greater purpos, 
and fulfilled by a destiny that to you is not yet fully understood. Never lose] 
sight of that ever persistent march of time: revere yesterday, plan tomorni 
but live today. Understand that you have already come too far to disdain 
your future now." 

Madhury Yasmeen Khan, M.D. 

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 

Georgetown University, M.S. 

San Jose, CA 

innot believe how fast the last four years of medical school have flown by.. .It 
:ms like just the other day that I was sitting at the white coat ceremony, 
ending orientation and doing a background check on my new roommate! I feel truly 
_ssed to be where I am today. Nothing can be possible without God, and to Allah 
jwt) I will be forever grateful. Next would be my parents and siblings, who have been 
iy constant source of support, encouragement and understanding through the 
lany different paths I have taken. Life would definitely not be the same without my 
?st friends, Lia and Anu, and my roommate, Lisa. Although med school was 
lallenging, the friends I met made a tough time fun and enjoyable. I wish everyone 
:st of luck in the future! Go Class of 2009W 

or attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in 
sople. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a 
iild run his/her fingers through it once a day. 

or poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.. People, even more than 
lings, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw 
jt anyone. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of 
ach of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one 
>r helping yourself, and the other for helping others. -Audrey Hepburn 


Cyrus Kholdani, M.D. 

\ \ P 43 _■ 


University of Michigan, B.S. 
Georgetown University, M.S. 
Scarsdale, NY 

would like to thank my parents for their enduring example, 
My sisters for their resplendent grace, 

My closest friends, near and gone, for the joy of their companionship : 
And those distinguished ones whose work makes 
Clarity and perfection seem fleetingly attainable. 



University of California, 

Los Angeles, 


Los Angeles, CA 

It's beet 

1 a great four years-! 


auks Mom 
Good Luc 

and Dad for your support. 
k to the Class of 2009! 

Deborah Kim, M.D. 


Deborah Nanyoung Kim, M.D. 

Stanford University, B.A., M.S. 
Cupertino, CA 

"Thank you friends and family, for the wonderful journey thus far. 
There are memories here that I will never forget. May you always 
find the happiness that you seek, and may you always be 
surrounded by the joy of those you love." 

Christopher R. Kinsella Jr., M.D. 

John Carroll University, H.S. 
Saint Louis, MO 

This happened because my Oranddaddy told me that "time and money are 
the two stupidest reasons not to do something; you'll have more of both 
ater." It happened because my parents gave and gave selflessly. It 
happened because Grenada and Drexel gave me a chance to learn medicine. 
It happened because I was a little bit crazy. 

it was the best time of my life because we said, "Yes!" to adventure. I placed 
ny first sutures in the mountains of Vietnam, went inner-tubing in Laos, 
slimbed the largest religious structure in Cambodia, was held at gunpoint on 
the lip of a volcano in St. Vincent, and got to practice medicine in a Czech 
lospital older than the US. Also, I learned medicine. 

know it is going to keep getting better because of the example my parents 
nave shown me, because my friends are crazier than I am, and because 
lothing about why all of this has happened to us is changing. The actors are 
the same and it is the scenery that is changing. This is another adventure. 
This is another opportunity to say, "Yes." 


Jenna Lynn Kosky, M.D. 

Allegheny College, B.S. 
Bethel Park, PA 

o My Family: Thank you for the endless number of amazing things you have done f 

me and all the opportunities I have enjoyed because of your love and support. I cou 

not have succeeded without having such hardworking, caring parents who would dc 

anything for me and are always there to help - I love you! 
To My Heterosexual Life Partner. I was spectacle about surviving med school with 
smile, until I found such a dynamite roommate. You've given me countless ridiculou 
memories, and I am eagerly anticipating many more in the coming years. You are 
such a fantastically amazing person, and I am lucky to have shared the last three 

years with you. Good luck finding your true life's passion. I love you, Porkchop! 
To My Grandma Rometti: who passed away after I started medical school and wh 
taught me, among many other things, how to compassionately care for those who 

need it most. 

To My Classmates: I am so grateful to have spent the last four years with many o 

the most fun, challenging, and admirable people I have had the pleasure to know. 

Good luck to you all in the future! 

To Tons of Fun: Thank you for opening my eyes to all the fun times in Philadelphia I 

didn't realize I was missing. It has definitely been Tons! Of! Fun!! 


Scott Minoru Kubomoto, M.D. 

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. 

Arcadia, CA 

Becoming a physician has been a true privilege. Medical school 
has been some of the most challenging and rewarding years of my 
life, and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I am 
grateful for my family, friends, and classmates, and their 
unwavering love and support. I am Indebted to the professors, 
physicians, and patients who have contributed to my education. I 
hope that I can repay that debt by being the best clinician that I 
can be, and teaching others along the way. I am filled with 
anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead. 


Scott Kubomoto 


Katherine T. Kuo, M.D. 

Duke University, B.S. Biology, B.A. 
San Francisco, CA 

Summing up four years, countless people and experiences is a difficult thh 

to do. I am very blessed and thankful for the support from my family ai 

friends throughout the years. Drexel University will always be a special pla. 

to me; they gave me a chance to begin my journey into the service of medicii 

and to be the first physician in my family. I thank all the professors, deax\ 

and staff who support all of the students, with you, we are able to realize o 

dream 1 . 

To my special medical school friends: we have had some memorable highs a\ 

forgettable lows, but through them all, we have stood by one another. Mai 

of you have held me up and kept me sane. I will always treasure ourtlmt 

laughing and commiserating because we did it together and we survives 

Mom and dad, it has been a long time coming, but thank you for yo 

patience, believing in me, and sacrificing for me. My success is your succes 

Congratulations to all of us and continued succes 


■uM| Mfc 

||. in -^m 

^* j 

r IN 


Matthew P. Kusulas, M.D. 

Cornell University, B.S. 
Whitestone, NY 

lesus said to him, 'If you believe, all things are possible to him who believes.' 
itnediately [he] said, 'Lord I believe, help my disbelief.'" ~ Gospel of Mark 

iank you to all who have believed in me and who have helped me to believe in myself, 
/en when I had doubts. Without your encouragement, I would never have applied to 
edical school. Now, I can hardly believe that my time at Drexel is coming to a close, 
verthe past four years, I have been privileged to be taught and guided by a group of 
nazing people professors, attendlnqe, residents, and, most Importantly, 
assmates. You have helped me find the tools I needed to succeed, and the courage 

keep going. Thank you for being there for me. Mom and Dad - I love you will of of 
y heart. Yiayia Angie, Yiayia Evelyn, and Fappou - I wish you where here to share in 
y next step; I miss you. My family, my friends, my former students, and the 
atients who have encouraged me - you have already made me feel like a success; I 

strive to continue to deserve your respect each day. 

o win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children. To know even 
ie life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." ~ 
W. Emerson 

'his I command you, to love one another." ~ Gospel of John 

Maggie Hsin-I Lee, M.D. 

University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.S. 
University of Massachusetts Amherst, M.S. 
Shrewsbury, MA 

Mami, Dadi: The two monosyllabic words "Thank You" don't seem to be enough. Although I 
haven't appropriately shown my gratitude, I do appreciate everything that you do and have ■ 
done for me. Your never ending encouragement and support throughout my years as a 
"professional student," and even before, has not gone unnoticed. I apologize that I don't sayJ 
nor show It enough. Let me assure you that you are great parents! My success will always if 
a reflection of your success! So, it must be said, "congratulations" to you as well! Love 
always, your favorite (and only) daughter] 

Jla, Yatou, Yaya: Even though we may be miles or oceans apart, we manage to stay sisters. 
Thanks for always being on the other end, for lending an ear, for giving me an unbiased outs\d\ 
perspective, for keeping me grounded but not tied down, for laughing and celebrating with me 

Dearest friends: We did it! What great company and memories: hotpot, Twister, a 
Wii/Friends/Zigity study break, sharing cravings for the other "KFC," a fractured wrist from 1( 
minutes on the bunny hill, Jimmy's wedding in Cancun, studying at Panera/F3orders/B&N, 
"Kimoji," karaoking/DDR/Rock Band, birthday 33Qs, etc. I'm glad we became great friends, 
whether it may be during these past 4 years or the past 4 months. Thank you for your 
patience and understanding. Thank you for laughing - whether it may be with or at me. Thanl 
you for an unforgettable journey. May our friendship thrive throughout the next 4 years at 

rat •■! — ■■ **" * J 1 
I 1 ■fti'~" m1m M 

41 ^^^% 

1 I^^B<^*^K ^Jl»*l 

■L^B^i'l * «Vj 

i ' >J H^5 J» 

6' T*P 1 

SL 1 ^kl 

Marshall Ki Lee, M.D. 

Dartmouth College, B.A. 
New York, NY 

Congrats to all!! It was a pleasure enduring the hardships of 
medical school with some of you studying for tests and the 
boards and being scutted around the hospital. I'm sure we will 
experience some of the same for at least the next few years 
ahead in residency. Remember to let all loved ones and not-so- 
loved ones to refer you as Dr. * * because we very well deserve it 
for the $200 some odd thousand and 200 some odd weeks we 
put into getting the W\D onto the back of our names. For the 
ladies, you are now the doctor your mom and dad wanted you to 
marry. And for the rest of the guys, we are the doctor that 

girls Thank you Suzanne and for Ruby (best dog ever!!) for a 

the support and love, only four more years to go before the real 
good life begins. 

Min Jung Lee, M.D. 

University of California, Los Angeles, B.S. 
Los Angeles, CA 

The person that I am now is a reflection of all the support that I 
received over the years. I want to say "Thanks" to my mom, dad, 
and my two sisters, Cindy and Julee. Mom and Dad, thanks for 
always being there for me and encouraqlnq me to follow my dreams. 
Cindy, thanks for teaching me compassion and strength. Julee, 
thanks for helping me appreciate beauty in unexpected places. I 
know I don't say it enough but I love you guys! 

Raymond Seung Lee> M.D. 

Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Uniontown, PA 

A few things I will miss about med school: 

-friends who were always there when you needed them for happy hour 

-videotaped lectures which allowed more time for sleep, tv, golf, etc. 

-laughing at the amount of money we owe but not having to repay it at that time 

A few things I will NOT miss about med school: 

studying to the point of delirium in the library/SAC and then forgetting most of the 

material within one day after being tested on it 

-dry heaving each time after uncovering the gross anatomy cadaver 

seeing the exact same people in the library, A and C wings, and lounges every single 


dedicate this degree to my younger brother Spencer who passed on June 19, 2006. 
would like to thank my father, brothers Spencer and David, my uncle, and cousins 

Pamela and Albert. 
I also would like to thank my friends for keeping me sane through out these four 
years. You do not realize how much I will miss all of you. 

"Andherewego!" - J 

Yue Ying Flora Lee, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 
Sarnia, ON 

It's been an amazing four years. 

Thank you to all my family and friends; none of this would have 
been possible without you! 
I'll hold on to my honorary Californian status. 

Best of luck, everyone! 

Randi Diane Leigh, M.D. 

Barnard College, B.A. 

Drexel University, MPH 

Easton, CT 

must love the questions themselves . . . like locked rooms full of treasure to 
which my blind and groping key does not yet fit. And await the answers as 
unsealed letters mailed with dubious intent and written in a very foreign tongue. 
And in the hourly making of myself no thought of Time to force, to squeeze the 
space I grow into." Alice Walker 

To my family: 

Darby, your continued partnership and encouragement are truly a gift. I pick you 
again today. Rayna and Ariza, your laughter is my sunshine. You will always be the 
center of my universe. Kim, I could not have hoped for a better sister. Your 
friendship is absolutely irreplaceable. Mom and Dad, there are no words that can 
express my gratitude to you. Thank you for being such wonderful role models and 
'cheer leaders, for always putting your children first, and for putting up with me all 
these years! Thank you all for your love, support, patience and understanding. 
Without you, there would be no foundation, and none of this would be possible. You 
:main my greatest source of strength and light. 

Well after this, I shall think nothing of falling down stairs." Alice in Wonderland, 
lewis Carrol 1 

^P^ i 

Karen KaYiu Leong, M.D. 

University of California, Berkeley, B.S. 
Medfield, MA 


"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what 
we do not see." 
- Hebrews 11: 

This verse has gotten me through many difficult times in the past 
few years and I want to say thank you to my family and friends 
who held faith with me when I lost my own. 

\U N 





I K \\l\Pt 

r n 



. ■ . ■ N i 

James Young Hoon Lim, M.D. 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, B.S. 
Lake Oswego, OR 

I want to say thank you to all my family and friends for all your 
help and support through these past several years. Thanks to 
the community at Drexel for a great education. I am excited for 
my future years as a physician and for my future with my fiancee, 

Those who stay will be champions... -Schembechler 

David Ming-Hung Lin, M.D. 

Pomona College, B.A. 

University of Southern California, M.H.A. 

Taichung City, Taiwan 

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my teachers. I leave 
Drexel with many wonderful memories. Please keep in touch! 

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of 
changing himself." -Leo Tolstoy 

"Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed 
citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that 
ever has." -Margaret Mead 

Estelle Sue Lin, M.D. 

Wellesley College, B.A. 
Seattle, WA 

or my 

dear family, your bountiful support, inspiration, and guidance are an extraordinary gift of love. 

: or my multi-talented friends and classmates, you are the artists that have painted our journey and I 
■hank you for the memories I will treasure always. 

: or myself, for having the courage to live life and live my dream. 

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Tall 2006-PIL2 Clinical Skills class session reviewing how to write a thorough H&P. It was caught on 
ideotape but probably has since been erased ' 

)r. Nielufar Varjavand "Mr and Mrs. Smith do not have any kids. They enjoy an occasional glass of wine, 
hey have sex twice weekly and have a doq named Spot 

?an Moon interrupts "I thought you said they don't have any kids." 

i)r. Varjevan "They don't." 

)an Moon "Yes they do, you just said they have sex twice weekly and have a doq named Spot" 

ntire PIL2 class is laughing uproariously. 

;. Dr. Shumsky (PIL1 Neuroscience 

Yes, you can have such a deficit, but unfortunately {pause) it would be incompatible with life 


Carol Yi-Chun Liu, M.D. 

Washington University in St. Louis, B.S.B.A. 
Georgetown University, M.S. 
Katy, Texas & Taipei, Taiwan 

Dad - thank you for being the best role model and working so hard j 

to provide a better life for me; thank you for always believing for me] 

Mom - thank you for your encouragement and support; your 

guidance helped me through eo many decisions. 

Yi - you are the best older sis anyone can ever ask for! Thank you fo 

always being there for me and your undying support. 

Lucy - my wonderful younger sis, you have the purest heart. Thank 

you for cheering me on all these years and all of your love. 

Andy - thank you for always being there for me, you are my best 

friend and I can't imagine making it through without you. I love you ( 

you are the best. 

To all my friends - thank you for all of your encouragement, support! 

and love. We made it! 

Giulianna DelCarmen Lizano, M.D. 

Boston University, B.A. 
Miami, FL 

When I think about how far I've come these four years, I remember those 
special people that have helped me along the way. I would like to begin by 
thanking my wonderful family, especially my mother. Mom, your 
unconditional love and support have pulled me through many difficult 
obstacles in my life and I truly could not have come this far without you 
- you always believed I could accomplish anything. All those years ago, 
you helped me to cross the monkey bars; to this day, I'm still crossing 
monkey bars and you are still there to help cheer me on. 
And of course, thanks to my other half, Rudy. Thank you for always 
believing in me, even when I had a hard time believing in myself, thank you 
for all the support and encouragement during those sleepless nights 
spent over books preparing for exams, thank you for always being there 
for me during my best and my worst! Thank you for always finishing my 
meals when I couldn't because you know I get embarrassed when I waste 
food! F3ut most of all, thank you for your love. You are my joy, you are my 
heart, you are my best friend, you are my soul mate, you are the other 
half of my orange] 

Jessica Jude Logan, M.D. 


College of the Holy Cross, B.A. 
Staten Island, NY 

Like an Oscar acceptance speech, I have a lot of people to thank for helping me 

get here and I won't stop till they cue the orchestra. 

I don't have an aqent, but I do have an amazing family to thank. Mom and Dad, it 

would have been impossible for me to complete this journey without your 

unconditional love and support. Regardless of any degree, I will always proudly be' 

your little girl. Aunt Dee, Uncle Andy, Uncle Jack, Andrew, and Nick, thank you for 

always providing a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and most Importantly, mam 

fits of laughter. Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for being the light that will 

brighten my future path. 

In lieu of make up artists, I have to thank my friends for always bringing out my 

best. To my girls from St. Joseph Hill Academy and everyone from Holy Cross, it 

has been one of my greatest privileges to call you my friends for the past 10 

years. I consider you all to be family. 

Finally, the cast...Drexel Med Class of 2009, it has been a difficult, but worthwhile 

journey. A special thank you to Shin Bey, Surupa, Matthew, Vanessa, Kat, Min, 

Lauren, Shauna, Nikhil, and Teams Easton and Erie for keeping me sane. I wish 

everyone the best of luck. 

Uh oh... I hear the violins... 

Christopher J. Lohr, M.D. 

Kenyon College, B.A. 

Norvelt, PA 

I wish my classmates all the best as we depart from PUCOM, and I 

hope our respective careere may bring us together again, whether 

professionally or personally. Lastly, I want to thank my family and 

friends for their support through these four years. 

Ada Loughhead, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 
Philadelphia, PA 

To Mom, Dad and Matt, 

Thank you for your continuous understanding and support. 
Without your help and encouragement, my challenges would have 
been roadblocks. You helped transform them Into mountains and 
gave me confidence and strength to climb. I will return the gift to 

"Everything passes. Everything changes. Just do what you think 
you should do." -Bob Dylan 

Max Marchenko, M.D. 

University of Washington, B.A. 
Seattle, WA 

'If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one" 

-Mother Teresa 

"The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by 
the still small voice of conscience" 

-Mohandas Gandhi 

"Child labor is a email price to pay for quality apparel at 
affordable prices" 

- Granchoe 

Jordan R. Martin, M.D. 

Drexel University, B.S. 
Lancaster, PA 

As I reflect back on the past four years, I am reminded of all of 
the good times we had as a class. I believe that I am very lucky to; 
have been a part of such a great group and more Importantly to 
call you my friends and colleagues. I wish you all the best as we 
embark on our new journey. 

"May the wind always be at your back and the sun always upon 
your face, and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with 
the stars." 

Sandeep Mayur, M.D. 

Northwestern University, B.A. Economics 

Houston, TX 

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mona, 

Thank you for the undying support, love and encouragement. 
Without you all, not a single accomplishment would have been 

To the Class of 2009, 

Thank you for all the memories. It was a long and tough road, but we 
made it and are now standing tall and proud. I leave you with a few 
words from French philosopher Guillaume Apollinaire to remember 
during the challenging times in the years ahead. 

'Come to the edge," he said. They said, "We are afraid." 
'Come to the edge," he said. They came. He pushed them. 
And they flew. 

D. Scott Mccracken, M.D. 

Wesleyan University, B.A., B.A. 
Emmaus, PA 

There was a time that all I needed in life was some sun, a lake, and a tire swing 

Somewhere along the way, I became redirected to "higher causes": service to 

humanity, care of family, responsibility for the Earth. 

I guess that's what years at Drexel nurtured in me. Through a guise of didactics, 

developing skill at conversation, thought process, and paperwork, I am now 

presumed competent to assume greater responsibility in aid to patients and 


I owe a significant debt to Lori, who endured everything that a "med student 

spouse" must, returning nothing but supportive words (and the occasional card) 

of love. Coupled with my daughter Hannah's complete disregard for my daily 

stresses, this tethered me to the reality that was not med school, but everything 


I also thank my classmates, especially those in PIL and my fellow Family Med 

Pathway hopefuls, whose support helped me to stand tall against the occasional 

censure, maybe sharing a beer or an adventure in its stead. 

Among faculty, I'd like to thank especially Dr. Sue Zern, Dr. Amy Mackenzie, Dr. 

David Wagner, Link Hart, Dr. Rosemary Harris, Dr. 5am Parrish, Dr. Sabreena Arif 

and Dr. Andy Rosenzweig for being both professional and personal role models. 

And should I cross paths with any of you after this, I get first dibs on the swing. 


Andrew Wafa Michael, M.D. 

Pepperdine Univeristy, B.S. 
Upland, CA 

would first and foremost like to thank God without whom none of 
this would be possible. I would also like to thank my mom, dad, my 

siblings and all my extended family for all their support. Thank 

you to all my friends for keeping me sane and allowing me to have 

a little fun every once In a while. Last but not least I would like to 

thank my wonderful girlfriend for putting up with me! On to 


Anthony Francis Miller, M.D. 

Drew University, B.A. 
Hamilton, NJ 

Anthony F. Milter was born and raised in the 5 great state of 
New Jersey {way better than California!). He attended Prow 
University ^nJ pursued a double major in biochemistry and music 
performance. During his extremely fiscally burdensome years at 
PUCOM (formerly MCP-etc.), he participated in various 
activities such as the 3 Salvation Army clinic and FAE3C (to raise 
money for the care of kid;? that actually need it!\ before 
beginning the indentured servitude of clinical years, he 
participated in the PL curriculum. Hit- interests include riding 
waves, playing guitars, experimenting in the kitchen and 
indulging in his champagne tastes on a beer budget. He plan;? to 
pursue a career in radiology taking care of patients from a 
lavish office chair in a temperature-cent relied dungeon. 


f 4Jji*- ^r t^^^b 



Moshe A. Mizrahi, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
New York, NY 

I owe thanks to my family and friends for helping me make it 
through. I couldn't have done it without your love, support, and 


With all my heart, 

Moshe A. Mizrahi 

Kathleen Allison Moyer, M.D. 

Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Freeburg, PA 

Congratulations to the C\aee of 20091 

Br audi M. Musselman, M.D. 


Juniata College, B.A. 
Drexel University College of Medicine, M.Biol.S. 

Claysburg, PA 

fhere are so many people in my life who have worked hard to support me 
during this journey. I wouldnt be where I am today without their love and 

3od, thank you for the wonderful circumstances and people you have 
placed in my life. Mom and Dad, thank you for always letting me know that 
can do anything I put my mind to, for raising me so that I know what it 
neans to work hard, and for your never-ending support, 'die, thanks for 
/our undying belief in me, and those hilarious songs you would create to 
encourage me when things became stressful. ?ap burner, you were the 
: irst to call me Doc. ?ap Whetstone, thanks for teaching me to hug. 
Gram Turner and Oram Whetstone, thanks for showing me what it means 
to be a strong woman. To my incredible friends, thank you sticking by me 
and for all the fun and laughter - these 4 years have flown by! Blair, thank 
you for being my best friend, my rock, and my true love. You have been 
pushing me and challenging me to reach higher and go farther since high 
school. You have given up so much to get me to where I am today. I am eo 
?lessed to have such a wonderful man as a husband. I love you so much! 

Chai Mutyala, M.D. 

Drexel University B.S. 
Waco, TX 

Concetta Maria Nestico, M.D. 

La Salle University, B.A. 

Drexel University, MBS. 

Philadelphia, PA 

I have been blessed with many wonderful people in my life who have 
helped shape me into the person I am today. Thank you to my 
loving parents who have unselfishly given of themselves and asked 
only for my happiness in return. Your guidance, support, and 
never-ending faith have been invaluable to me during these past 
four years. 

Thank you to my brothers, to my friends and family, and to David 
- you have given me the courage and Inspiration to endure the 
most trying moments, all the while helping me to keep my sense of 
humor and just have fun 

Finally, to my classmates "There are two things to aim at in life: 
first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the 
wisest of mankind achieve the second." (Logan Pearsall Smith) 

^ODteZ&L. VjuUL&LS-; V/)-Z). 

Robert E. Newmyer, M.D. 

La Salle University, B.A. 
Boston University, M.A. 
Fulton, NY & Henderson, KY & Pottsville, PA 

Med echoo\ over? I'm making money next year? The only thing that seems appropriate 
here are a few notes of thanks for the support and understanding that I've received 
throughout the past four years or for those who made it more bearable. 

Thanks to Grant, Rick, Michelle, Cathy, and Cynthia for making the first year or so fun 
with gross anatomy and other study sessions, lots of ping pong and foosball. I still 
remember actually knowing what was going on with Orey's Anatomy and our nearly 
weekly tradition. 

Thanks to Helen for being my best friend, confidant, and someone with whom I was 
genuinely happy for two plus years. I screwed up and for one last time I'll say that I'm 
sorry. You kept me sane. I do and will miss what we had and what could have been. 

The biggest thanks has to go to my parents. Your understanding regarding my inability 
to see you for months on end and your openness to help in any way you can has been 
Invaluable. Your expectations and your pride help motivate me. Thank you for being you. 
And I can't not say hey to Lindsay - you've had a pretty tough past year and a half - 
you blew me away with your courage, poise, and ability to stay upbeat throughout 

David Nguyen, M.D. 

Milpitas, CA 

I would to thank all of those involved in my education the last four 
years. I have learned so much about the science and art of 
medicine. Thank you to all of my friends who have shared the 
frustrations and joys of this journey. I will always remember our 
trips to the shore, the late night runs to Capo Giro, and the 
hilarious Halloween costumes. And lastly, I would like to thank my 
family for providing me with their love and comfort. Being an 
entire continent apart has only strengthened our bond. 

Lisa My Nguyen, M.D. 

Temple University, B.A. 

Norristown, PA 

There are times when 1 am lost 

The good times and especially the bad; 

and need some guidance— 

All things tough and most things easy; 

You never fail 

When I'm nice and even if I'm mean; 

to light the way and lead me home 

Never a moment am Ithe luckiest in the world 

without the unconditional love and support of my | 

When things are hectic and out of control; 

family and my friends. 

I'm just spinning 'round 

You are able 

To you. Thank you, for 1 could not be here without 

to find the reigns and ease my fears 


When the rain is heavy and won't let up 

and IVe no cover 

To my classmates: 

You somehow manage 

"The practice of medicine will be very much as you 

to clear the sky and help me through 

make it - to one a worry, a care, a perpetual 

annoyance; to another, a daily job and a life of as 

In times when 1 am down, beaten, and worn; 

much happiness and usefulness as can well fall to 

can't muster a smile 

the lot of man, because it is a life of self-sacrifice 

You're always there 

and of countless opportunities to comfort and help ' 

To lift me up and mend my soul 

the weak-hearted, and to raise up those that fall." 1 

-Sir William Osier 


Rudolph Nguyen, M.D. 


University of California, Los Angeles , B.S. 

Laguna Hills, CA 

To Mom and Dad: thank you for all of your hard work to earn me the 
opportunity to chase my dreams and do anything in the world. I know how hard 
you worked and how much you struggled to get me to this pointcoming to a 
new country, learning a new language and culture, pumping gas and washing 
dishes and going to night school. You have carved amazing lives and careers 
for yourselves, and I marvel at all you've done. All the while, you raised a 
beautiful family with countless memories that we all cherish together. My 
accomplishments pale in comparison to yours and I am forever grateful for all 
that you have done for me. 

To Olullanna Lizano: my parents have provided me with the opportunity, but you 
have given me the reason. You are my Inspiration to reach for the stars and 
to be a better person. I have learned many things these four years, but the 
most important lesson has come from you: you have taught me to love. Every 
I day, I am thankful for having you in my life. Every step we take, we take 
together. You are my heart and soul and I cannot wait for our new journey to 
begin. I love you always and forever, with all my heart. 

Cory Alan Ogden, M.D. 

Boston University, B.S. 

Drexel University School of Public Health, MPH 

San Rafael, CA 

Thank you Mom for all of your love and support you have given me 
over the last 29 years. Thanks Jessicayour love, support, ar\d 
friendship has meant the worid to me. Thank you Chad, E3ryan, 
Grandpa Stemmons, Aunt Robyn, Grandma Ogden, Josh, Chaim, 
Nicole, Jori, Scott, Edwina, Tanya, Marty, Carol, Matt and the 
rest of my family and friends for being so supportive during the 
last few years. . Also, thank you Dr. Albo. I owe you so much for 
your mentorship and encouraging me to consider going to medical 

Diana Isabel Ortiz, M.D. 

Seton Hall University, B.S. 
Oakhurst, NJ 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference.' 
-Robert Frost 

I must say that although my life did not go exactly as planned, I 
would not change a single thing. I would not be who I am without 
each and every experience that I've had. Thank you to my Mom, 
Dad, Carlos, Patty, NIKO and everyone else that has taken part in 
my journey. 


Judy Kay Owens, M.D. 

Hampton University, B.S. 
LaGrange, KY 

When I look back on my journey here, there was a time when I thought I'd never 
make it to the end, but here I am, finally. There are days I can't even recall, 
days when I didn't know how I was able to put one foot in front of the other, but 
I made it through. I know I was only able to do this because of the prayers of 
those who love me; my family, my friends. Drawing on their strength and their 
confidence in me, I am able to claim this victory. 

My mother, who's life is a testament to what one can achieve through 
dedication and perseverance. My father who showed me the value of hard work. 
My sister who taught me that just because you stumble does not mean you 
can't get back up. My brother who taught me not to take myself too seriously. 
My friends who shared with me the best parts of themselves and taught me 
the Importance of selflessness. Mrs. Sherita Glenn who showed me how faith 
can overcome all obstacles. All of you have helped me to be a better a person. 

I thank God for bringing me to this moment and I share it with all of you whom 
He has brought into my life. 

Frank Pandolfe, M.D. 

Middleburv College, B.A. 
West Hartford, (T 

Congratulations to the C\aee of 2009! 

Vanessa Rose Papalazaros, M.D. 


University of Pittsburgh, B.S. 
University of Pittsburgh, MPH 
Front Royal, VA 

Mom and Selena: You have been supporting me in my dream to be a 
doctor for as a long as I can remember. You always knew I could do it 
even when I doubted myself. For this I thank you. I honestly would not 
have made it this far without you! Love you. 

To all of my friends: From the power hours, potlucks, and road trips tol 
the ridiculosity that is life at 3AC, kickball, and the seemingly endless 
wine these last four years wouldn't have been nearly as much fun 
without you. Thanks for being awesome! 

Aunt Kathy, Uncle Phil, Sammy & Amanda: Thank you for always being 
there. You have helped me more than you'll ever know. 

Walki and Ed: Thanks so much for everything. You've always been there j 
to help me when I stumble (even if you laugh at me first). I'm looking 
forward to the next 5 years hanging out with you in the 'burgh! 


«> , 

Jaspreet Singh Parihar, M.D. 

Duquesne University, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature 
cures the disease" - Voltaire. 

To all my fellow mates, the greatest day of achievement is finally 
here. Our graduation marks not the end but a new beginning to 
lifelong learning. Thanks for making the yeare truly special. 

My deepest gratitude goes to my parents, Mr./Mrs. Jaswinder & 
Parminder Farlhar, for their unconditional love and support. A 
special thanks to my younger sister, Simran, who has always 
encouraged me to strive higher in life. 

Stephen J. Park, M.D. 


Villanova University, B.S. 
Rockville, MD 

Thanks to my dad, mom, and 3r\ar\ for all of their support 
throughout the years, not only in school but in everything e 
life. Also thanks to all of my friends for making these past 
years more fun than I thought they would be. Good luck to 
everyone. Later. 

se in 

AditiA. Patel, M.D. 

West Chester University, B.S. Hiolo^v 
Monroe Township, NJ 

After so many years, I can not believe this is all finally coming to 
and end! Four years ago, I never thought I would look back and 
men I had just a little bit more timeat least to play! As happy as 
I am to move on, I cant Imagine not seeing these familiar faces 
everyday. I have made some of my closest friends in medical 
school and I just want to take the time to thank them for always 
I being a wonderful listener, a constant shoulder to lean on, and 
i most of all-a steady source of laughter! To my parents and 
j beautiful sister, thank you will never be enough. Cheers to the 
I class of 2009! 

Gaurav Patel, M.D. 

Rutgers University, B.A. 
North Bergen, NJ 

Year 1: Welcome Class of 2009, Got my short white coat, Drawing the Kxeb's cycle oveW 
and over, Dandia Dragons Debut, New Year's with no money in London, A ski trip for the! 
ages, Awesome P&P group, Netter's flash cards = my E3FF, Finals!, Year 1 ends with a 
wash out, and a summer in Europe with some great friends. Cost - $46,725 

Year 2: Welcome back party turns ugly, Did you get your Kaplan books yet? First 
Pharm exam = ouch, Wilson and Double Dare contestants, 72 cup beer pong = ouch 
again, Not so nice semi-formal, Waiting till the last minute to write my ICM study sheet! 
5TEP 1(enough said), Puerto Pico with some great people, and we're finally halfway donel 
Cost - $46,725 

Year 5: Goodbye Alden Park Hello Center city, Family Med in NJ & NYC happy hours 
every Thursday, Surgery with my F3FF- Dr. Meyers, Surgery Case files (worst book ever),! 
Great New Year's Eve in NYC, Long awaited return to RUTGERS, Nature hikes at 
Friends hospital with my best bud, What kind of Doc should I be? Cost - $46, 725 

Year 4: No more tests, Working 9-2, Crazy Thursdays, Anesthesia or ER? A month in 
NYC, Interview after interview, I love 4th year! Cost - $46, 725 

4 years full of great memories and even greater friends-PRICELESS. 

Good I ur.k tn the. Class of ?009 

Meghan A. Patel, M.D. 

Drexel University School of Biomedical Engineering, B.S. 

Blackwood, NJ 

To my family: Without your unconditional support, this would not 
have been possible. 

Dad You always knew I could do it! 

Mom You are my rock. I could always rely on you to listen 
patiently whiled I complained. You never walvered from your 

Ajay You are a great brother who was always free to talk and 
trying to make my life easier. 

Melanie You are my twin sister and no words could adequately 
express the Importance you have In my life. Thank you for being my 



Michael D. Pearson, M.D. 


York College of Pennsylvania, B.S. 
Johns Hopkins University, M.S. 
Etters, PA 

would like to thank my family, particularly my mother, for all of 
the help during school. I would especially like to thank my wife for 
her unconditional support! I also have to say how proud I am of 
my son, Brighton, and my daughter, Maddilyn, who were both born* 
during medical school and helped me learn how to multitask. 
Finally, I would like to congratulate the Class of 2009 on a job 
well done, and I am looking forward to my next challenge in 
Emergency Medicine. 

Dmitry Pekarsky, M.D. 

Brooklyn College, B.S. 
New York, NY 

I thank you those, whom I have met 

Upon my travels to the land of debt 

To the land where the letters M and D 

Will mark so much anticipated medical decree. 

Yet once we get it, we will all depart 
Pursuing what commands the heart 
Away from comfort of each other's smile 
Putting what we have learned to trial. 

And we will work so hard to just survive 
Yet keeping what had brought us here alive 
Forever cherishing the memories we share 
And with the Hippocratic Oath to this I swear. 

■ To my friends.. 

I 1 1 

i M?T 

*^ 1^1 

■T - 


HB 'A 




"" ■!' ^^H 






Wendy Mon-Gen Pierce, M.D. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. 
Woodinville, WA 

Thank you to all my friends and family. My sister for the care 
packages and listening to me vent, my mom for the care package* 
and vacuumed packed food, my friends for long nights chatting, 
dinners out, dumplings, movies, shopping, and all manner of other' 
things not related to med echoo\ and everyone for understanding; 
when I don't call back for weeks at a time because I was freaking 
out over tests. 

Thanks a bunch! 

Daniel Pinney, M.D. 

University of California, Davis, B.S. 
San Ramon, CA 

Christos Plakas, M.D. 

Drexel University, B.S. 
Flushing, NY 

I want to thank my father for giving me the Plakas genes, which gave me the 
potential to be where I am today. My mother for helping me to achieve that 
potential by making me finish my reading, math, spelling, and every other 
homework assignment I had before going out to play; and for making chicken 
cutlets whenever I asked. My brothers and sister for being supportive and able j 
to be counted on whenever I needed help with anything. And everyone else I've 
ever met in my 25 years for helping to make me the person I am today. 

"I am a part of all that I have met" - Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Ulysses" 

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they ha.-e 
to say something." -Plato 

"My doctor gave me 6 months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave 
me 6 months more." -Walter Matthau 

"Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why 
several of us died of tuberculosis." -Jack Handey 

» 4- 

Andrea Lynn Poisson, M.D. 

Bucknell University, B.S. 
Narragansett, RI 


To my fellow PILers: thanks for letting me into your lives, sharing your stories and your giftsthanks 

for teaching me how to think critically, how to learn and how to teach I'll never forget Korean 

karaoke nights, DDR craziness and lots of good food and laughter 

To Ashlee: thanks for being my partner in crime, reassuring my self-doubt, laughing at my frequent 

grumblings most of all, thanks for your honesty and enthusiasm 

To my family: thanks for believing in me and putting up with my whining (which I do a lot of), your 

support has enabled me to realize my dreams 

To my e-hash: you are my everything, my rock life would be empty (and much less stinky) without 


The Little fioy and the Old Man by Shel Silverstein 

Said the little boy, "Sometimes I drop my spoon" 
Said the old man, "I do that too." 
The little boy whispered, "I wet my pants." 
"I do that too," laughed the little old man. 
Said the little boy, "I often cry." 
The old man nodded, "So do I." 
"But worst of all," said the boy, "it seems 
I Grown-ups don't pay attention to me." 
And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand. 
"I know what you mean," said the little old man. 

Taylor Robinson Pollei, M.D. 

Rrigham Young University, B.S. 
Salt Lake City, UT 

jLa Vida es Bella! Life has been brilliant to this point, with countless blessings and 
incredible company along the way. 

Above all I thank God for everything. Also I thank my superstar wife Amber for the last j 
6 years, where day in and day out she has simply been there. It has also been wonderfuj 
to have our beautiful little Zoe Brooke join us. Her smiles and kisses are priceless. 
Joining just in time, our little man likewise has been a perfect addition. 
Similarly, my encouraging parents, siblings, and grandparents as well as Amber's 
excellent family. Their interest and support have been constant and motivational. 
I've made some great friends along the way. Hats off to my close buddies without whom]| 
every day would not have been the same. Kim, Tim, Pajit and Kick among others have 
been true friends. Between the late nights, Amber's surprise cakes, and countless 
laughs, we've held each other up and helped the years fly by. Likewise, Incredible 
Professors, Attendings, Deans, and Administrative staff alike have made the last four 
years a true pleasure. 

Sincerest thanks to everyone else who has Impacted my life and that of my family 
throughout the last four years. Philadelphia and its unique culture will always be close 
to heart as this life chapter ends and a new one begins. 

-Taylor P. Pollei 

Rachel Marie Puree II Villalon, M.D. 

Cal State Fullvrton. B.A. 
La llahra, CA 

Congratulations to the C\aee of 2009! 

Georgia Ragonetti-Zebell, M.D. 

Georgia College & State University, B.S. 
Haddock, GA 

Thank you, John, for putting up with me for the past ten years. I 
could not have done it without you! 

Thank you, Mommy and Daddy, for your unending love and 


And thank you, Hate, for changing my life and teaching me what is] 

really Important. 

\y^/-^~ Kc-Co-^ofch- ~^fy*-iX 

Meena Sherine Ramchandani, M.D. 

University of California, Berkeley B.A. 

University of California, Berkeley MPH 

Wilsonville, OR 

To mom and dad: You have been my strong pillar throughout this process. Mom- Thank 
you for the loving care you always provided when I needed a break from school. Dad- 
Thank you for always being there when I needed to talk or make a decision that somehow 
seemed so crucial at the time. I love you both and appreciate the tremendous 
opportunities you have given me in life. 

To my family and friends: Thank you for all your love, support and constant 
encouragement. From asking questions on every medical topic to reading personal 
statements, I couldnt have done this without your help and unwavering confidence. 

Seema: You are the best sister and friend a person can have. Your caring and beautiful 
personality is what makes you special. I am lucky to have you in my life and even though 
it might not seem like it at the time, I am always on your side. 

But the cares of the lower things of life should not be allowed to monopolize all the 
thoughts and aspirations of a human being. The hearts ambitions should ascend to a 
more glorious goal, mental activity should rise to higher levels. Men should hold In their 
souls the vision of celestial perfection, and there prepare a dwelling place for the 
inexhaustible bounty of the divine spirit, 


- r. 



!■ ■ •■:• ■■-:.■ 












. ■ 


W £^<^ /Wv^A^jm^a^^ 


Rene Ramirez, M.D. 

California State University, Fresno, B.S. 
Kerman, CA 


Veronica: Here's another chapter for the books! It seems as 
though it were only yesterday when we first met, and we have 
done so much since. I can't wait to see what this next chapter 
has in store for our family. I love you with all of my heart. 

To my family thanks for all of your love and support. 

Class of '09: "We came, we saw, we conquered"! Thanks for all of 
the memories and making rued school so much fun. I wish everyonei 
everlasting success and happiness. 

Veronica Araujo Ramirez, M.D. 

California State University, Fresno, B.S. 

Dinuba, CA 

To Rene- We made it! Med school has been one crazy journey and I'm so glad that we 
were able to go through it together. I'll never forget our long days in the C wing, ordering 
totally unhealthy food, or the first time we wore our white coats. You've been everything 
to me, from my study buddy to my loving husband. I love you with all of my heart! Now 
it's time for the next step in this journey. Watch out residency, here comes la familia 

To Mom- I want to thank you for your inspiration and many prayers. I couldn't have 
made it this far without your love and support. Thanks for always being there for me 
and for Rene. We love you very much! 

To my aunts- Edith, thanks for all of your help, from personal statement writing to 
weekly pep talks. Lupe, thanks for always being there for both of us. Mama Lett, thanks 
for all the encouragement and love. You all have been such an important part of my life 
and I love you all very much! 

To my classmates- It has been an awesome four years! We're finally done and heading in 
different directions. Our place will always be open for Rock 6>and, drinks, and good food! 
Congratulations to everyone!! 

Jennifer Elizabeth Woods Rasmus sen, M.D. 

University of Texas at Dallas, B.S. & B.S. 
University of Oregon, M.S. 
Allen, TX & Costa Mesa, CA 

"What a trip this has been: a marriage, a death, then a beautiful | 
baby girl. I would never have survived with such supportive faculty! 
at Drexel and the unwavering support & love of my husband, Jim, [ 
my daughter, Maggie, my mother & father and my family: 
Brittany, Reggie, Izzy, Aunt Connie, Aunt Lori & Aunt Gina.. Thank 
you all!! 

Also, thank you to Rose, my beloved Chihuahua, without whom live! 
would lack true humor." 

Pennsylvania State University, B.S., B.A. 
State College, PA 

"I find that the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in 
what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail 
sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it but we must sail, and not 
drift, nor lie at anchor." 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 

To my family you were my strength when I thought I was weak, my faith when I 
thought I was groundless, my companions when I thought I was alone. You 
never tolerated me being less than the person I am. This is your achievement 
as much as mine. 

To my colleagues over these last four years, I have seen your brilliance, the 
strength of your character, and your integrity. As ever, we stand with swiftly 
shifting sands before us; I look forward to fashioning those sands Into a bright 
future as I work beside you. 

"Arise! Awake! And stop not until the goal is reached." 
Swami Vlvekananda 

Madhury Ray, M.D. 

Wesley D. Roberts, M.D. 

Mesa State College, B.S. 
Grand Junction, CO 

To everyone Ive met or who influenced me over the years. This 
graduation, this degree is for you. My parents: Always there for me, 
always pushing but never too much. My sister and brother: They never . 
had a clue what I was doing but regardless they encouraged me. My 
friends: Most dont know what medical school was but they still were 
always waiting with a beer for me when a break came. My friends gained 
in med school are Irreplaceable, you are all great friends and great 
teachers. My teachers: Many times over the key to my success. They ) 
had faith in me when others didnt and carefully guided me through the I 
ridiculous maze of medical school. And, finally, me: A long, tortuous 
road has finally led to me being a physician. Couldnt have done It 
without me. 

Julie Lorraine Rosenthal, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 
Sioux City, IA 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! 

Stephanie M. Rubino, M.D. 

University of Notre Dame, B.S. 
Murrysville, PA 

Mom, Dad, Jessie, Joseph, Anthony & The Colonel Crew. 
Thank you all for your patience, love and support; from 
IMS to today and beyond, I can't imagine having gone 
through these years without you. I am certain that 
continued success awaits us all, and with the end of 
this year begins a brilliant future. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! 

NaaA. Sackey, M.D. 

Konrad Sarosiek, M.D. 

University of Virginia, B.A. 
Kansas City, KS 



I would like to say thank you to my wife, Tara, my family, and my 
dog Kooba for your everlasting support; I could not have done it 
without you. To our devoted faculty, thank you for your patience i 
and Inspiration; To my classmates, thanks for the great journey;] 
its been a fast trip full of ups and downs but we finally arrived. I ! 
wish you all happiness in your lives and success in your careers. 

See you all at our first reunion! 

Michael Sasso, M.D. 

College of the Holy Cross, B.A. 
Gwynedd Valley, PA 

All of us have unique stories to tell about our time at Drexel. Each year 
presented personal challenges, losses, victories, rewards. I was nervous when 
we started back in 2005, especially with taking time off between college and 
medical school. Then came the transition from the module notes to the patient 
chart at the beginning of our third year. Despite these challenges, I enjoyed 
learning the science of medicine, and then having the opportunity to bring my 
newfound knowledge to the bedside. Most Importantly, I met a lot of great 
people friends, co-workers, patients. These relationships, added to the 
1 support of family and friends, guided me through the difficult times. Although 
J residency will be full of new surprises and questions, I'm excited. I'm looking 
I forward to the next level of interaction with patients and colleagues, and I 
I believe Drexel did a great job preparing me for this transition. Thank you Mom, 
, Dad, Adam, and Larissa for guiding me through the challenges and defeats, 
i and for helping me appreciate the victories and rewards. And thanks to my 
I classmates. I really enjoyed getting to know you, especially during our clinical 
. years. Best of luck to everyone! 

\ Mr 

■\ .cv ; W] 

H ^^MN^ 

l*^. >^ 

A^^^.mS^^M ^^ ^K \ s ^A 

X^, ^^ 


David Saul, M.D. 

Drexel University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, PA 

To my family: Mom, Dad, Maria, Fop, and my cousins, aunt, and 
uncle - your support has kept me alive and grounded. You kept 
me normal during all this time surrounded by psychos. 

To my friends: To everyone from Med School who's touched me in 
that special place (you know who you are), you helped me have funji 
and turn from a square into some kind of slightly curvier shape. 

To my girlfriend and "life coach", Anna: Thanks for enduring all of j 
my bitching these last four years. I wouldn't have survived to be 
in this yearbook if it weren't for you. I love you. 



Ryan N. Schroeder, M.D. 

University of Pittsburgh, B.S. 
Sinking Spring, PA 

It's funny that pirates were always going around searching for treasure, and they never realized 
that the rea\ treasure was the fond memories they were creating. 
-Jack Handey 

Congratulations, Drexel Med Class of 2009! There were many bumps in the road, but we are finally 
there. I never would have made it without help from many amazing people and to them I owe my 

To my Mom and Dad, thank you for always supporting me and loving me unconditionally. 

To Sean, Chris, and Brett, thank you for being the best brothers I could ever imagine. 

To my sister Nicole, thank you for putting up with my late-night IMs and helping me push through. 

To the friends I've made at Drexel Med, from the gross group to the football crew and everyone in 
between, thank you for making these past four years so memorable. Every time I order a 
Raspberry Blossom, I will think of you. 

To Blair, thank you for being my pal on all of our adventures. I can't wait for all the new ones we 
have together. You're beautiful, it's true. 

Good luck everyone! Let's do this again sometime. 

Dorian Schuman-Werb, M.D. 




Mary Washington College, B.S. 
Raleigh, NC 

Thank you to Grandpa Lew and Grandma Flo for being all the 
family I needed. To Katie, the best little sister EVER! To Meg and 
Mary for keeping me grounded and strong and whole. To Ryan, 
Lukasz, and Dominika, for 10 years of music and history. To Jane, 
for helping me figure out who lam. To 3en, for teaching me how to 
finally trust and love someone. To Christal, for everything. And 
to all my med school friends, for the support, the friendship, the 
memories, and the years to come. 

In dreams begin responsibilities . . . 

Surupa Sen Gupta, M.D. 

Columbia University, B.A. 
New York, NY & Arlington, VA 

So my amazing family: Without your love, support and 
encouragement none of this would have been possible. Thank you 
for your faith in me. Iloveyou!!! 

To my friends both near and far: You are truly the best in the 
world. I feel lucky every day to have all of you in my life. 


W i 

* *^*^ 

m m 








Avani Shah, M.D. 

Northwestern University, B.A. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

"Every book starts with just one word, every great Idea is sparked by a 
single thought, every morning sees a new sunrise, and every journey 
begins with a single step." --- Chris M. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Ankur for guiding me through the steps of 
this exciting journey. 

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming 
gardeners who make our souls blossom." --- Marcel Proust 

Thank you to all my friends, relatives, classmates, and teachers for 
your words of encouragement when I needed them. I could not have 
made it here without your love and 

Hassan Murtaza Shah, M.D. 

Wilkes University, B.S. 
Orwigsburn, PA 

fo my family thank you for all of your encouragement, advice, and 
unwavering support through the past 4 years. I couldnt have 
-eached this point without your help 

\o my colleagues and friende - thank you for your help and 
support through the good times and bad 


Mm * 

1 Ihi 

Neeta Ramesh Shah, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A.S. 
Philadelphia, PA 


My family and friends- Thanks for always supporting me and showering me with love. 

DAD- Thanks for making my dream of becoming a doctor become reality. You are an amazing role S 
model and the smartest, strongest, most loving and caring person I know. MOM- I strive to 
become the caring, loving, compassionate, strong, and amazing woman that you are. 
I promise to work hard everyday to make you proud. I love you both more then you'll ever know. 
Thanks for making me who I am! 

Meeta didi, Jeeta, Amy, Sanjay, Chetak, Godley- growing up with your constant love and support 
has shaped me into the person I've become. I couldn't have survived all these years without your 
guidance. Thanks, Love you! 

My adorab\e nieces and nephews- You remind everyday why I'm going to love being a pediatrician, I 
love you like you were my own kids &#61514; 

Manav- I am eternally grateful for your unconditional love and support over the past 7 years. You J 
are my rock and have always been my light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait to begin our lives J 
together] I love you always and forever! 

To everyone who I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with- my life is more enriched 
because it has been touched by you. 

The Class of 2009- CONGRATULATIONS!! 

RickinA. Shah, M.D. 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.S., B.A. 

Charlotte, NC 

First, I want to thank my mom, dad, grandparents, brother and sister for being 
\o0 supportive, patient, and understanding during the past few years. Even 
though I have been out of the house for almost a decade, it always feel like 
home when I return. I also want to thank my friends for all the good times that 
I can remember and even those I can't. To Meera, I don't even know where to 
start, but I figure I will see you tomorrow so I will probably tell you then. Just 
'messing, even if I didn't learn anything in school, I am so happy that I had a 
chance to meet you here. I wish all the best to everyone in their future careers 
.wherever they go. As you start your residency training, I leave you with this 
c\uote from a man who has heavily influenced my life: 

That's the problem with people like you. You want results, but you never want 
to get your hands dirty. I'd start rolling up your sleeves." 
Jack Bauer 


Sveta Shah, M.D. 

Muhlenberg College, B.A., B.S. 
Mountaintop, PA 

"Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work." 
-Booker T. Washington 

Jo, Dorna, and Alex: I can't believe how quickly the last 4 years have f\own by... and I 

REALLY can't believe we all made it out in one piece! From the nervous breakdowns to 

the maniacal laughter, all I can say is that I miss you girls already! 

Lisa: You are definitely the weirdest friend I have ever had, but I think you know that 

already. You have been like an older sister to me, and have helped me to expand my 

boundaries... whether it be getting over my fear of cats, hiking in the Himalayas, 

experimenting with vegan food, or buying clothes I can't afford... thank you for helping mj 

live a little in all my neuroticism. 

Reena: Thanks for always being so supportive through all the drama that always 

seemed to follow the both of us aroundl 

Melissa: Lover! Can you believe its been 4 years since we would lock ourselves up in a 

room to study and really just spend the whole time laughing our heads off about the 

stupidest stuff?! Some of those whiteboard drawings are permanently etched in my 


Congratulations to all the members of the Class of 20091 
Love and thanks to all my family and friends! 

Sharad Nilakantan Sharma, M.D. 

University of California Irvine, B.S. 
Los Alamitos, CA 

Congratulations to the C\aee of 2009! 

Helen Shum, M.D. 

Brandeis University, B.S. 
New York, NY 

Mommy and Daddy: I can't thank you enough. I couldn't have don\ 
this without your constant love and support. You never doubted \ 
me and I am blessed to have parents like you. You're the best!! 

My friends: You know who you are. I am lucky to have you. You 
stood by me, stuck up for me, and were always there for me. You 
made my last four years amazing and I couldn't imagine going 
through med school without you. I'm going to miss you so much. 
Who's up for some all-you-can-eat? 

Congratulations and good luck, everyone. I'm going to miss you. 

4tJL^ Sk^wv^ Mf> 

Emily Siegel, M.D. 

Williams College B.A. 
Sacramento, CA 

(o Mom, Dad and Dustin- 

Ifou may not have stood beside me 
?r touched my hand each day 
?ut I knew that you were with me 
?ach step along the way. 

Your prayere and thoughts and glances 
neant more than you could guess 
fhey helped me through the rough days, 
And to them I attribute my success. 

Thanks for supporting me throughout my journey! 

And to my colleagues- 

Never forqet that it is not a pneumonia, but a pneumonic man who is 
your patient. 
William Withey Gull 

Justin Alan Singer, M.D. 

Hof'stra University, B.A. 
Jericho, NY 

Thank you Lori, Mom, Dad and David for all of your love and 

Rachael Slivka, M.D. 

Wesleyan University, B.A. 
Teaneck, NJ 

Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world Right now discover that you are 
Me song that the morning brings." Grateful Dead 

There's a fine line between a superpower and a chronic medical condition." - Austin 
3rossman, Soon I will be Invincible 

'Is it for this my life I sought? Maybe so and maybe not." Phish 

vlom: Thanks for all of your love and guidance and for always being there when I needed 

someone to kvetch to. 

5ubby and Pop: Thank you for your tremendous support over the years. Now that I'm a 

ioctor, I suspect my ears will be ringing constantly. 

lad: Not a day goes by that I don't miss you. You continue to inspire me. 

3en and Melissa: I'm one step closer to buying you that yacht. 

\o ail of my other family & friends: I would never have made it this far without you. Now 

f you'll just see me through a little further 

\o the class of 2009: Never lose sight of why you went into medicine. I hope the 
dealism and passion you have at this moment will stay with you always. Do no harm 

^Kt> <j ■ V 

"VH l\ A 






I^^Ari * 




ffk^^Hi V 


Ashlee Lynn Snyder ; M.D. 

Lafayette College, B.S., B.A. 
Gilberstville, PA 

Thank you to the most amazing parents in the world. Words could not even begin to 
show enough gratitude and love to you for all the support and encouragement you have* 
both given me over the past four years. It is because of you that I have made it where 1 1 
am today. From the day I found out I got into medical school, through boards, 
relationships, car troubles, and even helping me make the decision of what I want to be 
when I grow up, you both have been nothing but incredible parents. Thank you again! 

Thank you to Eric, Christie, Amilee, and Marlee, my fantastic brothers and sisters. You 
have all been so supportive of all the time I have had to dedicate to medical school over 
the past four years. You have understood when I could not make it to the recital or 
swim meet, returned phone calls for days, or not contributes as much as I should to 
family functions. Thank you! I love you all so much. 

Thank you to my great friends: Michelle, Magee, Danielle, Andrea, and Jody. It is 
because of you that I did not go crazy during medical school. I always had a friend to 
call when times were rough or needed someone to be spontaneous with. Thank you! 

Virginia Soong, M.D. 

Cook College - Rutgers University, B.S. 
Piscataway, NJ 

Mom & Pad: Thanks for always being there for me, through the highs and the lows. 

All that I am and all that I do, would not be possible without you. 

Though there are times that you may doubt, 
i Have no doubt that I will always love you. 
i Uncle Bill: I enjoy our conversations from the serious to the mundane. 

Thanks for being around when I needed a listening ear. 
I Abe: What can I say? When are you going to catch up to me little bro? 
| To my friends:: Med school has been a roller coaster ride. And like one, it flew by without stopping 

until the very end. How quickly time flies, when one is having fun?? I appreciate all the times that you 

were there for me when I needed someone. Though I may have caused a sore ear or two from my 

harping. I enjoyed sharing this unique experience with all of you. It was fun while it lasted, and may we 
I all keep in touch. 

Tis the human touch in this world that counts, 

The touch of your hand and mine, 
Which means far more to the fainting heart 

Than shelter and bread and wine; 
For shelter is gone when the night is over. 

And bread lasts only a day. 
But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice 

Sing on in the soul alway. 
- The Human Touch by Spencer Michael Free 

Grant Clayton Swisher, M.D. 

Colby College, B.A. 
Framingham, MA 

Words are rarely enough to adequately express ones gratitude, 
but after four years (+1) I would like to thank those who helped me 
to succeed here at school: to my family, Mom, Dad, Daren, Todd 
and to all of my extended family both East, including Jerry for 
housing me on occasion and West, Allen and Lynne for allowing me 
to reorient my career under their roof; to all of my colleagues here 
at Drexel, especially the PIL folk; and to all of my good friends 
stretching back over the years. A sincere appreciation to the 
faculty and staff for all of their knowledge and guidance. Lastly, 
would like to thank Dr. Jim Lasry for introducing me to the 
profession of medicine, an outstanding physician of exceptional 
skill and compassion to whom I will always be grateful. 



Rosemunt College, B.A. 
Freehold, NJ 

To my friends and family, 

I have so much love for all of you. Thank you for being there for me 
during this journey, for supporting me during my hardships, and 
for celebrating my accomplishments with me. This sure has been 
quite an adventure] 

[ To my classmates, 

i y\Joohoo\ We've finally made it! Congratulations to all of you! 

I With love, 

Santisree Tanikella, M.D. 

Michael Tatusov, M.D. 

It's been a long and crazy journey and yet it seems like only yesterday 
that we all started as first years together, looking to take on that 
first biochemistry test and to make that first incision in gross 
anatomy lab. Now we prepare to go our separate ways as we get ready 
to pursue competitive residencies throughout the country. I wish the 
best of luck to everyone! I also want to thank my mom who inspired and 
motivated me throughout medical school, my girlfriend who was there 
for me during the hard times, and my friends who helped me forget the 
hard times once they were over. Thank you all, it wouldn't have been the 
same without you! 

"To study the phenomena of disease without books is to sail an 
uncharted sea, while to study books without patients is not to go to 
sea at all!" 

-Sir William Osier 

University of Maryland Baltimore County, B.S., B.A. 

Rockville, Ml) 

iankyou Mom for being beautiful and strong, Dad for teaching me how to learn 
nd to love it, Joe for being the sweetest and kindest big brother, Danny for being 
iere from afar, Nicole for welcoming me anytime, Isabelle for being the little light 
my life, & Aunt Lucy / Nini / Megumi for being my 2nd home. 

legan, Jamie, & Ha - I am honored to be your friend, to have grown up with you, 
and to have watched as you became such amazing young women. 

jtynthia, Grant, George, Elaina, & Bobby - My favorite school memories involve 
studying or eating with you, countless hours during which I grew to love you. I will 
ijniss this time, but I look forward to being friends for life. 

Mien - "It's not the pale moon, that excites me, that thrills and delights me, it's 
:ust the nearness of you". Thank you for making it feel like home when I'm with you. 
fou truly are aweeome :) I love you. 

feel Incredibly blessed to know each of you. All my love, always. 

Luz Catherine Tello, M.D. 

w A 

f *«v n4| 

k J 

A Am 

^Wj,«'; B 



W v. 

Rick Tennant, M.D. 

University of California, Davis B.S. 
Georgetown University M.S. 
Thousand Oaks, CA 

Thanks to my family and friends for supporting, teaching, 
listening, laughing and going through the last four years with me. 
Some good times: Yankee stadium, Boating on White F3ear Lake, 
New Hope, Bethlehem festival thingy, Pittsburgh for the 
superbowl, the US Ping Pong Team, cake study breaks, Rockefeller 
at Christmas, Blakelys, running on Kelly, walks on the boardwalk 
with stops at the Newscafe and playing football at McMichael (or 
occasionally just throwing it in C-9) it was a good four years 
thanks to so much more than just medicine. Specifically to 
$rown Town, Swish, K.K.D, Timewald, PJ, Blakes, Cimeling, Lisa, 
Blair and TP, I hope we never lose touch. And lastly, to my muse, 
M.P.F, thanks. 



Jessica L. Tenney, M.D. 

University of Arizona, B.S. 
Tarzana, CA 

I would like to thank everyone who helped throughout the years. 
Especially Cory, my parents (Marty and Carol), Matt, Jody, Diane, 
Ronnie, Lois, Michael, Khoda, Stephen, Laura, Jamie, the 
Goodman's, Dr. Parrish, Dr. Foster, and of course... Penny. 


Grace Thammasuvimol, M.D. 

University of Maryland at College Park, B.S. 
Hagerstown, MD 

Congratulations and 3eet Wishes to the 
Class of 2009!!! 

sUisULCuJl^ Mb 

Catherine Tonroy-Jones, M.D. 

University of Kansas, B.A. 
MM City, OR 

Yay! Four long years completed finally. . .r\ow on to the next part. 
To my family and friends, thanks for putting up with me and not 
deserting me when I forgot to call all the time. You all have been 
an amazing support and I couldn't have done it without you. 

jf3abes, you are the greatest thing to happen to me in med school, 
I love you. 

Lauren Kimberly Tormey, M.D. 

Tufts University, B.S. 
Darien, CT 

'When your belief in yourself doesn't feel quite so pure, and your "I think I can" doesn't sound quite 
so sure, that's when to push and to strive and to strain, to show the world you're not a giving-up 
train. And you're wise if you know that doing your best, means that sometimes you should just 
slow down and rest. Speeding through your whole trip will bring only sorrow, so slow down today to 
be happy tomorrow. There's more about life that you'll learn as you go, because figuring things out 
on your own helps you grow. 

Just trust in yourself, and you'll climb every hill. Say, "I think I can\" and you know what? You will!" --I 
Knew You Could, Craig Dorfman 

Special Thanks~ 

To my mom~ for inspiring me, believing in me, and for helping me to believe in myself. 

To my mom and dad~ for loving and supporting me. 

To my sister, Christine~ for keeping me on my toes and lending me clothes. 

To my dog, Callie~ for all the kisses. 

To my teammates~ for enriching my life, for being my second family. 

To my Drexel pals and Eric~ for my sanity. 

To my educators~ for your endless dedication to the art of teaching, for the excitement you 

impart, for the inspiration you bring. 

Thank you all! Good Luck Prexel '09\ 

Andrew Torre-Healy, M.D. 

Stony Brook University, B.S. 
Oceanside, NY 

hanks to my friends and family 1 . 

\ special thank you to my Mom, Dad and Luke. Your unconditiona 
■upport made these four years of hard work easy. 

Natasha Cecez Towns end, M.D. 

University of Alabama in Huntsville, B.S. 
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina 

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The 
Important thing is not to stop questioning. - Albert Einstein 


BaoTram Tran y M.D. 

Cornell University, B.S. 
Syracuse, NY 

'It never ends! This is just the beginning 

"To my family, I love you all very much 

Betty Tsang y M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Philadelphia, PA 


Life isn't about the number of breaths you take but about the number of things that 
take your breath away. -Anonymous 

Medical school like any other level of education is four years long. A mere four years 
has always seemed to go by fast, however, the four years in medical school was a 
rather long journey. But I was very fortunate to have many family members and friends'] 
support during these four years. 

Mom and dad, thank you for your unconditional love and always making sure that I ate I 

nutritious meals regularly. 

Michelle, although you are all the way in Milwaukee but you always had a pair of ears 

ready to listen to me vent about anything and everything. 

Anthony, Jess, Ivy, John, and Kevin, thanks for upholding our traditions-hot pot in the 

middle of the summer, Christmas Day movie, Thanksgiving turkey, lunch at Ponzio, 

random dinners-to keep me sane. Of course, there's Jayden and baby girl Constantine i 


Garrett, I don't know what med school would be like without you but I don't want to know 

because you were the best thing that happened. 

To the class of 2009, Congratulations!!! 
Love Always, Betty 

Elaina Y. Tsui, M.D. 

UC San Diego, B.S. 
San Francisco, CA 

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for your support. I love you! 
Congratulations class of 2009. We made it! 

J. Rory J. Tucker, M.D. 

United States Naval Academy, B.S. 
Manhattan Beach, CA 


What an incredible four years it has been! Some of the highest highs and lowest lows 
my life have occurred during these four not-so-short years. I dont even want to think 
about what the experience would have been like without the support of my friends and 
family. Some noteworthy people are Ryan Meglathery who let me stay with him rent- 
free during my first year and a half and was also always willing to chat about scuba 
diving if I needed a break. Of course my mother was always offering support and 
encouragement during module exams and all other times as well. Finally, the latest 
addition to my family, I need to thank my wife Kathryn. We met at the end of first yearj 
and she has done everything possible to make medical school more bearable and 
enjoyable since. Not to diminish the fun times Ive had and the support received from 
Chris Rowan, Tony Chuang, Sylvia Maston, Kevin Schulz, Wendy fierce, and Angela 
Richardson among others. 

As we get ready to graduate and begin our careers as doctors I know well disperse 
across America but I look forward to the time when we meet again and maybe somedi 
I can return the favor. 

F3est of luck to everyone; may you always have fair winds and following seas. 

Jeffrey M. Tuman, M.D. 

University of Virginia, B.A. 
( hlalont, PA 

\To my family: thank you for your continuous love and 
iencouragement. I am forever appreciative for everything you do 
for me. 

To my friends (you know who you are): it has been an interesting 
four years, and I am thankful to have met each and every one of 
you. I truly wish you all the best in your future careere, and in life. 
I know that our lives will very soon become crazy and hectic, but 
I please find the time to stay in touch. 

To my wonderful wife, Colleen: thank you for always being positive 
[and kind-hearted. You passion for life and compassion toward 
your own patients motivates me to be my best. Your work goes 
underappreciated, but know that I am very proud of all you do. 
Lorem ipsum dolor est 

Keta K. Vaidya, M.D. 


Stony Brook University, B.S. 
Huntington Station; Long Island, NY 

Dear Dad, Mom, Tej, & Apurva 

I'm Glad There's You 

I'm glad there's you to smile at me 
And brighten up my day, 
To share my thoughts and understand 
The things I do and say. 

m glad there's you to laugh with me 
At ordinary things, 
To show me what is special, 

n everything life brings. 

I'm glad there's you to be with, 
And I think it's time you knew, 
Just how happy you have made me, 
And how glad I am there's you! 

Thank you for all your love and support 

Love Always 
~ Keta ~ 

r / w 





■ft Wrt» 

Drexel University, 


Ellicott C ity, 


To my Mom and Dad, thank your love and 

support throughout the 


To my brother Ravi, 1 am so lucky to have 

you as both a brother 

and a friend. 

To all of my friends, I won't forget the wonderful moments we 

shared over these four years. 

"The important thing is this: 

To be able to sacrifice what we are 

for what we could become." 

--Charles Dubois 

Reena S. Vaswani, M.D. 

Sudarshan Velpari, M.D. 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S. 
Monroeville, PA 

would like to thank my Mom and Dad for their love, guidance, 
wisdom, and encouragement through this journey. To my brother, 
thank you for your motivation and always being there for me. To 
my friends, I am grateful to all of you and what each of you have 
done for me every step of the way. 

Jacquelyn Anne Virgi, M.D. 

Penn State University, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, PA 

Thank you to everyone for loving and believing in me. Thank you to 
my family who continuously motivate me to persevere and reach 
jmy goals, no matter what may stand before me. Thank you to my 
\dear friend Rachel. You are the first friend I made when I entered 
the doore of Queen Lane and the best friend I have from Drexel as 
• I leave those same doore. And finally, thank you to my love Mike. 
iYou have endured the same path and have guided and supported 
i me as I followed. You have brought more love and happiness into 
jmy life than I could have ever imagined. Without Drexel, we would 
not have met so thank you Drexel; for seeing something in me, 
supplying me with a superb education and a craft of great 
significance, and for Introducing me to my husband. 

To the next goal, may we leap even further. Salute! 

%^-J dcyy, AfJ 


Michael Jordan Vizcarra, M.D. 

Stanford University, B.A. 
Los Angeles, CA 


1. Saturday morning football the greatest student group that never wae> 
2. Halloween Parties nothing like running around Philly in costume a full week 
after the holiday 

3. End of 1st year BBQ & dancing In the rain at Cavanaugh's River Deck 

4.Sharing tables in the study lounge with my frlende and of course the all- 

5.Sunday Night Karaoke at Buckets 
6.1st Year Ski Trip to the Poconoe 
7.Rockingoutat PABC 

8>.3rd Year in Pittsburgh amazing! Steeler games, Station Square, Primanti 

SUoining the mob on Broad Street when the Phillies won the World Series 
10. Making so many wonderful friends and countless memories! 

Thank you to my frlende and family for your support. I will miss you all! Best c 
luck in your careere, and don't forget to ask "men, women, or both?' 

Sandra Ioana Vizir eanu, M.D. 

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 
Westlake Village, CA 

Adam Christopher Walchak, M.D. 

Villanova University,BS 
Drexel University, MMS 
Media, PA 


Thank you Mom for your unwavering love and support. Thank yoi 
uncle Michael and Scott, aunt Va\ and V\ana. 

Good luck to all my friends. 




Andrew C. Waligora IV, M.D. 

Juniata College, B.S. 
Johnstown, PA 

o Ange: I cannot thank you enough for all of the support and encouragement that you 
ave given me over the last four years. Hopefully the next eighty or so will be just as 
luch fun with a little less commuting, of course. 

o Mom and Dad: You two are the reasons that I am where I am today. You taught me 
he value of hard work, dedication, and the importance of never giving up. I could not 
ave asked for better role models. There are no words that can express my gratitude 
I for everything that you have done for me. 

\To Nicki: Your hard work and perseverance should be an Inspiration to anyone. Continue 
I to use them, and I assure you that you cannot fail. Thank you for always using your wit 
' and intelligence to put things into perspective. 

To Bubba, Aunt Andrea, Uncle Ted, Aunt Cel, and Uncle Charlie: I am certain that your 
\ gift packages are what kept me alive throughout college and med school. Dziekuje ci za 
! wszystko. 

i "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to 
i breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." 
- Marcus Aurelius 

Christopher Gene Wang, M.D. 

University of California, Los Angeles, B.S, 
Memphis, TN 

To my Mom and Dad, 

Thank you for all of your love and support. It would not possible 
for me to be the pereon that I am today or to be in the place that 1 
I'm in today if it wasn't for everything that you have done for me. j 
I love you both very much. 

To all of my friends, 

Thank you for helping me survive these last 4 years. I will always 
remember the great memories, and I look forward to making many 
more in the future. 

()fNAA^^ W^f^ 

Christopher M. Washington, M.D. 

Franciscan University of Steubenville, B.A. 
Elizabeth City, NC 

d like to offer many thanks and blessings to my father, mother, 
znd all my family and friends who have provided their support 
throughout my medical education, especially as I began my 
second year. F3est wishes to my classmates as we move forward 
(i life. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 

Ood Bless, 

6afe? Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. F3ut 
ie's good. 

-C.5. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) 


Laura May Wellington, M.D. 




" ^^ *« 





University of Rochester, B.A. 
St. Paul, MN 

To M, D, J, 0, L&F3, E&K, A&F3, A, J, Y&K, Z, and all of my wonderful 
friends and family, 

These years have been incredible for me, filled with personal growth and 
exploration. I could not have gotten through without your constant 
support. To you, I say a heart-felt thank you. From the streets of 
Philadelphia to the mountains of Peru I have carried your 
encouragement and love with me. May you all continue your own 
explorations, as I will mine. 

I love you all, 

laura, Imw, Iwell 

"We can do no great things - only small things, with great love." 

-Mother Teresa 



Sarah White, M.D. 


Kate Wieckowski, M.D. 

Drexel University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, PA 

Thank you, Matt, for being there with me every step of trie way. 
Thank you to my family for your constant support and for lending 
your ear during so many long phone calls. 

To all my classmates, I wish each of you the best of luck in the 
years ahead. Thank you also to the faculty for your commitment 
and passion. 

Lauren Michelle Wiesner, M.D. 


Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Bethlehem, PA 

\fter four years of academic work and such an engrossing schedule, I want to 
;hank all of the people most Important to me who have been so supportive of 
ne. Thank you most of all to my parents. I am so grateful for all of the ways 
/ou've been there for me. Without your guidance, encouragement, and 
friendship, I would never have made it. Thank you to my entire family for being 
Encouraging and supportive. 

jfhank you to Jody. You've been my comrade along the way. Thanks for always 
[affirming me. Dorian, thanks for always keeping me laughing even at 5AM on 
jcall. And, thank you to my dear friends outside of medicine who have kept me 
balanced. Your friendships mean the world to me. 

Congratulations to my classmates and friends! We've made it! Here's to our 
future in medicine! 

Grant R. Williams, M.D. 

Tulane University, B.S. 
Carthage, MO 

I would like to thank my family and especially my wife Alyssa for a 1 
the support over the last few years. Good luck to the class of 


Lisa Kit- Ying Wong, M. D. 

University of California, Davis, B.S. 
San Francisco, CA 

'H rust in the LORD with ail your heart; and lean not unto your 
pwn understanding. In all you ways acknowledge him and he will 
Imakeyour paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 
To Mom & Dad: Thank you for all your love, patience and guidance 
throughout my life. I would have never made it this far without 
your support. Mom, thanks for pointing me in the right direction 
with your timely advice. Dad, extra thanks for searching the city 
to find my favorite foods when I come home. I love you both! 
JTo Albert: Thanks for letting me call you at random times and 
lending an ear to vent to. I'm so lucky to have a big brother like 

To my friends: Thanks for sticking by me and being there for me 
'through the good and bad. I couldn't have done it without you 
Good Luck Class 20091- 



William Woo, M.D. 

University of Southern California, B.S. 
Huntington Beach, CA 

With caring hearts and helping hands we move forward Into the 
community to fulfill our roles. 

Thank you to my family, friends, and my fiancee for sticking by me' 
and always providing support. 

Richard Mao Wu, M.D. 


University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 
Drexel University School of Public Health, M.P.H . 

San Gabriel, CA 

The past strenuous 5 years has been made less so by the wonderful company 
of my friends and family. Dad, I appreciate all your sacrifices to make this 
possible, and I would like to return the favor by assisting in your new goal in 
whatever form I can. Mom, thanks for your support and listening ear 
throughout, I have extreme admiration of your talent of juggling work and 
taking such great care of us. Peter, I'm very proud that you have matured so 
much and is about to venture Into the real wor\d of "virtual reality," continue 
working hard and your skills will be recognized. Grace, in your transition into a 
! journalist, I hope you find your inspiration either here or abroad; who said it 
I was a competition of who can travel more and see the most spectacular 
i places in the world? Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jack, your tremendous 
I support made my transition here much smoother and I'm truly grateful for all 
that you have done. My fellow MD/MPHers, it was great having taken this road 
I less traveled with you guys - now out to save the world! My roommates, it's 
j been a pleasure pining in on your adventures throughout the year. Lastly and 
1 certainly not the least, Christine, you provided me with a home away from 
| home, I am grateful for having spent these years with you, and I deeply hope for 
the lyrics of "I will follow you" to be fulfilled. 

^C^^i 2^,MW 


Jesse Wyatt, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
University of Pennsylvania, Post-Baccalaureate 
Mission Viejo, CA 

Thank you to my family and friends, without your love and support' 
this journey would never have been possible. I love you Mom, Dad, 
Linz, and Colby. 

Erica Yang, M.D. 

University of California at Berkley, B.S. 

Walnut, CA 

Garrett M. Yee, M.D. 

University of California, San Diego, B.S. 
Danville, CA 

I have grown more in the past four years in my life than the previous 23 : 
years before it. The lectures, professors, residents, and attendings 
have taught me the knowledge to become a doctor and I always will 
appreciate them. But my fellow students have really made these four ; 
years into what they are. I have made life-long friends with many 
memories that I can't forget, even if I tried. I would like to especially 
thank my roommates and close friends. They have made the six hour 
long study sessions at F3orders, Barnes, and Fanera enjoyable. Of 
course, I can't forget the late-night White Castle run ending in crappy 
mini-burger heaven. And there is the girl who said, "I wouldn't," but I am 
very glad that "I did." 

To my parents and my brother, Christopher, I owe my M.D. to them. 
Without them I would have never left California to go to Philadelphia. 




Revital Yehezkel, M.D. 

Harvard University, B.A. 
Brookline, MA 

\o my parents and brother. Thank you for all your love and 
encouragement, and for supporting me through each step of this 

no my friends: Thank you for helping me survive these four years. 
Ivish you the very best of luck in residency and beyond. I'll miss 
you guys! 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world. 
Mahatma Gandhi 

Seung Jin Yi, M.D. 

Emory University, B.S. 
St. Petersburg, FL 

Mom and Dad- Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life; I am the happiest person 
in the world because of you. I know that you have made lots of sacrifices for us. I 
dedicate and share this medical degree with you. I love you. Please live healthy forever: 

Sister- You are my best friend and thank you for being a great companion in life (I can 

always call you when I am sad about getting old and know that you are even older than I 


brother In law- Thanks for taking my sister off my back. Please teach me how to golf. 

Aggie & Emilie- You are both so beautiful and so cute. Please don't grow up. 

Jagi- I don't think I could be the person I am today without you. I could write all the 
cliches in the world about love and it would be true, especially the one that my mom 
always reminds me about how "Behind every great man is Neelam". Thank you for 
fighting through all the hard times with me, now it's only the good times since we have 
each other and our families. I love you, always have and always will. Please marry me. 

Parents- Thank you for welcoming me into your family and supporting us through 
everything. Please continue to see us grow. 

| tr>l 

k fa ■ 

K i^l 

1 *::■■:•■< ^t 


yr : \jBM 


Raphael Jaewon Yoo, M.D. 

Franklin & Marshall College, B.A. 

University of Delaware, M.S. 

Springfield, PA 

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! It seems like just yesterday 
.hat we were all nervous about the first big exam, and here we are ready 
■o graduate and begin our life's work. I am grateful to all the great 
riends I've made during my career here. My best wishes and good luck 
■o all of you in whichever direction you go. I only hope that our paths will 
toss and that we may continue to help each other throughout our 

\ special thank you to my family. It has been a long road filled with 
-rials and tribulations, and you have been there for me through it all. 
'hank you Mom and Dad for pushing me to do my very best, even at 
;imes when I wanted to give up. Tony, congratulations on graduating 
-.ollege and good luck in your future endeavors. Melody, congratulations 
>n graduating high school; College is one of the best times of your life 
so be sure to enjoy every moment. 


Patricia Young, M.D. 

University of California, Los Angeles, B.S. 
Lancaster, CA 

have made an extremely good group of friends while at Drexel 
who have been the greatest support in getting me through 
medical school. I want to sincerely say THANK YOU to all of 
them. Thank you to my family in California, especially my dad and 
sister, for all of their advice and support. Last, but certainly not 
east, thank you to the outstanding faculty and residents at 
Drexel for teaching and mentoring. I genuinely appreciate all of 
your efforts! 

Eun-mi 'Angel' Yu 9 M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
University Place, WA 

o my dearest friends & family, 

Thank you. I've been enormously blessed by you guys over the 
'ears. I cannot thank God enough for the love, encouragement & 
un memories He's given me through each of you to keep me a 
lappy and *somewhat* sane med student. : ) I'm so glad to have 
<ou all to share In my joy as I graduate this year!! 
love you all much, 

Melody Zaya, M.D. 

University of California, Los Angeles, B.S. 
University of California, Los Angeles, M.S. 
Simi Valley, CA 

I've had such a great experience here at Drexel. I've met so many 
amazing people with whom I hope to remain friends in the future. 
will definitely cherish all of the memories that we've made over thJ 
years together from the entertaining days in the gross lab, the 
long, delirious study nights together, all the interesting 
experiences on the wards>, and of course all the laughs we've 
shared outside of work. In addition to all of the fun times, there 
have been plenty of tough times as well. I would like to thank my 
family who although living far away, managed to stay close to me 
Their kind words and support helped me get through the times 
where the workload seemed almost unbearable and the times 
when I felt alone and homesick. It feels fantastic to finally reach 
graduation, but I will definitely miss Drexel! 

A few more classmates. 

Michelle Lynn Aliotta, M.D. 

David Chen, M.D. 

Halima Amjad, M.D. 

Steven Ho Choe, M.D. 

Ari Avram, M.D. 

Megan Alden Crochet, M.D. 


A few more classmates. 

Michael Matthew Francis, M.D. 

Fumiko Konno, M.D. 

Kathryn Jones 

, M.D. 





1 -^^| v . 

4 J 

is \ 1 

A \> V 

1 ' 

H 1 

Paige Ellen McLaughlin, M.D. 



Eugene Jong-ho Kim, M.D. 

Kimberly Erin Mcmahon, M.D. 

Daniel K. Moon, M.D. 

Michael Morgenstern, M.D. 

Jessica Amy Piercy, M.D. 


A few more cLassm-ates. 

Parth Rajyaguru, M.D. 

Joshua Benjamin Roehrich, M.D. Christopher James Rowan, M.D. 

Chad Edward Saunders, M.D. Kathleen Elizabeth Schenker, M.D. Steven Matthew Stoll. M.D. 



Camera Shy Class mates 

UIIIIUIIIIUIHIII 1 |umiMimmimiiini| ■»■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ 

K....X....X I.....I I1....1....J....J,...J I I 

Brandon Emat Beaber, M.P. 

Colin Mark Evane, M.P. 

Michael Anthony Forzano, M.P. 

Tatyana Gavrllova, MP. 

Andrew Lawrence Geleler, M.P. 

Richard riuret, M.P. 

Ingrid Zahra Hydar, MP. 

Benjamin Ellezer Jacobe, M.P. 

Jaeon William Humbere, M.P 

Heather Vareone, M.P. 

Surag Patel, M.P. 

Undeay Ann Fharmer, M.P. 

Karen Michelle Rudo, M.P. 

Mical Maria 5amuebon, M.P. 

Mark Gregory 3perry, M.P. 

Azeem 5yed, M.P. 

Richard Menachun Teai, M.P. 

Stephen Oliver Voee, M.P. 

Before the white coat, 

came many adorable 

outfits and haircuts ^ 

Will Woo 

Alyce Belonis 

Lauren Davis 

Erica Yan 


Michael Pearson 

Mar jorie Affel 

Taylor Pollei 

Meera Desai 

Reena Vaswa 

Grant Swisher 

Vanessa Papalazaros 

lessica Logan 

Christine DAlleinne 

Catherine Choi 

Maggie Lee 

Halima Amjad 

Gaurav Pa tel 

Lauren Wiesner 

Senng Yi 

brdan Martin 

Michelle Fujimoto 

Brent Jewett 

Blair Dickinson 

Amanda DiNofia 

Sarah White 

Lal<shmi Aggarwal 

Scott Allen Wendy Pierce Dave Saul Natalie Hiiang 


Cathy Tello 

Rudy Nguyen 

Christos Plal<as 


Betsy Clabby 

Cynthia Hsu 

Timothy Ewald 

Danielle Barrocas 

Chanelle Coble 

Randi Leigh 

Misloa Dewan 

Mike Vizcarr. 

leff Tuman 

Shireen Ghorbani 

Avani Shall 

Sliauna Guthrie 

Ryan Schroedei 

Justin Singer 

Madhury Khan 

Carol Liu 

lenna Kosky 

Meena Ramchandani 

Emilia Cuneo 

Bob Newmyer 

Andrew Torre-Healy 

Flora Lee 

Jesse Wyatt 

Missy Moidel Burgess 

Andrew Geisler 

Stephanie Rubino Scott Kubomoto Santi Tanikella 



'***"**' J 

| 98-| 


on 1 


f ^1 


"jE. - ^^^^ 


/V» i Al 

77 B 

/// j| 94 

"C'K 1 
5 ^ 


' It / vi H 



J 4^Bf* 


, : ■, ,i j i 






to 20090*36 

,. J 



■ .^■■T 

• • 







III . ^l 


, Ev^nt^ Through th<? Yaare 

rffl ' 


Welcome &ack Party 













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1 ^L M a ^Lu 1 W 


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wf^L 4B 


Mki ) tC^r ^H 

B Hyn ■ 'Si 

BB^^_ • -rwscMj 

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PfJ Winter 



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ii^"A'JH ^^^^ ^ 

r3 Ki^4 


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^ r?*% r"\ \ 

■* n 

^l /B^^Em 



-1 — 

2 - 








CLASS OF 200 9 








-* TU» 

Match Day 

March 19,2009 

•I to % #'4rfP 

4 kl*£ffK7 m< 

ji&H 1 

■ ^~ wtJ 

4 i M 7 J J 

^^V a ^ A jl 



>*A" U 




k 4* J 



»\^V MB 

lh& ft •■ + .Kr -j 



^ting Illegibly Since 2005 










•-— .V' 







— — — — — — — — — i 








l *W * ? 

I&& : fi^, 


c* to 

^ ' 


: | 


■W BY* __^^Hfl 1 / ^^r ■ 

■I Foot Match 1 

Maxican Foot 


If ft »■ 

h"fc rr\4 
|o Docfl 




rrt//6 nr^c 

*^o Doctoii 










t J, ^ C\ K>i 

n n : 

t /^ r ^ 








TfU/t5 fT\£ 


*m '•» 

L 'W* , -<* 


Lubna Noor Qazi Abdullah 
John Hopkins Hospital 

Adebukola Aden Alexander Adedeji 
York HoPfTftal 
General Surgery 

Marjorie Ellen Af f el 

Greater Lawrence Family Health Ctr 

Family Mc'Jiciiic' 

Lakshmi Cristina Aggarwal 
Providence Portland Medical Cotter 
Internal Medicine 

Damon Andrew Alavekios 
LIC Ir-vinc* Medical Center 
Orthopaedic Surgery 

Michelle Lynn Aliotta 

\ alley baptist Medical Center 

Family Medicine 

Scott F. Allen 

Hospital of the Llmv of Penn 

Internal Medicine 

AHgail Catherine Alt 

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Ctr 
Internal Medicine - Primary Cire Track 


Drexel Unix ersity College of Medicine 

General Surgery 

Megha Ambati 

University Hospitals Case Med Ctr 

Internal Medicine 

Hardik F. Amin 
Yale-New Haven Hosprtal 
Internal Med Prelim/Neurology 

Halima Amjad 
'tale-New Haven Hospital 
Internal Medicine 

Raja Sekhar Anne 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine - Preliminary 

Larissa Ann Applegate 

Univ ersity of Colorado Pei iver SOM 

Ari Jason Avram 

Beth Israel Medical Center 
Emergency Medicine 

Danielle Beth Barrocas 

Albert Bnstein/Montef iore Med Ctr 


Lisa Cartels 

Lancaster General Hospital 

Familv Medicine 

Johanna Vida Basa 

SLIM Poivnetate Medical Center 

General Surgery 

Brandon Emet Beaber 

Kaiser Permanent* S, California Region 


Alyce Belonis 

University of Han an 

Fediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child and 

Adolescei it Fsychiat ry 

Charles M. Bendas 

it Like's Bethlehem 
Emergency Medicine 

Megan Christine Blair 

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 

Internal Medicine 

Nina Joelle Breakstone 

Louisiana State University School of Medicine 

Emergency Medicine 

Sebastian Michael Acton Brooke 

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center 

Plastic Surgery 

Melissa A Burgees 

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Liesl Brooke Carey 
Pennsylvania Hospital 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Rajit Chakravarty 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Michael Abel Chang 

UCLA Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Shin-Bey Chang 
John^ Hopkins Hospital 

Brian Hong Chen 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Med Prelim/Ophthalmology 

David Chen 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Medicine Preliminary 

Steve Choe 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

General Surgery 

Catherine Helen Choi 

Lehigh Valley Hospital 

Transitional Year 

Drexel University College of Medicine 


Elizabeth Mary Clabby 

Saint Christophers Hospital for Children 


Nadya Andrea Lorraine Clarke 

New York University School of Medicine 
Gel leral Surgery 

Chanelle Antoinette Cob\e 

New 1 ork Univ ersity School of Medicine 

Megan Alden Crochet 
Mount Sinai Hospital 

Emilia Anntionette Cuneo 
Thomas Jetfere^n University 
Family Medicine 

Christine Marie DAlleinne 

Hosp of the Llmv ersity of Pennsylvania 


Ryan DeBlis 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Meera N. Desai 

University Hospitals Case Medical Center 


Misha Dewan 

Abington Memorial Hospital 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Mayo School of <CrjA Medl Education 


Blair Joy Dickinson 

Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children 


George McClelland Dimeling 

Stanford Llmv ersity School of Medicine 
Thoracic Surgery 

Amanda Marie DiNof ia 

Childrens National Medical Center 


Larissa Natalia Dobransky 

Virginia Commonwealth Llmv Health Sys 
Internal Medicine 

Kim Richards Driftmier 
Lackland Airforce Base 
Internal Medicine 

Colin Mark Evans 

University of North Carclwu Hospitals 


Timothy James Ewald 

Mayo School of Grad Med Education 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Michael Forzano 

Bayst ate Medical Center 

Emergency Medicine 

Michael Matthew Francis 

Indiana University School of Medicine 


Keri Nakao Fugarolas 

Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children 


Michele Akemi Fujimoto 

kaiser Fennanente S. California Region 
General Surgery 

Alexandra Gangi 
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 
General Surgery 

Tatyana Gavrilova 

Beth Israel Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Andrew lawrence Geisler 

Albany Medical Center 

Physical Medicine .\\\A Rehabilitation 

Shireen Ghorbani 
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 

Internal Medicine 

Eric Solomon Gnsberg 
Mount Sinai Hospital 
Internal Medicine 


Shauna Leigh Guthrie 

Concord Hosp Partmouth-Hitehcock Med C 
Family Medicine j\\J Leadership Preventive 

Paul J. Han 

Scripps Mercy Hospital 

Internal Medicine 

Jennifer Catherine Hanson 

University of California, Irvine Medical Centr 

John Paul Henao 

Prexel Llmv ersity College of Medicine 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 



Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Matthew Biros Hirsch 

University of Louisv ille School of Medicine 


Jonathan Tze-Wei Ho 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Albert Einstein COM - Montefiore Med Ctr 


Cynthia Hsu 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine 

Natalie C. Huang 

Llmv ersity of Southern California 


Andrea K. Huber 

Allegheny General Hospital 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
George Washington University 


Peter Joon Hurh 

Allegheny General Hospital 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern Lin 

Physical Medicine anA Rehabilitation 

Richard Watte Hurst 

Prexel Llmv ersity College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

N layo School of Grad Med Education 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 


jjcy Hoa Huynh 

"l<drens Hospital of Orange County 

ngrid Zahra Hyder 

Pennsylvania Hospital 

nternal Med Frelim/Piag Radiology 

3«njamin Jacobs 

fample Univ ersity Hosptial 

■ernal Medicine Preliminary 

vlehraneh Dorna Jaf ari 
•ersity of California, Irvine Medical Ctr 
Seneral Surgery 

d&a Haresh Jambusaria 
Abingt on Memorial Hospital 
i rics-Gynecology 

Adam Franklin Jester 

Mversity of Maryland Medical Center 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

[Jrent Michael Jewett 

Medical Univ ersity of Southern Carolina 

Bsneral Surgery 

Melissa John 

Albert Einstein COM - Montefiore Med Ctr 

Internal Medicine 

Catherine Anne Jones 

Texas Tech Univ Health Science Center 
tternal Medicine 

<athryn Jones 

Hpiversity of Southern California 

?bstetrics-Gy i lecology 

Radha Juneja 

Scripps Clii lic/Scripps Green Hospital 

Internal Medicine 

Paulomi N. Kadakia 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

NY Presbyterian Columbia Univ Med Ctv 


Joon-Yi Kang 
Pennsylvania Hospital 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
Thomas Jefferson University 

Madhury Yasmeen Khan 

SUM Pownstate Medical Center 

Hstet rics-Gynecology 

Cyrus A. Kholdani 

University of Virginia 
Internal Medicine 

Deborah Kim 

Abington Memorial Hospital 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
Temple University Hospital 

Deborah Nanyoung Kim 

Childrens Hospital of Orange County 


Eugene Jong Ho Kim 

Saint Pet ere University Hospital 


Christopher Ralph Kinsella Jr. 
Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
Reeeareh Year 

Fumiko Konno 

New ") oil University SOM 

Jenna Lynn Kosky 

N Lx aw Med Ctr of Northwestern Univ 


Pre\el University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine - Preliminary 

Scott Minoru Kubomoto 
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Katherine T. Kuo 

Loma Linda University 
Emergency Medicine 

Matthew P. Kuedae 

Albert Einstein/Mont efiore Med Ctr 

Duran A Lee 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

PliP. Candidate Biomedical Engineering 

Maggie Hsin-i Lee 
Lancaster General Hospital 
Family Medicine 

Marshall Ki Lee 

UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School 


Drexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine - Preliminary 

Min Jung Lee 

North Shore-LIJ Health System 


Raymond Seung Lee 

Winthrop University Hospital 

Diagnostic Radiology 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine - Preliminary 

Yue Ying Flora Lee 

Albert Einstein Medical Center 

General Surgery 

Randi Diane Leigh 

North Shore University Hospital 
Obstet rics-Gynecology 

Karen KaYiu Leong 
Brown University - Rl 
Surgery Preliminary 

James Young Hoon Urn 
Mount Sinai Hospital - N"i 
General Surgery 

David Ming-Hung Un 

Lin Shin Hospital - Taichung, Taiwan 
Clinical Service Var 

Estelle Sue Lin 

Lu i Shin Hospital - Taichung, Taiwan 
Clinical Service Year 

Yi-Chun Carol Uu 

Univ ersity Hospitals C.\-:-e Medical Center 


Chaitanya Mutyala 

SUN1 Pownstate Medical Cetltt 


Concetta Maria Nestico 
Tlici i u-S' Jeffersoi tUnix er-aT y 
Internal Medicine 

Jessica Jude Logan 

George W. isl lii igton Hi ii\ ersity 

Internal Medicine 

Christopher John Lohr 
Akron General - NEOUCOM 

Ada Margaret Loughhead 
1 ork Hospital 
Family Medicine 

Max Marchenko 

Stanford University Programs 

Jordan R. Martin 

Drexel University College of Medicine 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
Yale New Haven Hospital 

'dandeey Mayur 

Loyola University Medical Center 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 

D. Scott McCracken 
York Hospital 

Family Medicine 

Paige McLaughlin 

Baylor College of Medicine 
Orthopaedic Surgery 

Kimberly Erin McMahon 

Robert Eliot Newmyer 

University Hospitals Case Medical Center 


David Nguyen 

Prexel University College of Me I 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

rn Pennsylvani 

Usa My Nguygen 

University of Colorado SOM - Swedish Med 


Family Medicine 

Jason William Numbers 
University of Massachusetts Medical School 
Hahnemann Family Health Center- 
Family Medicine 

Lauren Croker OBrien 
The Washington Hospital 
Family Medicine 

Cory Alan Ogden 

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills 

Family Medicine 

Diana Isabel Ortiz 

Lankeuau Hospital 
General Surgery 

Judy Kay Owens 

Saint Agnes Hospital 
General Surgery 

Jacquelyn Virgi Palmer 

Jefferson Med Coll/duPont Hosp for Children Allegheny General Hosptial 


Anthony Francis Miller 

Pre\el University College of Medicine 
Internal Med Preliminary /Piag Radiology 

Moshe Albert Mizrahi 

Thomas Jefferson University 

Internal Medicine Preliminary/Neurology 

Daniel Kunbyul Moon 

Drexel University College of Medicine 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
Temple University Hospital 
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Michael Morgenstern 

The Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
Long Island Jewish Medical Center 

Kathleen Allison Moyer 

General Surgery 

Frank Pandolfe 

George Washington University 
Internal Medicine 

Vanessa Rose Papalazaros 
Allegheny General Hospital 
General Surgery 

Jaspreet Singh Varhar 

LIMPNJ Robert Wood Johneon 

Stephen Joseph Park 
Lackland Air Force Base 
Internal Medicine 

Heather Anne Parsons 

Johns Hopkins Hospital 
Internal Medicine 

Aditi A Patel 

Albert Einstein COM - Montefiore Med Ctr Nw ^ cA Un , VcT ,, ltv 5choo | of Medicine 

Brandi Michelle Musselman 

Drexel University College of Medicine 



Gaurav Patel 

Mannonides Medical Center 
Emergency Medicine 



Meghan A Patel 

Prexel Hi it\ ereity College of Medicii ie 


Buraq Sureefo Patel 
Stamford Hospital 
Family Medicine 

Michael Pavid Feareon 
York Hospital 
Emergency Medicine 

Pmitry Pekarsky 

Mercy Catholic Medic il Center 

Piagnostic Radiology 

Lindsay Ann Pharmer 

Nil Presbyterian Weill Cornell Med Ctr 

General Sin 

Wendy Mon-Gen Pierce 

UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Paniel Robert Pinney 

University of California San Diego Med Ctr 

Internal Medicine 

Christ os Plakas 
Monmouth Medical Center 
Ortliopaedic Surgery 

Andrea Lynn Poisson 

lli liv of N lassachusetts Medical School 

Internal Medicine 

Taylor RoHnson Pollei 

Mayo School of Grad Med Education 


Georgia Ragonetti-Zebell 

Greenv tllcf Hospital System 

Llmv of South Carolina School of Medicine' 


Parth Sharad Rajyaguru 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Masters in Public Health 

Meena Sherine Ramchandani 

LImi\ ersity of California San Francisco 

Internal Medicine 

Rene Felix Perez Ramirez Jr. 

Una of Calif omia San Francisco Fresno 

Emergency Medicine 

Veronica Araujo Ramirez 

Llm\ of Calif ornia San Francisco Fresno 


Jennifer Woods Rasmussen 

Llniv of Texas Health Sci Ctr at- San Antonio 

Internal Med Preliminary/Neurology 

Madhury Ray 

\ lass, ichusetts General Hospital 

General Surgery 


Wesley Paniel Roberts 
Lehigh \ alley Hospital 
Transitional Year 
SUM Upstate Medical Centdr 
Piagnostic Radiology 

Joshua Roehrich 

University Hospital - Cincinnati 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Julie Lorraine Rosenthal 
Johns Hopkins Hospital 

Internal Medicine 

Christopher James Rowan 

Univ of Washington Affiliated Hospitals 

Internal Medicine 

Stephanie Marie RuHno 

University of Connecticut Health Center 


Karen Michelle Rudo 

Saint Bcal-eth-NECUCOM 

Case Western Metro Health Medical Ctr 

Naa Awula Sackey 

Howard University Hospital 

Mical Marie Samuelson 

Univ of Texas Health Sci Ctr San Antonio 

Neurological Surgery 

Konrad Saroeiek 

Thomas Jefferson University 

General Surgery 

Michael John Sasso 

Penu States Milton S. Hershey Med Ctr 

Internal Medicine 

Pavid Todd Saul 

Albert Einstein Medical Center 

Transitional "i ear/Radiology 

Chad Edward Saunders 
University of Virginia 



Kathleen Elizabeth Schenker 
Lankenau Hospital 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
Thomas Jefferson Um\ ersity 
Piagi ice-tic Radiology 

Ryan Nelson Schroeder 

Ahngl on Memorial Hospital 
Family Medicine 

Kevin Jeffrey Schulz 
Morristown Memorial Hospital 
Emergency Medicine 

Porian Schuman-Werb 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Emergency Medic ine 

Surupa Sen Gupta 

LIMPNJ Robert Wood Johflson 

General Surgery 

Avani Vinod Shah 

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 


Hassan Murtaza Shah 
Albert Einstein Medical Center 
Orthopaedic Surgery 

Neeta Ramesh Shah 
Kaiser Permanent e Oakland 

Rickin Avinash Shah 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Western Metro Health Med Ctr 
Diagnostic Radiology 

Sveta Chandresh Shah 

Peth Israel Peaconess Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Sharad Nilakantan Sharma 

UCLA Medical Center 

Helen Shum 
Srown University 
Internal Medicine 

Emily Jean Siegel 
Washington Hospital Center 
Emergency Medicine 

Just-in Alan Singer 

University Hospitals Case Medical Ctr 

Neurological Surgery 

Rachael Sarah Slivka 

New *i ork Hospital r\ led Ctr - Oueens 

Emergency Medicine 

Ashlee L Snyder 

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia 


Virginia Soong 
Tufts Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Mark Gregory Sperry 

Tuft-.- Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Steven Matthew Stoll 

Hospital of the Univ of PennsyK ania 

Family Medicine 

Grant Clayton Swisher 

Post on University Medical Center 

Emergency Medicine 


Prexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Pronx Lebanon Hospital 

Piagi lost ic Radiology 

Sant-isree Tanikella 

Albert Einstein COM - Montefiore Med Ctr 





flchael Tatusov 

^B-New Haven Hosptial 
I tternal Medicine 

litz Catherine Tello 

IH&mas Jefferson Hospital 
'1Yi M tl MedlCIHC 
iichard Shelton Tennant 
IcW View UCLA Medical Center 
Internal Medicine 

Jessica Lee Tenney 

Jhildrens Hospital Lee- Angeles 

Grace Thamrnasuvimol 
Johns Hopkins Hesp ital 

Lauren KJmberly Tormey 

New Haven Hospital 
Internal Medicine 

Andrew R. Torre-Healy 

Cleveland Clinic Foundation 
Neurological Surgery 

I Natasha Cecez Townsend 
Albert Einstein Medical Center 
^Kertionah ear 

fli.iiV Cancer Center 
iticn Oncology 

Pact-ram Tran 

Wri.iht State Llniv foonslioft Sen cf Med 

Oene il Cm aery 

| Richard Mengchun Tsai 

Lenox Hill Hospital 

il Medicine Preliminary 

Albert Einstein COM - Montefiore Med Ctr 
I Neurology 

Petty Tsang 
j Saint Christophers Hospital for Children 


Bam Ying Wai Tsui 
' UnK cf Calif crnia rcan Franciscc Fresno 
1 General Surgery 

J. Rory Tucker 

Reading Hospital Medical Center 

Family Medicine 

Jeffrey Michael Tuman 
University of \ irginia 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

\^eta Kiran Vaidya 

feet on Una ersity Medical Center 

Internal Medicine 

l enter 

Reena S. Vaswani 

•ity of Maryland Medical u 
internal Medicine Preliminary 
face Western Metro Health Medical Center 

Sudarshan Velpari 

Alle.jheny General Hcsptial 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 

Rachel Marie Villalon 
Tufts Medical Center 
Obstet rice-Gy i leeelogy 

Michael Jordan Vizcarra 
Stony Sroek Teaching Hospitals 

CI vt et rics-Gy i lecology 

Sandra \oana Vizireanu 

UCLA Medical Center - Santa Mcmca 

I .m niy Medicine 

Stephen Oliver Vose 

Una of Florida COM ShandeHc 

Surgery Preliminary 

Adam Christopher Walchak 
Temple University Hospital 
Genera\ Surgery 

Andrew Cazimer Waligoria IV 

llnh of Florida COMShands Hospital 

Orthopaedic Surgery 

Christopher Gene Wang 

Univ of Tennessee COM - Memphis 

Internal Medicine 

Christopher Michael Washington 
York Hospital 

Family Medicine 

Laura May Wellington 

Llniv of Minnesota Med Sch North Memorial 

Family Medicine 

Sarah Maria White 
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles 

Kathryn Wieckowski 
Abington Memorial Hospital 
General Surgery 

Lauren Michelle Wiesner 
Washington Hospital Center 
Emergency Medicine 

Grant Richard Williams 

University of North Carolina Hospitals 
Internal Medicine 

Lisa Kit- Ying Wong 

Prexel University College of Medicine 


Michael Lap Wong 
Saint Luke's Bethlehem 
Transit ioi lah ear 

William Woo 

Kaiser Permaneute Orange County 

Family Medicine 

Richard Mao Wu 

Puke University Medical Center 

Internal Medicine 

Jesse Ryan Wyatt 

Childrens Hospital of Orange Country 


Enca Taylor Yang 
Albert Einstein Medical Center 
Internal Medicine Preliminary 
hiynMawrK pital 
diagnostic Radiology 

Garrett Michael Yee 

Prexel University College of Medicine 
Emergency Medicine 

Revital Yehezkel 

Llmversity of Maseaclw '1 1 Medical Scl 

Olvtet rics-Gy necology 

Seung Jin Yi 

Suinma Health -NEOUCOM 
Orthopaedic Surgery 

Raphael Jaewon Yoo 

Prexel University College of Medicine 

Internal Med Prelim/Piag Radiology 

Patricia Ann Young . 

Cedars-Sinai Medical Cent\ 
Internal Medicine 

Eun-mi Yu 

OVorge Washington University 

Internal Medicine 

Melody Zaya 

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 

Internal Medicine 






Senior Formal 



r * 



- -J -* „ 

t 4 ft 



r ^ n 


1 ■ 'ItP 


f y « 

1 - > ifk 


j •> 



ft f* 




Iff V AT «"\ J 

E^ i 4 1 

¥ A ^* 

' 1 ^K 



111 "Mfea 


^^T ■ im \ 


# ^H L •> ■** H^^m 1 

If I 





•"o «r-* 


i v 


ins i 

1 ' ' ITfc,-. K 


^ j | k 




M I 


• •* " l1 M M 

..< - 




' ' 

I . I 

...... -■ 



u ¥j& 

Wjp i^2 

fllk. f ^h: 11 

m l7m 


luncheon & 


1 Awarde 

Dearie Award Winners 


Scott Allen 

Halima \mjad 

Larissa ^pplegate 

Danielle l^arrocas 

Michael Chang 

Shin-fJey Chang 

Elizabeth flabby 

Jeremy Davis 


Timothy EwjIJ 

Eric Ginsberg 

James Heilman 

igrid HyJer 

\^am Jester 

Prent Jc^vc'tt 

Kathryn Jones 

Paulomi Kadakia 

Anthony Miller 

\ .11 lessa Papalazaros 

Heather Parsons 

Lindsay Fharmer 

Daniel Piiui^y 

Taylor PoUei 

Meena Kamchandani 

Veronica Ramirez 

Madhury Ray 

Joshua Koehrich 

Mic-lwl Sasso 


Kathleen Schenker 

Justin Singer 

Hilary Smolen 

Ashlee Snyder 

Michael Tatusov 

Lauren Tbrmey 

Andrew Torre-Healy 

Natasa Towneend 

Jeffrey Tuman 

fandrew Waligora 

Eun-mi Yu 

Marjaria Aff al 

5aatt Allan 

Abigail Alt 

Halima Amjad 

Larissa Applagata 

Panialla &arrocae 

Lisa 3arte\e 

Malissa I3urgass 

Rajit Chakravarty 

i?hin-Fvy Chang 

E3rian Chan 

Stava Chaa 

Catherine Choi 

Elizabeth Clabby* 

Magan Crochet 

Emilia Cunaa 

Christina 17 Alliens 

Ryan PaE3lis 

I3lair Piakinsan 

Kari Fugaralas 

Eria (3insbarg 

Cynthia Hsu 

Ingrid Hy Jar 

A Jam Jeeter 

Kathryn Jonas 

Paulami Kadakia 

Deborah Nanyaung Kim 


Scott Kubamata 

Matt haw Kusulas 

Kan Ji Laigh 


Max Marahanka 


\ anassa Papalazaras 

Heather Fareone 

Lindsay fharmer 

Maana Kamahandani* 

Varaniaa Ramiraz* 

Jannrfar Rasmussan 

Julia Kasanthal 

Christopher Rowan 


Miahaal 5assa 

Pav i J 3aul 

Ryan £?ahraadar 

Parian 5ahuman-Warb 

6vata 6hah* 

Halan Shum 

Emily 6iagal 

Justin 5ingar* 

Ashlaa t?i ly Jar 

Grant Swishar 

Miahaal Tatusav 

AnJraw Tarra-Haaly 

Natasha Tawnsand 

Kkhard Tsai 

Patty Tsang 


Kata Vaidya 

AnJraw Waligara 

Laura Wallinat an. 

(3rant Williams 




Sn ^1 


| Welcome to the \ W 









2009 • 





* » 




solemnly swear or affirm, by whatever| 
I hold most sacred: 

That I will be loyal to the profession of 

medicine and just and generous to its 


That I will lead my life and practice my 
art in uprightness and in honor; 

That into whatsoever house I shall 

|enter, it shall be for the good of the sick| 

to the utmost of my power, holding 

myself far aloof from wrong, from 

corruption, from the tempting of others 

to vice; 

That I will exercise my art solely for the 

benefit of my patient, and will give no 

drug, or perform no operation, for a 

criminal purpose, even if solicited, far 

less suggest it; 

That whatsoever I shall see or hear of 

the lives of patients which is not fitting 

to be spoken, I will keep inviolably 


These things I do swear or affirm. 


I ^ ^B IV 



r v \ 




1 ' 

. »■ 

If 1 




-J l) 




L& fcl # 




; 1 

I A 

\ ^ 





i" - 



H ' A* 




. ^ 


* *- iv &/ .. 


two thou-sand nine/ [2009] 
Inounl (yr.) 

1. an unforgettable year filled with great memories. 

2. an extraordinary learning experience. 3. where 
knowledge was gained and goals were achieved. 
4. a period of time spent with close friends and 
teachers. 5. a phase in life involving countless 
moments of laughter. 6. a school year containing 
many accomplishments. 




• .&.* 

• • 

' ' >1 


~ ^ 

i i n'ti 

— •- .» 










Ik ; 



k ^ <» | 

l m * 

f \ 

m -w 

T A 




# » 

•ijj.j'-' n a m 




y^s"' ,^ 

C^ 5 

/C-""*. / ^>ttk. -Jtafc^k^*— 


s «J 

■W »"l^T^^! "^ ^^9 ■ \ r ^ 

M ^JIH^fl 

-. i 



» " lA. J* 

|l 1 ^H 


V^K ^B 

■ M HI jI Mi 




IB A <J J 

mlmw \4#^- fc |-a. 

Li U A 



*■ «/' 



• Ik 


J H ^ 


• d> . /i ^\i 

&§ U 


WWXUB^zZr "^STj i 



IT i^>*i 

f ^ ^ 

J ' 'a 

• • 

w up 

iiv 1 


£ i 



1 * ^i 


y||^k v \ 

1 v. 









\ hk* 




1 ^^^ II 







a 1 <S ill • I 

. J ^k I JH 

I^W ■ "i ^^^ 


%t # 


1 ^mI ^H sUm 

W^ L >iHH 

^H t B^ A 

/ . ikl 


' r .1 


r *i 




r "1 



♦ ti-^ 





; . 


' ■ ' , ' " , ! ,* 



: ; 




j n *~ 









A. h 



\ #1 



» ; 




9 M 


♦ ♦ ♦ 

.••-•• ..**] 

t ^™ 



.- a v*z: 8JBBI 

f « ^ ~A> 





• •" . .. . ■•■,.,.•••■"' 



Jj Jp 



■ ■ 1 



J" . »Ofl 

k i 





p94 2T 

I Ja 

i !PiH 

^# ^3Wi 

7 . ^.^^Eni 



1 ^s 

v 1 

I ■ fB 

iX3Kt / 

Bt . Bpi 





>l7l \|l | J 


V."i V .'^^ *:'-■ 


* :lS 

^■pT - ^r~ ^^^ 

S ij 

iL A 1 









'J < 


1 , 


f f f f 




u ~ 








'7 m 

t f 


^B _ __ ,^_%0^ "* ^B 

W M 


iiW^P V^H 


1 ' 


*5] w¥ 





* / / 

Zk S^^^^^ 

1 1 

!! KB "** "i m ** jJ 


I'PrlL % 


1 J ,*" ' '-^^^^^^^*m. L ,',_ -■■''*jt 

^^FP« jEJW . IrH^^^^I^^^I 



r w . 


<• *»■ 






. f! 





h ■ 


^i i 



r • 












l i 

r A7 






. , g 







^ s 




^ rj 


* H 

JC ' 





A H 

' W\\ 



1 i 

^ & 11 







m w 

^k ^B 

1 *^V.^^^ ^t 

fc_ ^ 


Wo> j 

. 4 .1 






wv/7£ | 




1 ii 

fc _ .0 

I > 


Farewell from the Editors 

Thb past year granted ue the very special opportunity to eee each 

of you in a very personal way, We shared in your happiest and 

favorite moments through an amazing collection of photos and the 

touching words you dedicated to your family and friende. We aleo 

saw a eide of you we had not previously known through the heartfelt 

and proud dedications written on your behalf by people who knew you 

way before any of ue even knew what a white coat wae. And let's 

H^ not forget those absolutely adorable baby pictures] 

We pestered and filled your mailboxes in our attempt to include as 

many people as possible, so that each of U6 will be able to look back at 

this snapshot and fee\ happy and proud to have gone through the 

past four years together. 

We also must give a very special thanks to Shay Myere and Phil Klein, 
our representative at Jostens, for their patience and support along 
the way, Also, to the SO A Officers, the Office of Student Affa\rs, 
Carl Wolf Studios, the underclassmen yearbook editors, and of course 
the internet (which allowed ue to work while unfortunately never in 

the same placed. 

And very special thanks to our fam\\\es and friends who put up with ue 
and supported ue as we worked on thie yearbook. 

Congratulations and beet of luck to the Class of 2 09\ 

Carol Liu, Vanessa Fapalazaros, and Cathy Telle 






Messages From Loved Ones 


I am proud of your achievement in pursuing your goal to become a Doctor. You have wort^J hard. I wish you 
much 6UCC066 a? you start your career, 
bote of love, 

Pear Anthony, 

Congratulations on your graduation from medical school. What a great 

accomplishment this is for you! We wish you continued success in your To Anthony F. Miller 

residency and in your future endeavore. We are very proud of you. Congratulations! 

Love, Love, Aunt Dee Dee 

Aunt Maria and Uncle Joe 

Michael David Pearson, M.D.: 

We are proud of you! You set a big goal and conquered it and, all the while you were the beet husband and the 

most loving dad. May God continue to bless you and our family. 


Michelle, Brighton, and Maddilyn Pearson 

To Timothy Ewald M.D. - Congratulations on your achievement! E3est of luck to you in your residency, and to 
you and Tara as you continue together on this challenging and rewarding life path. Our love and support always. 
Mom, Dad, Terri, 5teve, Sylvia, and 3onnie 

firandi Musselman, M.D. 

We are so proud of you! Your heart- is so beautiful. With your love for people and knowledge, you will change 
the worldl Hugs! We love you, Doc! 

God 3leee you, 

Mom, Dad, E3lair, Niki, and Doug 


We are all so proud of your accomplishments and know that you will become a wonderful, caring doctor. We 
wish you much success and happiness in your future endeavore. 

With all our love and support, 
Mom, Matt, and Kim 

To Lisa Wong, M.D. 

Congratulations Lisa for achieving this milestone in your journey to becoming a docXorl We are very proud of 

you and your hard work. 


Mom, Dad, and Albert 

"For I can do everything through Christ, who give me strength." Philippians 4: 1 3 
J 14 

Messages From Loved Ones 

Dr. Christopher Lohr 

You made your seemingly impossible dream come true. We admire you for using your many gifts to help 


With a\\ our love, 
Mom, Vad r3rian , Kelly 


Congratulations! You have followed your dream to become an MP. Qualities such as 
compassion and the desire to learn have made that dream come true. Your family is 
so proud of you. 

Mom, Stephen, Mindy, and Karyn 

Querido Nieto Andres - 

j Que f elicidad graduar de la escuela de medico, y con honored Veede los prime-roe d\ae de tu vida, Yapo y 
yo siempre decfamos "este nin o es muy inteligeute". Estoy muy orgullosa, y se que Papo esta tambien. 
Que Dibs te cjuarde. 
Te amo, Abuelita 

Congratulations Pr. William Woo! We are proud of ALL your accomplishments from childhood to present... 
Little League, Character Coalition, Student of the Year, published research, M.P. ... We wish you continued 
success in all your endeavore. 
love. Mom and Pad 

To r3rent Jewett, 

"We all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper." - Albert Einstein 
3tay focused and keep listening to your piper. We're proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations. 

Morn, Pad, Scott and K\chard 

Congratulations Pr. Revital Yehezkel! We love you and are so proud of you and the path of service that 
you have chosen. May you always be blessed with wisdom, compassion, humility, good friends, good 
health and happiness. Pada Fred, Mama Ruth and Papa Joe are smiling down at you and sharing this 
moment. With love and blessings from Aba, Ima, Yoni, Nana Esther and the entire Yehezkel and Solomon 

To Vanessa Papalazaros, 

Congratulations, you've worked hard to make your dream a reality. We're very proud of you and know 
you will be a caring and companionate doctor, 
love always, 
Mom & Selena 


Messages From Loved Ones 

Dr. Kyau Schroeder, 

Congratulation^. Your dream of becoming a doctor has finally come true. We're prouder than you can Imagine. 

Good luck with the nest chapter of your life, love, 

Mom, Dad, and Nikki 

Scott Kubomoto: 

"Graduation is the beginning of your real life. Now the future is yours!" 
Congratulation^ We arc? very proud of you. 
Ji-chan, &a-chan, and Uncle Mark 


Now that you're a doc 
You'll be workinj 'round the clock 
Put loving every bit of it! 
In our eyes you're a hit. 
We're eo proud of you. 
That's it! 

Paulette, Richard, Michael, and Lindsay 


Congratulation*?, < ocott\ You survived four years of eaet coast weather, little sleep, and cramped quart ere. 
Wo look forward to having our first doctor in the family!! Post wishes for a job well dono! 

Undo Am, Auntio Janet, Janino, and Loa 

Congratulations i3cott on your wondorf ul achievement 1 . You havo such a bright future ahead; we look forward 
to all your futuro accomplishments, and, your export medical advice. 

Love, Uncle Art, Auntie 5achi, Lauren, Kaydi, and Grant 

Jessica Jude Logan, MP. 

Congratulations on your graduation. Pest now and always. I knew you could do it!!! Im so proud of you!!! 


Uncle Jack 

Jessica Logan, M.P. 

Were so proud of everything youve done. You have a kind and loving heart. Your abilities will benefit your 



Aunt Pee, Uncle Andy, Andrew, and Nick 

60 when do we get to work together? Dee 

James Lim: 

Congratulations on your achievement. We are so proud of you. 
With love, 

Mom, Pad, and Kenneth 

Dear Halima, 

Congratulations and great job! You've finally 
reached the goal you set for yourself so long ago of 
becoming a doctor! We're proud of you and your 
accomplishment even though being a physician is not 
quite like being a dentist like the rest of the family. 
Good luck and have fun in residency! 

With love, 

Mommy, Daddy, Hammad, Apa, & Adrian 

Andrew Michael, M.D. 

Faith is the assurance of things 
hoped for, the conviction of 
things not seen. (Heb 11:1) 

As we always put our faith in the 
Lord, we put our trust in you, 
Andrew. You proved you are 
worthy of our trust and hope. You 
pleasantly surprised us with your 
achievements. As always we are 
proud of you. We pray you will 
lead a successful, prosperous and 
healthy life and grow in your 
relationship with the Lord. May 
God bless you and protect you. 
Love you always, 
Mom and Dad 

To Dr. "Feel Good", AKA The Rock Star: 

You done good, Dr. Plakas. We know it's been a long trip. From Queens and "Don't call me 

Christos! Call me C." We're all so proud of you. 

And some words of wisdom for the years ahead: 

Sterile high five! And the miracle high five! 

"My mom says I'm the most handsome doctor in school" and 

"Being a cham pion means you are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than 

anyone else" -Vince Lombardi 


Your family 



David Todd Saul, M.D. 

Keep on rockin', Dave! 

We are so incredibly proud of you! 
Best of luck in your medical career! 

From your biggest fans, 
Mom, Dad, Anna, Maria, Ross, Pop, & Bub 

"Success is what gets you to what you think is most important." 

Congratulations, Topher!! 

What a wild ride - speed bumps, twisty 

turns, and it's not over yet! Enjoy the 

journey, blaze your own trail, but level 

the path for others to follow. 

Mom, Dad, Cal, Kim, And Honora 

Amanda M. DiNofia, M.D. 

Congratulations on realizing your life long 

dream. You have a bright and promising future 

and we wish you happiness and fulfillment as 

you embark on your mission to heal the 

children. May God bless you! 

Mom, Dad, & Family 


'oandeep K. Mayur, M.D. 

Your discipline, determination, and devotion paid 
off. Heartiest congratulations. 
Love all serve all, Doctor. 
We are so proud of you. 

Your biggest fans, 
Mom, Dad, Mona, and entire Mayur & Kao families 

Dear Rudy, 

Ever since you were a little boy, 
we knew that you were special . 
When you were four years old, you 
sat on Santa's knee, handed him a 
penny and said, "Everyone wants 
something from you, Santa, so I 
am giving you a gift today. " 
When you were in Kindergarten, 
your dream was to be a physician. 
From that very first day of 
school, you have not missed one 
day of school. Your 
determination and dedication has 
carried you to this special 
graduation day. We have watched 
you grow over the last 2 5 years; 
we admire your gifts of 
independence, hard work, and 
tenacity. We value your 
compassion and caring for others, 
realizing what a blessing you are 
to everyone you touch. We are so 
fortunate to have you for a son. 
We love you! Mom and Dad. 


turn. x <fowu 

Our Dearest Shireen, 

From a precious little baby, we have watched you grow and blossom into a beautiful 

young lady. Through hard work and dedication you've accomplished so much. We 

know that your future is bright and whatever obstacles that may come your way, you 

will overcome them. 

You are a strong, smart, courageous, and loving young woman with a wonderful life 

ahead of you. 

We are so proud of you and all your achievements. 

Congratulations Dr. Shireen Ghorbani Joon. We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Ariyan, and Kim 



"... Seek always to do some 
good, somewhere. Every 
man has to see his own way 
to realize his true worth. 
You must give some time to 
your fellow man. Even if it's 
a little thing, do something 
for those who need help, 
something for whieh you get 
no pay but the privilege of 
doing it. Be assured that no 
kindness, however small and 
trivial, is ever wasted. 

For remember, you don't 
live in a world all your own. 
Your brothers and sisters are 
here, too" 

Albert Schweitzer 


Congratulations! We love you and are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Courtney, Michael, 

Coco, Grandma, and Uncle Mark 

Heather Varsons, M.D. 

Congratulations Heather on achieving 
your next step in life's journey. We are so 
proud and wish you continued blessings. 


Mommy, Daddy, Melissa, Ashleigh, & Den 

Anthony Miller, M.D. 

Dear Anthony, 

We have never underestimated your talents, 
intelligence, amd perseverance. You are an achiever 
and now you have achieved one of your ultimate goals. 

Congratulations, Doctor! We are all so proud of you 
and know that this is just the beginning of all the 
opportunities that lie ahead for you. 

You are a very special man and will be a very special 

doctor. Thanks for the braggings rights!! 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Phil, and Chris 

Scott F. Allen, M.D. 

We're proud of you for working hard 
and living your dream of becoming a 
doctor. Congratulations! 


Mom, Dad, and Mark 

Eric S. Ginsberg, M.D. 

Congratulations on your graduation. 
We are so proud of your determination 
and success. We love you. 


Mom, Dad, Danny, Jared, & Rachel 

Stephanie Marie Rubino, M.D. 


So mature even as a child, 
Always determined to succeed 
You have accomplished so much 
We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Jessie, Joey, and Anthony 


No podrlan haber padres mas orgullosos que 

nosotros por los logros que has alcanzado. El 

esfuerzo y sacrificio que has puesto para conseguir 

lo que te propusiste han dado sus frutos. Ahora 

comenzaras una nueva etapa de tu vida y esperamos 

que lo disfrutes plena mente. Recibe nuestras mas 

efusivas y carinosas felicitaciones como tambien el 

de toda la familia. 

Freund, Luz, Danny, Joseph, Nicole, e Isabelle 

Congratulations dear 

Cathy, keep always 

following your dreams and 

making them happen. With 

your drive and invincible will 

power we know you will 

always get them to come 

true, for you and for us. 


We are so proud of you. Your success is the sum of all the 
small efforts you made, repeated day in and day out. We 

know there were times when trying to achieve your goal 

brought a lot of hardship. But in the time of need you have 

shown the courage needed to persevere. Go confidently in 

the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. 

Joe, Nicole, & Isabelle 




Congratulations Chanelle A. Coble!!! 
Our First Medical Doctor 

It seemed like yesterday you were 
asking for a doctor's set for 


fl p^iJfkn 





We knew you loved to learn, so it wasn't a 

surprise when you enrolled at The George 

Washington University. We were just happy to 

have you back in D.C. 


And now it's graduation time!!! 

Then it was off to Rutgers University, 

where you awed us with your discipline 

towards your studies and commitment 

to the community around you. 

But we knew that you had more to 

accomplish. ..a calling to fulfill. So it was 

of? to Drexel University, where a "White 

Coat" waited for you. 

We are SO proud of you Chanelle. 

Your perseverance, Intelligence, and 
compassion continue to Inspire your family. 




Mom, Dad, Grandmas Simms & Coble, 
Danielle, and Michael 

Jesse Ryan Wyatt, M.D. 

Congratulations! We are extremely proud of you, Jesse. 

You have worked very hard to fulfill your dream. You 

are qomq to be a wonderful, caring doctor. 

With all our love, 
Mom, Dad, Lindsay, and Colby 


"To understand the heart and mind of a 

person, look not at what he has already 

achieved, but at what he aspires to" 

- Kahil Gibran 

We are so proud to be your family. 


Sharon, Alex, and Aeryn 

Andrew L. Geisler, M.D. 

Andrew, you are finally and M.D. 

How long we waited for this day to be. 

You have fulfilled your ambitious yearning 

Too bad there are four more yeara of learning, 

With Love and Congratulations, 
Mom, Dad, Grandma, Rich, Lori, Nick, & Eric 

(DearMicfweCy. Vizcarra, M.(D. 

We thought about going 'easy' on you and Sleeping it simple and then realized this is not possible. 
If there zoos ever a time to teffyou hozo very much ive love you and how proud we are, it is now! 

from the time when you were three when you first indicated you wanted to be a doctor like. 
(Daddy, I watched you. tyou took^allthe steps to achieve that goal and never gave up - always 
displaying your amazing good nature and wonderful spirit. 

Jou bring love, laughter, and sunshine into the lives of all those lucky enough to know you. 
from your perseverance in becoming an 'Eagle Scout, through your tutoring of classmates, and 
being awarded a trip to 'Jrancefor being the best student at Le Lycee Jrancais to early decision 
at Stanford, we have always been so proud. Of course when you went to Guatemala to build 
bridges for the indigent, it was just another example of your giving nature. 

How could we 901 feel like, the luckiest family in the world- to thinks that we had a small part 
in making you the wonderful man you are.. .the M(D could stand for Most (Dedicated to bringing 
joy to your family and wonderful compassion and care to your patients. 

Quite simply, the world is a better place because of you. 

C09iQ ( RA c mL%!TIO?{$ TO ouyjMnQEy! 

(Mom, (Dad, and Andy 

(P.S- 'How (Dad and I can retire and Andy can start law school! 


'Andreri, you once said to me. 
as a lery young boy, "Aiom, 1 
vi>ant to be a doctor." 'Tine* here 
if ou are! \jour hard n>ork and 
dedication hale brought ijou 
face-to-jace rlith rtonforjul 
accomplishments. ]jou must 
feel a deep sense of satisfaction 

Land pride. With ijour passion, 
I demotion and desire to help 
others, this profession is truly 
yours. ]jou ri>ill be the doctor 
you riant to be. We lofe you 
; so much and hale enjoyed your 
journey immensely. }jou hale 
I J been a terrijic inspiration jor 
^g/M £uke, and you hnovti there are 
^^H big smiles from heal en. Here's 
to a nen> beginning... 
With best wishes and all our lole ~Mom, 'Dad, and fluke 



We are so proud of all your accomplishments 

Andrew and we wish you much success and a 

wonderful and bright future. We have no doubt 

that you will excel in everything you do. 

Love, Aunt Kdrlana, Chris & Lauren 

To Alexandra, Solnushka 

You bring me joy, love, and comfort every day 
of my life. I am so blessed that I will soon see 
the day you will start to bring joy with your 
smile, love with your worde>, and comfort with 
your hands to so many when they are lost in 
the dark. 



We are so proud of all of your accomplishments including your Induction into the Alpha-Omega- 
Alpha National Medical School Honor Society ...You have indeed "become the Doctor your 
Mother always wanted you to marry", if I may c\uote my favorite Drexel Med AMWA t-shirt!!! 

All our love, Mom & Dad 

[1 w 



We are so proud of you and all your hard work. You are 
an amazing person and your loving and kind personality 
will help you develop into a wonderful and caring doctor. 

With love from your biggest fans, 
Mom, Dad, & brother Raza 

Lauren Michelle Wiesner, M.D. 

You bring light to those lives that you 

touch. It has given us great joy as we have 

watched your pereeverance and caring 

spirit bring you to this place. 

Congratulations! Love, 

Dad & Mom 

Jenna Lynn Kosky, M.D. 

Dr. Kosky! 

~ We love you ~ 

Mom & Dad 

Jason & Colleen 

Grandma & Grandpa 



Kindergarten to 

Medical School, we 

have always been so 

proud of you. 



Dear Jessica, 

We want you to know that we love you every bit as much today as the day you were born. And though 

we may not hold you in our arms the way we did then, we will eternally hold you safely in our thoughts 

and in our hearts. We are so proud of you for the noble profession you have chosen to enter to help 

others. May your graduation be the start of a future that brings all the wonderful things you deserve. 

Some words of advice as you begin to practice the art of healing: 

Trust yourself though others doubt you. Conquer the fears that limit what you dare. 

You can enrich the world about you with the skills and talents that are yours to share. 

Balance your dreams with practicality. Deal in facts, but never lose your ideals. 

Be courageous when defeated and humble in the face of victory. 

Give your best until the tasks completed however difficult that task may be. 

Strive to reach a prize until you get it. Never fail to help someone who falls. 

Temper facts with understanding. Manage well the things in your control. 

Keep in mind the worth of every soul. See, not with your eyes, but with your heart. 

Youll be successful. All those around you will be the richer for your womanhood. 

If we cannot live a life for others, life is not worth living. Mother Teresa 

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder 

May you never take one single breath for granted 

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean 

(Yes, you are small, but youre also irreplaceable, invaluable, and miraculous.) 

Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens 

(Suddenly youre on the threshold of a brand new tomorrow.) 

Promise me that youll give faith a fighting chance 

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance 

Never settle for the path of least resistance 

Living might mean taking chances but theyre worth taking 

(Take a chance, take a ticket, take a fast train to the coast. No guts, no glory.) 

When you come close to selling out reconsider 

Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance 

Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along. 

No one wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone. 

Dive off the high board, ride with the top down, sing with a voice all your own. 

Promise mommy and daddy that when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, 

Youll dance, just dance! 


Dear Jessica: 

On your graduation day our message comes from Heaven above to our angel on Earth. 

We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We are so proud to have 

Jessica Jude Logan, M.D. as our beloved granddaughter. We will look in on you from 

time to time to help you through the rough spots. Remember always: 

AD ASTRA PER ASPERA (A rough road leads to the stars.). 

Our eternal love, from the proudest Grandma and Grandpa in Heaven. 


Lakshmi Cristina Aggarwal, M.D. 

We are very proud of your accomplishment. 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Vashali 

Confucius said, "Do what you enjoy and you 

will not be working". 

After many years of perseverance and hard 

work, you have achieved a major milestone. 

Hearty congratulations from your parents 
& siblings and best wishes going forwardll 


Shauna Leigh Guthrie, M.D. 

We often discover what will do by finding out 

what will not do; and probably (the one) who 

never made a mistake never made a discovery 

- Samuel Smiles 

With love from, 
The Guthrie Clan 

Scott Minoru Kubomoto, M.D. 

Congratulations Scott! 

You have grown up to be a fine young man. 

We are very proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Lisa 


Justin Alan Singer, M.D. 

With love, pride, and congratulations on a 

fantastic accomplishment. 
The dedication to your goal has been an 

Inspiration to all who know you. 

Continued success and happiness from 

Mom, Dad, David, lorl, and Emily 



£u&i 7kui -lie, tf(iwu-l 



pjomWom, (Dad. (Dan. Qaba,. 
& <Papa,! 

Best wishes to the Drexel University College of Medicine Class of 


from the Department of Pediatrics, Drexel University College of Medicine 

and all the Medical Staff of St. Christopher's Hospital for Children 

Daniel V. Schidlow, MD 
Professor, Chairman 
Department of Pediatrics 

Charles R. Reed, MD 
President, Medical Staff 

Laura E. Smals, MD 
Pediatric Clerkship and Pathway Director 

St. Christopher's 
Hospital for Children 



The faculty and staff of 

Allegheny General Hospital — 

the western Pennsylvania regional 

campus of the Drexel University 

College of Medicine — 
congratulate the class of 2009. 

May your medical careers lead you 

on a path to change the world — 

one patient at a time. 

General Hospital 


One Mission. One Purpose. 


to the 

Class of 2009! 

From the Faculty & Staff 

Of the 

Department of Family, Community & Preventive Medicine 

David Berkson, MD. 

Katharine Beck,MD. 
3anct Fleetwood, Ph.D. 

Florence C\z\o, T>.f\A\n. 

cSdward C\Y(\cz\y, Ph.D. 

3cn Hamilton, M-V., Ph.D. 

"Rosemary -Hams, J\A.T>. 

1 rresa -Hoang, /V1D. 

Eugene Hong, ]\AJD. 

^uliejAmie Fllavac, ]\A.T>. 

Russell Maulitz, M&. 

Donna Ott, MD. 

Barbara Rideout, C.R.A1.P. 

William Watrender, ]\/[.T>. 

Steven Zinn, JSA.T). 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes 

CLASS OF 2009 


From Dr. William C. Meyers 

Faculty and Staff - 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Department of Surgery 




that lasts a lifetime 

Emergency Medicine 
Family Medicine 


1001 South George Street 
P.O. Box 15198 
Yor, PA 17405-71 98 

York Hospital 



/ctt'Ttfi aruz aed/ u/&i/ie*i to /ne 


CLASS OF 2009 

Mercy Catholic Medical Center offers high quality education for residents, 
combined with excellent clinical training within a community hospital 
environment. Our hospitals offer resident physicians fully accredited 
ACGME residency training in four programs. 

• Transitional Year Internship 

• Internal Medicine Residency (Categorical and Preliminary) 

• Diagnostic Radiology Residency 

• General Surgical Residency (Categorical and Preliminary) 

For further information, contact: 
Arnold R. Eiser, MD, FACP 
Vice President, Medical Education 
Director, Internal Medicine Program 

(gf Mercy Catholic Medical Center 

A member of Mercy Health System 

1500 Lansdowne Avenue, Darby, Pennsylvania 19023 
610.237.4682 | 


to the 
<Z\ass of 2009! 

from the 

Department of /vJeurology 

Drexel University (College of J\Aed\c\m 



100 Dunks Ferry Road 

Dunks Ferry Crossing 

Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020 

FAX 215-638-1877 


Abington Memorial Hospital 

the Class of 2009. 


Iml Abington Memorial Hospital 



A Legacy of Excellence 

Monmouth Medical Center 


Our Community deserves the most 

advanced care, delivered with 
compassion and expertise in equal 

We're helping it happen every day. 


Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy 
Drexel University College of Medicine 

Department of 
Emergency Medicine 

Drexel University 
College of Medicine 

Patient: Class of 2009 


Spiritus jrumenti 


jzro re nala 

Congratulations Graduates! 

to the 

Class of 2009 


? 'ace today rtith jaith and courage. 
Hold fast rtith thanks to that rthich is good. 
Greet the future in astonishment and joy. 
m With great pride and joy, rte Honor the 

H 'Drexel University College oj Medicine 

W Class oj 2009 

I Congratulations! 

| From the Drexel University College Of Medicine 

L Office of Educational Affairs 

Office of Student Affaire Division of Medical Education 
$ Office of Diversity in Medicine Division of Clinical Education 

Medical School Admissions Office of Clinical Skills 

Information Technology Continuing Medical Education 

IFM and flL Offices Community Experience Office. 

a ■ 1 H" If 

f -/^l ^1 

Weddings and Babies of Cbss 2009 

Rachel Villain 

Jennifer Rasmueeen 

~ ~ * 







r*r» -a^ 


Mkte'd Kristin 



^ ^ 




> r*A w 




L ¥*& 

4 «£»'i» *M 

Drexel University Colltc 


I - 

i«« » l - f 


j flX^^jU'^